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"are you getting this, DOC!? I promise to bring you back, just like you saved me! we'll be LORDS OF SCIENCE together!"
– - probably Dr. Sterk

Dr. Sterk is a character that was made by Discord user Funnyman, also going by "Funnysterk" on Deviantart and Fandom. The character himself is an antagonistic human who had fallen into the underground years before Frisk (who, in the determined saga, or any AU where Sterk exists, would be considered the 29nth human), and was still attending college before his descent into the underground. he eventually became an apprentice to the Royal Scientist WD Gaster before both faced their Descent... although, what happened to the apprentice was a much different story.



Raymond was a normal human before he fell into the underground, one who was put on thin ice when it came to life choices, making friends and foes with every twist and turn he was put in. often he'd be stuck in his room thinking about his future while watching Sci-fi movies and occasionally inviting people over. However, during his college years, he made the choice to travel to MT. Ebott with a couple of other people, In which he joked about jumping down the hole... however, one of the people who followed him chose to push him down as a prank, being unaware that he'd end up in the underground... His Eternal Prison!

During his first day in the underground, Raymond woke up in the middle of a flower bed, and was rather curious of how they cushioned a fall that could have killed him in the first place, but his attention was immediately directed towards a boss monster, known across the underground (or at least a small chunk of it) as the keeper of the ruins; Toriel. At first, the young man began panicking, and tried to defense himself, but was halted by the Queen's hospitality, and after a bit of compensation, found himself safe within the ruins. although the puzzles did seem rather dubious and even deadly, Toriel's kindness shined through and through, even saving him from touching the edge of a spike.

{The following is a conversation that occurred when Toriel tested Raymond's Independance}

  • Toriel: how is your new home coming along, child?
  • Raymond: I-I... *stuttering*
  • Toriel: Are you afraid?
  • Raymond: well, I heard monsters are very ruthless, even heard they're associated with Demons
  • Toriel: I promise, my child, there are no "Demons" in the underground. I wouldn't be proud to raise a young person in such a terrible condition.
  • Raymond: and what if it were the case? look I ain't trying to scare you, I'm just somewhat concerned.
  • Toriel: I'd... I honestly don't know, never even met a demon.
  • Toriel began to notice stains on Raymond's clothes
  • Toriel: your clothes are dirty, do you need a bath?
  • Raymond: I'm... fine, actually.
  • Toriel: oh, well, I was thinking about your Hygiene, which is very Important.
  • Raymond: I know It is, and in this case I can say that I'm healthy... other than the stains
  • Toriel: in that case, I guess we can begin your final puzzle.
  • Raymond: Oh nic- wait, WHAT!?
  • Toriel: I must know if you can walk on your own.
  • Raymond: Uh, Okay.
  • Toriel: just go to that pillar without my assistance.
  • Raymond: Alright... I guess.
  • The young man would walk, although stumbling a bit due to his recent fall. eventually he'd make it to the pillar, in which toriel would be standing right next to him.
  • Toriel: are you okay, chil-
  • Raymond: first off, yes, and second of all... uh.. I'm not a child.
  • Toriel: Well, you see, Young man, to me you are just a big child... and older people would just be bigger children.
  • Raymond: how old even are you?
  • Toriel: It's been centuries since the war, so I can definitely say that I'm rather... "ancient", should I say?
  • Raymond: HOLY CRAPAMOLE, You must-
  • Toriel: now now, young man, no need for such strong language... although I can tell you see me as a rather old monster. now then, do you wish to continue?
  • Raymond: uh... my apologies for the excitement, lady. and yes, I'd like to return to your home.
  • Toriel: alright then. please, follow me.

{End of Conversation}

Of course, Toriel remembered she had to go get groceries, and in the middle of their trek asked that the young man would stay there until she came back... of course, this grocery trip took minutes, and then those minutes became hours. out of pure Impatience, Sterk would secretly make his way through the ruins without her permission, breaking his promise to stay until she returned. While Toriel didn't exactly punish him when she got back to her house, she did scorn him, leaving him to rethink his own choices... however, this wouldn't be the end of his acts of deceit... This was just the start.

As Raymond was about to exit the ruins, wanting to know what exactly was outside, Toriel constantly told him off, to never run out of the ruins. however, one night, the young man decided it was time to go, and as he wrote her an apology/Goodbye note, he left the ruins in secrecy, leading him to Snowdin. In snowdin, things were more dangerous, as the royal Guardsmen were scouting for humans such as himself, who caught their attention rather quick. The Greater and lesser Dog weren't much of a threat, but this was when he made his second act of deceit; attempting to guilt-trip the Greater dog, which after a bit of begging, attempting to play fetch, and emotional drama (something he normally hated), The Greater Dog spared his life, and even acted against the other guardsman. Of course, this act of beggary didn't really prove mandatory, as when he approached the town, the folk were rather passive, despite being a human, although very few did plan to take his soul for themselves... most notably a Jester, who attempted to murder him with a rusty knife. when Sterk was about to get his throat cut in his sleep, he woke up to the excited breathing of a monster, and with fear running through his veins, made a run for it. It was at this point when he reached waterfall when he met his biggest threat; a humble-looking Royal Guardsman, who pulled out his hammer and gave out a hearty laugh; "WAH HAH HAH!"

While the turtle did seem to look friendly, it was clear what he was looking for, which lead to the chase becoming more intense. the Jester lost him, but the old royal captain still had enough strength to chase him down. as Sterk began to run, he was slowly running out of breath, even tripping over a stone, and as a desperate attempt to stay alive, Sterk threw the stone at the Turtle, which would have done nothing... however, the moment the captain got to him, he smiled with unfamiliar, peaceful intent. {The text here is the conversation between the two Individuals}

