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Donner Holiday also known as Don Holiday is the elder brother of Rudolph and the uncle of Noelle and Dess. He is the oldest of the Holiday siblings along with his sister Vixen Holiday. He is the son of Nicholas Holiday and elder brother of Prancer Holiday and Blitzen Holiday. Like all members of his family he enjoys Christmas related activities and loves spending time with his family. He is also very troublesome and enjoys creating mischief for others (Especially Rudy's wife) but in a nice way with no bad intentions. While there are some people who like him like his niece Noelle who finds him as a cool uncle, a lot of others find him overly obnoxious.



He looks a lot like his brother Rudy, Only he has no mustache or bread, wears glasses, has spiky hair that somewhat resembles a Christmas tree. He wears blue sweater with snowman on it, cookie shaped ear-muffs, a large green scarf the covers his mouth, red woollen pants, and black boots. He always has a jolly expression on his face.


He is a mischievous and troublesome monster, but enjoys family time.


Same as Deltarune Noelle if he were to travel to the dark world. (Minus snowgrave)



Kris is a good friend of Don as Kris had once helped Don with arranging decorations for Christmas. Although Don is a bit upset with Kris since they had pranked Noelle during their childhood. But are still good friends none the less.


She is the niece of Don. Noelle always sees her Uncle as a very fun person and enjoys every single moment she spends with him. Don also brings gifts for her and they are usually very cool toys or fancy brand name shoes.

Rudy and Mrs. Holiday

Rudy is his Brother and therefore Rudy's wife is his SIster-in-law.

Prancer, Blitzen and Vixen Holiday

Don is the older sibling of the Prancer and Blitzen along with his sister Vixen.

Nicholas Holiday

He is Don's father.


  • Like Rudy, he is named after Santa Claus's reindeers.
    • The same goes for his other siblings.