  • Gerson: young Boy... I can see why you do not wish to help monsterkind... death doesn't seem unfavorable, does it?
  • Gerson: Hey, Hey! no need to get so rough, Boy. look, I am giving you a chance to run away... a human's life is just as Important as a monster's... besides, my back's been aching lately. how's about a truce?
  • Raymond: I guess... wait, WHAT!?
  • Gerson: well, young man... see that SOUL ya' got there? It may be valuable at first glance, but I've seen people of your type... I'll warn you... I'm only letting you off this once... It'd be unfortunate if we meet again, especially if the other royal guards get involved... you might meet a fate worse than the other 6.
  • Raymond: Oh... so what, am I Special or something?
  • Gerson: Much less special and more so... Unfortunate. Asgore has essentially made it a rule that all humans are either killed or sent to the Deeperground, depending on the SOUL they harbor... yours just so happens to be the same color as a fallen human who was already dead...
  • Raymond: so what, do I go to the Deeperground? what is it like there?
  • Gerson: Asgore may be an ol' fluffybuns, but the deeperground is a fate worse than death; only humans with souls Incompatible or with an already filled role go down there. other than that, It's all monsters who've done things worse than smuggle an extra drink of water... ever killed someone?
  • Raymond: N-No... I mean I've hit people before, but...
  • Gerson: Hit or not, You're a more Innocent Individual... but some say even the accused turn into Mad men once they spend too much time down there... enough talk, go on, boy. WAH HAH HAH!
  • The young man begins to make his way out of waterfall
  • Raymond: thanks.. uh, what's your name? Name's Raymond.
  • Gerson: Oh, How rude of me, the name's Gerson, Gerson Boom. Take Care, young boy.
  • Raymond: Alrighty.
  • Gerson: Nice seein' ya, Young man!
  • Raymond: uh... nice meeting you, I guess.
  • The young man began to make his way to Hotland
  • Gerson: Don't get yourself into Trouble!

{End of Conversation}

As the young adult began approaching Hotland, he began to have a warm feeling... literally. there was lava below him, and with every step he took, he feared he'd fall into it. his goal was clear: to leave Hotland and get to the end of the underground, where he could finally escape... however, as he began to get close to an elevator, someone grabbed him from behind... a strange, tall monster clad in white robes, with a perpetual smile and more formal clothing, as opposed to Raymond's white T-shirt and Sweatpants. he tried to run from the Scientistesque individual, but was knocked out cold... his vision became blurry as the last thing he saw... was something Very, Very Interesting...


[❄︎☟︎✋︎💧︎ ☹︎✌︎👌︎📪︎ ✋︎❄︎🕯︎💧︎ 💧︎⚐︎ 👎︎✌︎☼︎😐︎📪︎ ✡︎☜︎❄︎ 💧︎⚐︎ 👌︎☜︎✌︎🕆︎❄︎✋︎☞︎🕆︎☹︎📬︎ ✋︎❄︎ 💧︎🕆︎☼︎☜︎ ✋︎💧︎ 👎︎✌︎☼︎😐︎📪︎ 👌︎🕆︎❄︎ ✡︎⚐︎🕆︎🕯︎☹︎☹︎ ☝︎☜︎❄︎ 🕆︎💧︎☜︎ ❄︎⚐︎ ✋︎❄︎📬︎]

When the young man woke up, he was stuck on a table, his body shackled and unable to move. He looked at his surroundings, and with some hesitation, began to scream for help. His life was turned upside down and was being drained from his very being... or at least that's what he thought. the table seemed to have wheels, and was being pushed by the same man who abducted him minutes prior. he looked at him, terrified and helpless, before the man put a finger over his own mouth, signifying him to remain silent.

{the following is a conversation between Dr. Gaster, Assistant A, Assistant B, and Assistant C (all 3 assistants being the Gaster followers before their descent), with Raymond Sterk being the focus. while reading, it's recommended you listen to this for the sake of building mood}

  • Gaster: Don't mind me, fellow scholars, we have a special guest to stay with us Today.
  • Assistant B: Affirmative, Doctor.
  • Gaster: I found this Live human specimen near Hotland... to say the least, he won't be any use for breaking the barrier, and I've been looking to find a use for him.
  • Assistant C: Would be rude to call it a specimen.. I mean, Observe their facial features.
  • Raymond, out of combined fear and rage, began to shake his fist towards Gaster.
  • Gaster: Oh, my apologies... didn't mean to offend you, Subject S107.
  • Gaster: I'm not wishing for your death specifically, actually... but more so service of any kind, one that could save Monster kind or at least make this abyss more... Hospitable.
  • Raymond: yeah right.
  • Assistant A: No need to be rude, young man... we get that you're dispirited as of now, but maybe you should consider how many lives you could save. You could almost be a hero.
  • Raymond: why the HELL would I wanna be a hero!? especially to a bunch of ugly-
  • Gaster: ssshhh...
  • Gaster put his finger over his own mouth, putting another finger on Sterk's.
  • Raymond: What kind of painful experiments do you want ME in?
  • Gaster: hmm... Good question. Say, do any of you recall how small our facility really is?
  • Assistant C: there are only four of us... perhaps a fifth doctor could be of use?
  • Assistant B: A HUMAN doctor? have you become deranged!? Asgore would banish us if we chose to do such a mindless act!
  • Gaster: perhaps... Say, Assistant C, are you confident that this would make a good apprentice?
  • Assistant C: Indeed... humans have been studying science for years... or at least I'd like to believe so, what else would they be doing on the surface? beating each other to death!?
  • Raymond: yeah, we have science classes back where I lived... not much really, just studying stuff like Astronomy, chemistry, sometimes Biology.
  • Gaster: turns out you were correct... how often do you pay attention to these classes?
  • Raymond: somewhat listened to my classes, weren't that Interesting compared to future technology... ya' know, self-driving cars and assembly lines.
  • Gaster: assembly lines? we have one of those in the meat factory.
  • Raymond: Meat factory? so ya'll eat people?
  • The doctor shook his head in defiance, before releasing him from the table, Sterk was at first wishing to punch him, but a sense of hospitality came from the mysterious man.
  • Gaster: Incorrect... also, you are welcome for your release.
  • Raymond: so... uh, what's your name?
  • Gaster: Dr. WD Gaster. former Royal scientist of the Underground. please define your Identity.
  • Raymond: uh. R-Raymond Sterk.
  • Gaster: Sterk... sounds like a rather compulsive last name... Innovative, even.
  • Raymond: Thanks, I guess.
  • Gaster: hmm, could use some work on your speech, no "Offense".
  • Raymond: what do you mean?
  • Gaster: In our facility, speech is formalized to our nature... we speak with more "Broad" vocabulary, nothing too simple.
  • Raymond: and for what, to flex your own Smartness or something?
  • Gaster: Somewhat correct, but It's more of a "code of ethics", and In retrospect, I think the use of advanced lexicon is quite fascinating, if not brill.
  • Raymond: so... do I just call myself "Sterk" for now on or something?
  • Gaster: By all means, yes.
  • Sterk: so... where do I start?
  • Gaster: we'll start with a couple house-keeping objectives... a bath & new set of attire will be first, followed by vocabulary & formality practice and a code of conduct. do you think you'll be able to accept your... "New life"?
  • Sterk: ... Affirmative.

{Here ends the dialogue}

As soon as Sterk agreed to be Gaster's hidden apprentice, his new life began. he started off as Gaster Intended, bathing and putting on a more fitting set of attire: a white shirt with a black, unwrinkled lab coat, a pair of softened jeans and sneakers designed to be worn by a gentleman. as soon as he got dressed, Gaster tested his vocabulary, having a conversation with Gaster asking him questions, encouraging him to use more unique words. as they talked, Gaster began teaching Sterk things he never even understood until now. The Multiverse, the history of mankind and monsters, and the untapped potential of human SOULS. Through this knowledge, Sterk began to understand everything, and slowly but surely, he began to fit in with the rest.

As time went on, month after month, Gaster had his new apprentice help him with new experiments, such as Inventing future defenses In case of any "Genocide" occurrences, foreshadowing a potential dark future, as well was finalizing the CORE, the penultimate machine & magnus Opus of the royal scientists, and even Gaster's successors; The skelebros, two living skeletons born from altered portions his DNA and copied samples of his own soul. a few months later, a new scientist would be Introduced by Dr. Asgore: Alphys, a rather enthusiastic nerd, with a passion for inventing. while Sterk and the other assistants found her obsessive and strange behavior rather bothersome, her own experiments began to somewhat change their view for the better, even getting Sterk into anime. However, the scientists one day made a huge mistake, testing a latest invention in a careless manner. It was at this point when everything changed... for the worst.

Sterk, the Assistants, and Gaster, were testing the "DT extractor", a Device used to harvest Determination, which they referred to as the ancient "The Red Source", which was said to be the very stuff that created The Pillars of light and darkness in the legend of how the world was born. however, when it was turned on, something went terribly wrong... It began to absorb them, which created panic amongst them, this only worsened when Gaster pulled out one of the last devices he had in his hands; "the disruptor", a device designed to disable existing machines, but only lead to the DT extractor doing the reverse of what It was meant to do, releasing all their soul energy in one huge blast... one that would send them out of the bounds of time and space... Alphys, who was busy with the cooling systems for the core, could only watch in horror as she saw the five be dragged out of reality through the magic blast that occurred. they all disappeared, leaving no traces of their life...

As a final offer, as they were floating in the midst of the void, a small and unstable pocket within time and space, Gaster gave his followers and his apprentice 4 "escape ropes", yet another device designed. which allowed users to to escape dark places, and without hesitation, the Assistants made the choice to make haste and escape being broken across space and time... This, of course, didn't entirely save them, as the followers were now gone, perhaps sealed within certain timelines... and then began the tragedy of Dr. Sterk, who forgot to give him a final Farewell, making his partnership feel empty.

As Sterk woke up in the middle of the lab, he began to look at himself, and then at Alphys... he looked in shock at how the void transformed him, as his head was cracked, and his skin was now bone white, and It seemed as If his hair grew longer, as if he somehow remained alive for 100 years... during this same day, Asgore promised to see the DT extractor at work, but was greatly devastated at what he saw; his own scientists were gone, leaving only the new recruit... and a human, somehow working under Gaster's directions, which could only be seen as treason. Remembering the human children, however, Asgore couldn't bring himself to kill Sterk, but Instead ordered the royal Guardsmen to take him where he belonged... in the soaking wet depths below the waterfall; The Deeperground, which as Gerson once said; "is a fate worse than death."

Post-Gaster / Current situation

during his banishment in the Deeperground, he chose to stealthily get out of the human "prison" known as Manlocke, and instead blamed all of his own suffering on himself and on Asgore, as he took the plunge into the Ghettos of Sapville, only protected by a Royal Guardsman known as Oak, a sapient tree monster who was in charge of rehabilitation of the Wicked monsters who lurked within every corner. He was able to find a house to live in, which is where he met one of many Descendants of the 3rd Fallen human; a lightly armored young man named Buster. who decided to help him survive (albeit while being a jerk to him due to his workings with Dr. Gaster), and while there were some Issues between the two, they would eventually become the very duo of humans who would stalk the Deeperground, willing to escape under all means necessary.


All of these pieces of dialogue are actually pieces of a personal diary Sterk created in order to file certain days where something major occurs.

  • Addendum I - being stuck here in this Hellhole has left me shattered... mentally, that is, unlike what could have happened months back. clearly I'm not welcome here... I was chased down here to this "sanctuary" by a gang of monster thugs... the things they said left me SICK. I don't get what gives them the right mind to tell someone "we're gonna carve you up and play with what's left of you". frickin' CRIMINALS, I tell you, CRIMINALS!
  • Addendum II - So It turns out that manlocke is safe, but I can't even fathom the truth... this whole place is where incompatible humans AND hooligans (which from what I've been told are mentally corrupt monsters) are sent, forced to suffer due to their Insignificance and for our significance to monsterkind... Asgore's a total Jackass, should've thought twice before casting me into this hellhole. Gerson was right, this is a fate worse than death... and these maniacs are practically the demons.
  • Addendum III - looking at my own SOUL, turns out I've achieved "Trait Inversion", according to one of the other humans here... they're all looking at me as If I'm a monster... Honestly, I can hardly consider myself human anymore. One person even said I was a dreaded "Lich", a human who's achieved enough magic potency and entirely inhuman features to be considered a monster, which I guess is more accurate. With that aside, I'd hate to betray ol' Rook, but I gotta go.
  • Addendum IV - Whelp, I made a huge misconception... turns out this place is way worse than Manlocke. There are Hooligans everywhere, and their motivation and behavior ranges from unnecessary and crude to Twisted and depraved... I don't even wanna list the things they've threatened me with, all I know is that the "Guide" here is quite Innocent, and yet he's given me nothing but despair... there's a barrier in the Deeperground, and that frickin' sucks!
  • Addendum V - I was chased down by a bunch of Hooligans today, apparently food production isn't as huge here... but hey, another human actually saved my life. Not gonna lie, he's kind of a Cretin, but he's not as bad as the guys who picked on me during kindergarten... those times left me sobbing, man... besides, This guy "Buster" sure is more funny than they were.
  • Addendum VI - So recently Buster and I were busy eating cookies we found somewhere when some monster ambushed the shelter we managed to obtain, wielding this here gun that was once used by another human... welp, at least I have SOMETHING to defend myself with.
  • Addendum VII - Buster decided to introduce me to this girl named Penny... she was kind of Angsty, not to mention dramatic, ain't gonna lie about that, but she certainly had her reasons. I mean, who could possibly walk into this WASTELAND and stay here for an entire week, let alone an entire MONTH without going Insane... geez, Even I'm starting to feel out of touch... everything has become "Friend, object, or foe" at this point, and no In-betweeners.
  • Addendum VIII - So recently Alphys has been doing wonders back in the underground, and created some sort of robot designed for entertainment. she said his motto was gonna be "Romance, Drama, Bloodshed", which I find rather intriguing (hopefully the drama isn't some dumb High school crap the surface pumps out these days, otherwise I'm frickin' LOSING IT). Alphys even secretly gave me blueprints of a recent transformation he will use in the future... gotta say, I wish I had hair like that, maybe I'll have my hair grow long.
  • Addendum IX - things have been getting better, although it's been years now, probably even a decade, Finally got to stylize my hair to what was fit... looking snazzy, not gonna lie. although, I do wonder; how are those successors doing? did sans and papyrus finally wake up from their chambers? maybe they fled to waterfall or whatever... nah, they're probably chilling in Snowdin with nobody suspecting who they even are. you know, It's been awhile since I've been running, and things have gotten quiet... maybe too quiet.
  • Addendum X - So Buster and I were attacked... kind of got a scar on my leg and a few torso injuries, but overall I'm alright, in spite of being inflicted with such unbearable pain... I wish It could stop. In the mean time, Buster said that he had a plan to enact a ritual he heard about from his teachings within the noble church, something about an Unnamed physical manifestation of violence, and how we could utilize It to bring the ancient Gods back into the world... I really am not the violent type, but perhaps these Gods could be the answer to my prayers... to EVERYONE'S prayers.
  • Addendum XI - Our count starts from 35, Buster said Sapville is obviously the best place to farm Execution points... I'm starting to feel a bit uncomfortable about this, but If this is what it takes to bring GASTER back, then I will accept what must be done. Besides, they're Hooligans, they're not happy families or Innocent children... they're MONSTERS, REAL MONSTERS.
  • Addendum XII - 23 left, I'm starting to SOMEWHAT feel bad for these guys... I mean, not entirely, they kind of deserve it after doing whatever the hell got them here. yeah, guess I'm Murdering a ton of monsters, but they don't know remorse, so why should I show them any?
  • Addendum XIII - 17 Monsters left, honestly my guilt has been going away... I mean, at least for these monsters anyway. besides, they're a bunch of CRIMINALS who kill each other for fun, and honestly, I'm just doing them a favor!
  • Addendum XIV - 9 monsters left to go, I'm starting to get a hang of this whole "Monster hunting" mumbo jumbo, and It's left me wondering... what IS the max amount of LV a human obtains before reaching "The absolute"? however, this ain't no genuine biggie, After all, that ain't even my goal.
  • Addendum XV - 3 LEFT.
  • Addendum XVI - Finally, after all these years, I've finally have enough LV to complete the ritual... and yet there's still dozens, if not a mole (the scientific term, not the animal) of these Imps in this frickin' Hellhole. Buster said It at least takes 14 LV and one cup of dust to complete it. Welp, time to do what no other Homo Sapiens have completed in centuries.
  • ✌︎♎︎♎︎♏︎■︎♎︎◆︎❍︎ ✠︎✋︎✋︎ - So I completed the ritual, but it seems that I'm getting Involved with some... "God", of sorts, although I can easily tell this ain't heaven. Apparently some Ancestral monster named Tam Tam is stuck outside of reality and has manifested in my mind somehow... am I DREAMING!? this place is a nightmare. Anyway, It's apparent that she's one of the first monsters to exist, during the dawn of time, and was born from the darkness centuries after Alisgriel himself... Not gonna lie, she's pretty massive for the first Temmie... I mean, how was it that Temmies evolved from THIS thing? Cause I didn't see more than 2 eyes on those little things. whelp, I owe this beast a SOUL, but can't give her mine or buster's (not that he's here anyway). Guess I'll ask for my release and see what happens.
  • Addendum XVIII - turns out everything that happened was real... I really am in debt with a Giant Cat God. and to make matters worse, we RAN OUT OF CHOCOLATE MILK! Luckily (and unluckily), I'm (somehow) back in the deeperground. turned out I was dreaming, and that my SOUL was transported across time and space to see Tam Tam, only to return where I started... she said I could learn magic If I've obtained enough knowledge... probably should proceed to the "Librarby" to achieve such potency... she also said to collect enough human souls to complete my contract and enact the ritual, but Manlocke is guarded... If only if there was a way to lure them out.
  • Addendum XIX - You know what, I'm finished... I'm tired of the anticipation, I cannot wait for some human with the [CORRECT SOUL] to come down here... I WANT IT! I wish to bring him back... the fact that a hooligan could swoop down and break my spine and try to steal my clothes to leave me stripped is horrendous. [DOCTOR G.], If you are somehow able to read these files... just know that we'll be back together... we'll say our farewells like we were supposed to. Trust me, as soon as I get out of [DEBT], We'll separate as fine [BIG SHOTS], [BIG SHOTS], I tell you.



  • HP: 7,200 (would be 72, but his body corruption caused via the Incident with the DT extractor basically multiplied his HP stat by 100)
  • ATK: 4 (15+ if using the Deceit Sabre, 45+ if using the Glock G17)
  • DEF: 16


Introduction -

  • "[WELLWELLWELLWELLWELL], look what who we got here."
  • "a lost [HOMO SAPIEN] in the middle of this wasteland."
  • "Welcome to hell, [SUNSHINE]!"
  • "... [AHEM], man, I sounded like a real [HILL-BILLY]."
  • "guess that's what happens when you're in hell on earth."
  • "Say, that's a nice [HEART-SHAPED EMBODIMENT OF YOUR BEING] you got there, mind if I [GANDER UPON IT]?"
    • "Aww, no need to be so frightened, I just need one look." - (Refuse)
    • "thank you for your generous offer... sadly you gotta [CEASE TO EXIST], but I promise this is the [CORRECT COURSE OF ACTION]" - (Accept) [warning: this action will lead to a game over]
  • "Well, If you wish to be so [AVARICIOUS] with that [HEART SHAPED OBJECT]..."
  • "I'll have to teach you some [SOCIAL METHADOLOGIES]." - {Battle start}

Most notable Overworld scenes and single quotes:

  • [Introduction scene of "The boys", with both Sterk and Buster]
    • Sterk - "Buster, buddy chum pal, meet the new living Banana I just found; [FRISKOPHER]!"
    • Buster turns around to see the apprentice... and frisk.
    • Buster - "Sterk, you need to cease naming wanderers such random, witless nicknames!"
    • Sterk - "you're just unable to comprehend the apprentice [FORMAL SOPHISTICATION], BUGSTERGANT!"
    • Buster - "In the name of the angel, I silence you... Dr. DooDooButt."
    • Sterk - "Alright, now that was just frickin' [INFORMAL AND BARBARIC]"
    • Buster - "serves you right, cretin!"
    • Sterk - "Serves ME right? I didn't know we were in the circle of [HABITUAL GREED AND EXCESS CONSUMPTION]!"
    • Buster - "Enough of your nonsensical rambling, you're coming with me!"
    • The armored, immature and equally young saint would pull Sterk by his ear, dragging him around with soul Imbued strength, and pulling him away.
    • Buster, pulling Sterk's ear, would turn to frisk...
    • Buster - "We will meet again... but in spite of us being of the same kind, do not expect our hospitality."
    • Sterk - "Speaking of HOSPITALity- [OW!]"
    • The two proceed to leave Frisk, ending the scene.
  • [the "Thrash your own ass machine" scene]
    • Frisk would be standing in front in an area with a blueprint at the center
    • Sterk - "[WELLWELLWELLWELLWELL], If It ain't our old buddy chum pal home slice of bread..."
    • Buster - "Don't you dare say it, you-"
    • Sterk - "[FRISKOPHER!]"
    • Buster - "GOD. DAMN IT."
    • Sterk - "Aww, is baby [BUGSTERGANT] 'ANGY'!?-"
    • Buster would slap Sterk in the face with excessive force
    • Sterk - "OW! Fine... I was just wishing to [DO A BIT OF SOCIAL TOMFOOLERY] with you."
    • Buster - "Well I'm not here for your Idiotic Shenanigans!"
    • Sterk - "Alright, Alright... so what now, are we gonna show them the-"
    • Buster - "Yes... now then, Witless one, you are now in great peril, for we shall present you with our finest trap-"
    • Buster - "didn't you call it the 'Thrash your own ass machine', Sterk?"
    • Sterk - "..."
    • Sterk - "I'm still deciding, but 'thrash your own ass' still sounds hysterical!"
    • Buster - "anyway, we are allowing you to make the blueprints depending on how you see fit."
    • Sterk - "just so you can watch your whole body (especially your ass) get blown to smithereens!"
    • Buster - "now then... Enough talk, pick your poison, 'Frisk'..." - [after this dialogue, frisk approaches the blueprints and a UI to create a machine pops up... essentially being the same as Deltarune, but with an extended amount of options compared to Deltarune's... most notably stuff like a baby rattle or a flamethrower for a head.]
      • [Normally]
      • Sterk - "Ey' Buster, are you sure this will [FUNCTION PROPERLY]?"
      • Buster - "You're the one who made the blueprints."
      • Sterk - "..."
      • Sterk - "all of this was primarily weaponized [TOOMFOOLERY]"
      • Buster - "... YOU! TOTAL! DIPSTICK!" (the dialogue stops for a few seconds at the "s" in "dipstick")
      • Sterk - "Well, hey, If it works, you can at least thank me!"
      • Buster - "and how will this total FLOP even be worth constructing!?"
      • Sterk - "I promise that everything will be weaponized!"
      • Buster - "... everything?"
      • Sterk - "[EVERYTHING!]"
      • Sterk - "Do not underestimate the power of my chaotic genius! you're dealing with a [FRICKIN LORD OF SCIENCE], man!"
      • Buster - "...This better work, or I'm going to asphyxiate your lungs until you get the inability to speak!!"
      • [If player decides to use any "Duck" option.]
      • Sterk - "Well, you really just pleasure disrespecting yourself, do you?" - [Choosing at least 1 duck option]
      • Sterk - "... God damn it, I knew I should have not added the duck options!" - [If player decides to use every "Duck" option.]
      • Buster - "your genius is flawed, DR. DOODOOBUTT!"
      • Sterk proceeds to grab the Young saint and give him a dubious, generically demonic face.
      • Sterk - "N3V3R. C4LL M3. TH4T [F00L1SH M0N1CK3R]. 4G41N!"
      • Buster's left eye would finally glow, in a similar manner a certain other human in Deltarune.
      • Buster - "I refuse to take back anything said..."
      • Buster - "now put me down or you will find yourself sobbing in a puddle of your own blood!"
      • Sterk would drop the guy that was 3/4's his height.
      • Sterk - "Alright, so... what now?"
      • Buster - "We'll have to make the duck somehow as intimidating as possible..."
      • [After everything that's implied]
      • Sterk - "and so we're done."
      • Buster - "now that everything has been finished, we must go invent the machine itself."
      • Sterk - "Perfect..."
      • Buster - "so long, witless one!"
      • Their crazed laughter would fill the screen (literally) before they would run out of the room.
      • [If all "Gun" options are added, albeit choosing the gun, Gatling gun, Chaingun, Railgun, Gaster Blaster, Potato Cannon, or flamethrower heads, this will replace the entire dialogue.]
      • Sterk - "..."
      • Buster - "..."
      • Sterk - "Geezus louises, you must really like guns."
      • Buster - "Quite fascinating tastes, I see..."
      • The two would look at each other, as dialogue lines 1 and 2 repeat 3 times.
      • Both - "Nice."
      • They turn to frisk as their crazed laughter would fill the screen (literally) before they run out of the room.


in terms of appearance, (Peri and post Gaster, in this case), is a Skinny, 6'4 tall human being in his late-20's with pale skin (due to being corrupted from being semi-shattered across time and space, with small fractals of him still appearing from time to time in different timelines, that's also why he has a crack on his head). He wears a Black labcoat with a white T-shirt, black Gym pants (which he was able to styli,ze as Black jeans), and a pair of Jet black sneakers. he has allowed his hair to grow long enough to style it in the same manner as Mettaton (a popular star in the underground, who managed to get attention of even residents of the Deeperground). he has black, dot-like eyes, due to his Now Inhuman Nature.


He seems to be a mixed bag when it comes to defining a personality; he'll have a rather casual, Jovial, and rather enthusiastic personality for the majority of the time, often using very informal language and (as of current events) glitching out on purpose (If glitching occurs in his dialogue, said dialogue would be put in square brackets), but tends to act rather formal when doing science experiments or doing a major ritual, Imitating a gentleman's behavior and using more broad words (something he finds rather pleasing). he has a tendency for Raising his voice (in a game, this "Crucial text" would put in as Bolded text, although this is more often to accompany the glitching, rather than either being separate.) often to bring more attention to detail... however, while he does wish to sit around and play Video games, he does have only one goal, one that has lead to a path of Insanity: Restructure Gaster and give his final goodbye.

As a result, combining this perseverance to bring the doctor back, with the fact that he's being screwed over by a three-fold (being stuck in a lower section of the Underground exclusively meant for Criminals, the fact he has a contract with a interdimensional God, and the fact that fractals of his being are scattered across time and space, with only 85% of himself being complete), The doctor suffers Schizophrenia and rather notable case of Insanity, constantly rambling on how he'll be either be "THE BIG SHOT!", "THE GASTER BLASTER MASTER", or even "THE FRICKIN' LORD OF SCIENCE, MAN!" (a more common term he uses, really). some may say his combined Ego with his lack of algebra skills do tend to make his statements very Ironic, since he is essentially committed to doing the impossible when he can't even solve a complex Algebra question. However, his combined knowledge of magic, rituals, and being a semi-experienced Inventor may prove Crucial to his goal (as well as his Soul trait, which allows him to make huge lies that will allow him to manipulate others), with his plan being to unseal ancient Gods known as the Epimonsters, who he thinks will bring back his former friend.

Powers, Tools, & abilities

These are his Stats, tools, abilities, and attacks that he is capable of using in combat. he has nothing in particular beyond these skills. (of course, his life skills only include speaking formally, taking showers, and making basic food, so don't ask him for a butterscotch pie.)

  • Deceit Soul: Due to his acts of trickery and constant lying, accompanied by being dragged across the dark corners of time and space, Sterk's soul has been corrupted, inverting his Integrity trait, turning it into a darker blue soul, which can be identified as the soul of Deceit. because of this, Sterk carries various dangerous traits that can be
    • Deceit Sabre: While Sterk isn't the best at sword-play (really he can only do some basic sword stuff), he does have access to a Sabre made from Soul magic, which act similar to certain other melee attacks. (for reference, think of Asgore's and (surprisingly) Dustrust sans's slash attacks, but for the close-up slash, he can't use orange attacks, but can use white and blue... the magic slash is essentially the same, although unlike the Alternate sans, sterk isn't quick on the draw.)
    • Creepy face: Acting as both an intimidation tactic and a (slight) power enhancer, Sterk is capable of concentrating his own corrupted soul energy, which can be Identified with (and used for) a perpetual, twisted grin of melted entropy... although not everyone finds it Intimidating. (*cough*, Chara, *cough*)
    • Gravity switch: Being an Inversion of Integrity, Sterk swaps out the ability to decrease and Increase his gravity (or just being able to jump high, really) for the more dangerous ability of switching his own gravity. However, due to his magic Potency (which we will get to later), he can use this on other monsters and humans as well. (essentially, If this soul was used Ingame, It would Immediately come down to WSAD for gravity switching, with the left and right arrow keys for moving left and right / up and down, but being Incapable of jumping or flying.)
    • Trickery: he is capable of manipulating people by messing with their heads, casting Illusions and making lies seem true, only to flat-out turn out to be pure trickery (although, he isn't really the best liar, so this ability is more of a crutch if anything)
  • Inventing Prowess: Thanks to his time spent with Gaster, Sterk has enough Knowledge to create various different Tools and weapons to achieve his goals. this can Include stuff such as Mechanical Screw-drivers or even the deadly Proto Blaster. (the Items shown down below are a list of Items he carries within his lab coat that show this ability)
    • Electric tools - his lab coat's pockets have a set of Electricity-powered tools that are used for crafting/augmenting materials or machines.
    • Handy Helpers - A summonable set of SOUL powered weapons that resemble human hands, which are capable of conjuring Magic Missiles and Blade-a-rangs for only half of the required MANA.
    • Ocular Scanner - a small, silver Eye-piece with a Blue lens, which acts as a MANA and SOUL Detector. It is capable of detecting any sort of life, Including both monsters and humans. It can even detect "Power levels", which is the combined magic and physical strength output of a Biological or mechanical Individual.
    • The ManMobile - A small cube-like device which transforms into an egg-shaped vehicle, designed for quick getaways or (occasionally) for vehicular slaughter. It can drive at a speed of up to 120 MPH, and can switch between one large seat or two seats for if anyone is tagging along. It can be described as "a glorified, Egg shaped Four-wheeler that somehow fits in this dude's pocket." - the manmobile may also carry any weapons that frisk's thrash machine carried prior, which can go from a baby rattle or a duck head for whacking people to a literal chaingun (four barrel Minigun), depending on frisk's actions.
  • Magic Potency: Prior to his readings within the Librarby in the Deeperground, Sterk has been able to understand the secret of human magic; knowledge (required to increase Potency), monster souls (needed to learn new spells), and rituals (the process Itself, may not be needed for EVERY spell). Thanks to this, he was able to preform a portable ritual various times to steal and alter magic attacks of his choice, killing a couple monsters in process and using up 3-4 monster souls. these magic techniques Include:
    • Blade-A-Rang: A spell he gained from a monster mercenary known as Carperrior, who murdered a whole family of monsters out of pure rage. this spell is essentially a flying Buzzsaw that acts in a similar manner to Muffet's croissants, flying in path are given before flying backwards.
    • Magic Missile: A spell he gained from a small Robot monster (probably similar to that unused robot). with a wave of his Deceit Sabre, 2 comedically futuristic looking missiles will appear, and will rapidly launch themselves towards their intended target... although they can be directed towards their own user.
    • Observer: A spell he gained from a monster similar to Loox, which conjures eyes, which fire 3 homing tears before emerging somewhere else to shoot 3 more.
    • The Ritual: The spell that can only be used when 7 human souls are present. This forbidden ritual was something he developed through pure Hypothesizing, and is meant to be the Incantation of "HEAVEN!" that awakens the Epimonsters... Although, this may prove to be his own downfall, as Tam Tam, one particular Epimonster (even though he already knows she's a criminal), could spell the doom of the world (If not the entire multiverse), and he doesn't even know it.
  • Glock G17: A simple gun that was brought over by someone, who later died at the hands of a hooligan, and is essentially a last resort used when death is immanent. Despite being a simple Glock at first glance, the bullets are enhanced with magic-Input, allowing him to use it as a quick and lethal projectile. (For other undertale fans who don't get the picture, think of FDY's Oversave-tale fangame's Sudden changes fight... or how the Empty gun works in Undertale, but as an attack.)
  • Proto Blasters: Although Sterk may not have access to Gaster Blasters that use pure magic, he does have access to a more smaller Prototype, which resembles a mechanical eye rather than a dog skull. the Prototype can only fire small laser bullets, but thanks to a bit of tweaking, they fire at a rather quick rate... they come in two different attack types:
    • Wreck: a more simple variant of the Proto blaster, which has white Sclera, a white Iris, and a black pupil, which will fire 3 short laser beams as opposed to one long laser like the Gaster Blaster.
    • Spew: Proto blasters that spew will have a black sclera, black Iris, and a blue pupil, and will fire a rotating, 4-directional barrage of small tear-like lasers.
  • The Obstructer: A device that was made later on, this floating, Circular Machine was built by Sterk as a combat Tool that emits magic-infused EMP waves, which can hinder monsters from using their own magic or even do damage... although, his Obstructer can only emit Blue and Orange waves, meaning he has to be lucky that his foe makes a wrong step.


  • Being Overwhelmed - very straight forward, Sterk is incapable of taking down hordes of people at once, and grows very nervous when dealing with such a situation.
  • Limited Mana - while he does possess traits similar to a monster, his human SOUL does limit the amount of MANA (which works as a magic & Stamina limit). If he conjures 100 Observers at once, he'll probably pass out after they finish firing, hence why he relies on machines more often.
  • Source requirement - most of his machines require batteries or a sort of power source, otherwise they won't work... after all, they aren't like mechanical pencils.
  • Corrupt body - Due to being corrupted by the Unknown/The void, he is essentially a being made of altered flesh and darkness, so light and holy magic can prove more lethal than typical fire magic.
  • "Do I look like a material dispenser to you?" - When It comes down to his Innovative work in the lab, he does require proper materials and tools to be within possession for him to make the tools he desires... otherwise he's basically not much.
  • Incapability to solve Algebra - Despite his Scientific genius, his math skills are rather lacking, to the point where he is carrying a calculator for a lot of situations. simple fractions and dividing won't be much of a Inconvenience, but once you start adding letters, unless it's something like Quantum Theory, he is incapable of solving it... he's better off making machines and (even better off) watching anime.
  • Laziness X Cockiness = Disaster - He is as lazy as he is Cocky, often refusing to do things because "I don't wanna", and saving up said energy for something like an unexpected ambush or to pull an all-nighter. his overconfidence essentially builds an Ego to where he believes he can't be stopped by a couple monsters (although, as stated before, a whole horde is an entirely different problem).



As of now, Sterk essentially sees Toriel as "betrayed" due to his first act of deceit, and is one of the monsters he feels guilty for. he believes that if he never decided to escape her house, he would have lived a much different life.

Greater Dog

Another Monster that he felt guilty for manipulating, but believes they were a great, If not [PERFECT] partner... he always thought that a dog was a man's best friend... unless if it were Doggo.


Sterk is one of, if not the primary target for this blind mercenary, and both seem to have a lot of beef against each other. Doggo sees Sterk as another human who could be slain for the betterment of monster society, whereas Sterk sees doggo as "Man's worst friend, a total [SUCKER}"


Sterk has no Qualms in protecting himself from Gerson, but has grown a secret soft spot for the guy. It's very likely that the two would be Acquaintances once more if they met... that is, without Asgore getting in between things.


To put it in short terms, Sterk really despises Asgore, to the point where he wishes he could rip both his horns off his head and murder him with his own horns... as said before, Sterk sees Asgore as a "[TOTAL JACKASS]", whereas Asgore sees him as "an example of human malevolence", so both of them wouldn't get along if they met each other.

WD Gaster

To Sterk, Gaster was a mentor, perhaps even a second father figure, and one that he could even call "a real buddy". while he did at first fear and grew agitated his very presence, as with all monsters, the two eventually began to connect rather quickly through their experiments, as seen in later in the Peri-Gaster and Post-Gaster parts of the storyline

Assistants A, B, & C

Essentially, sterk has grown a huge appreciation over Assistant C (also known as the 3rd Gaster follower in undertale), and seems to prize him over the other two. to him, the other two are more so "partners" than Buddies.


While Sterk wasn't all that fond of being a geek at first, Alphys's nerdiness eventually began to reach him, leading to her teaching the appentice about anime. His fondness for the content eventually lead to another Obsession: Catgirls. Alphys occasionally wore Cat ears just to get Sterk riled up, but eventually this stopped when Gaster asked her to stop doing so.

Sans and papyrus

Being there during their creation, Sterk did get an overview of what kind of personality sans and papyrus may develop as they begin to live their lives amongst other monsters... Sterk would obviously be chill with them, as long as sans doesn't pull an excessive amount of pranks on him or make bad puns 24/7 (which unfortunately, the latter is true).


Sterk would not see frisk as a person, especially due to their mute and curious behavior, and more so as a sapient object. at first he'd try to gain their trust by helping them out, but when it's all too late, he'd give the human a "quick and painless ticket to [HEAVEN]".


Due to chara's ghost-like nature, Sterk wouldn't be all that comfortable with them making appearances left and right... while Chara is just a voice in frisk's head, it is possible that very few can see an apparition of them, Sterk being one of these individuals. Sterk really just sees Chara as some weirdo that just appears and disappears with every every second.


As seen in his profile, Sterk eventually teams up with Flowey as soon as the Underground's barrier is broken. this happened due to Fowey's curiosity of the Deeperground, and when he found out about it manifesting in certain timelines, he began to experiment with it, and as a result constantly got on the apprentice's nerves. Sterk, after a couple days, had declared Flowey as "an edgy Dumb-Dumb with a [DIVINE BEING} Complex", which he often follows up with "Screw off".


Despite being Alphys's mutual lover, Undyne would definitely not think twice before giving Sterk the finger and a couple spears, due to Asgore's teachings, making this one of Alphys's reasons why she never confessed her love. If Undyne met the guy, he'd definitely be Intimidated by her presence and would seek hostility if running is not an option.

Mettaton & Napstablook

Being alphys's creation, MTT would easily gain interest from the mad scientist, who's always had a fascination for dazzling or complex designs & robots. He would definitely enjoy Mettaton's drama, since It's "preferable over the petty high school drama that [FAMOUS SURFACE STUDIOS] pump out nowadays". Due to Mettaton's heritage being intertwined with Napstablook, Sterk would actually try to help the shy ghost in improving his music. (mainly just by introducing him to random EDM instruments.)


While Sterk would respect Muffet's formal and polite mannerisms, the fact that she's a spider monster and the fact that anyone who refuses to buy gets turned into pastry filling would definitely set him off, essentially leading him into bickering and getting into VERY heated conversations with muffet. Overall, Sterk's overview of muffet would be a "the world's most [CULTIVATED | DISLOYAL INSECT]".

Ulthrik Dreemurr

Sterk would have many different levels of beef with Ulthrik if he met the guy, starting off by the fact he got Gaster, his own friend that he got accused of erasing, to make a set of powerful armor to help him kill off humans. Furthermore, his bloodline being related to Asgore would further raise some red flags for the apprentice, whereas Sterk being human would lead to Ulthrik believing that Gaster committed treason. Overall, both would definitely wish to kill each other.

Itsy & Bitsy

Due to Itsy and Bitsy sharing the same attributes as muffet, Sterk would essentially treat them the same way as well, seeing them as elegant and respectable, but at the same time should not be trusted nor' befriended.


Due to being a doll that works under the royal guard, sterk would essentially treat her the same way as Undyne, only instead of fear, the apprentice would likely be a total jerk due to being (in his opinion) less menacing, making snarky comments about how "I bet Asgore will want [BODY-SIZED LOVE PILLOWS] in his Royal guard!", and overall just be a total nuisance.

Bassiere Von Dohj III

With the fact that Dohj is a battle-hardened member of the royal guard, Sterk would see them as a Intimidating threat, and would likely start running like a coward at the very sight of their face... however Buster would see them more as "Free XP", and would force the guy into fighting this hound, leading into another Idiotic argument that would end with utter confusion.

Spamton G. Spamton (Deltarune)

Due to their similarities, Spamton would see Sterk as an alternate version of of him, If not a "precursor" to his debut. this would especially be true considering both (although differently) use the term [BIG SHOT] at one point or another. of course, Sterk and Spamton would be equally confused about each other's existence.

Ink! sans

If anything, Sterk would be absolutely Mind-blown to meet Ink! sans, and would literally fanboy over his ability to create stuff with the ink brush, hoping this power could even generate human SOULs. He'd probably also be confused about how Ink is the defender of AUs... that is until he meets Error on that same day, after his encounter with ink, or beforehand.

Error! sans

Due to being a sans, If Sterk met him, he would generally be Mind-blown before being both terrified and having to wince towards his presence. Due to Error's AU destroying capabilities, the apprentice would avoid Error's existence at all cost, and if all else ends, try to enact another ritual, because "Anything's better than being terminated by a [ENTITY WITH A |PROBABLY| POORLY WRITTEN EXISTENCE]!"

The Curse

Due to the curse's role and presence, Sterk would see them as "an anomaly" and would try to contain them in a box for study for science purposes... however, If the curse possessed him, his contractor would be Very, Very upset... and nobody, not even other Out!codes, should wish to conflict with an Epimonster, as the power they harbor is practically Infinite. (think of an entity like Asriel Dreemurr... but on ancient, interdimensional steroids.)

Core! Frisk

If Sterk ever found a way to slip out of his own timeline, he'd be very intrigued to see the Omega timeline. Upon meeting Core! Frisk, he'd probably be confused and mistaken them for "[FRISKOPHER]" (canon frisk), and would still refer to them as "[CORE-ISTOPHER]" upon learning about their existence. due to not being shattered across reality, Sterk wouldn't risk it to grab every fragment, since he'd be risking his entire life just to get one fragment, which would be too much risk for him, hence he'd choose to treat Core! frisk passively, as opposed to the canon counterpart.


  • Sterk canonically owns an entire collection of Mew Mew Kissie Cutie 2 plush toys, which may allude to his secret obsession with catgirls.
  • Sterk was actually made by Funnyman before Deltarune chapter 2, when the Character Spamton G. Spamton was made Public... however, Sterk as of now is still being worked on, and will be given more similarities to the said salesman, since the character was made by Toby Fox (although not too many, for obvious reasons... Of course, him calling himself a BIG SHOT & usage of hyperlinks may the similarity in question)
  • While he does Originate from an extended Undertale timeline (known as the determined saga), It is possible for him to travel to other AUs. Sterk would theoretically be able to travel to other AUs, since Gaster did give him some knowledge Quantum Theory, however he may need some time and effort to work on a machine to do so... and Sterk Isn't exactly known for his patience. (hence why he wouldn't be considered an Outcode! entirely.)
  • While his joy and excitement does tend to be bottled up, non-malicious smiling and positive comments are proof that he can be a jolly Individual. Certain moments where his more jolly side shows up is when he's joking around with Buster and Penny, or If he's being Cocky for one reason or another (however the latter isn't really a common sight, but more so just a random spark of confidence.)
  • His character actually has various references, accompanied by his similarities to Spamton. his last name is actually a letter change of "Stark", the last name of Iron Man's true Identity. His fall from grace and Jovial mood (which isn't apparent at first) may reference Sisyphus Future Noah from Tribetwelve, in which both are stuck in a depraved state in the middle of nowhere. his formality and nerdy personality that's later developed may be based on Wheatley from Portal 2, who acts in a similar manner. The Handy helpers actually are a very unique reference to Glitchtale's WD Gaster, who uses this in the form of "Chromas". and lastly, the Ocular Scanner is a very obvious reference to two particular things; Dragon Ball Z and Berdly from DELTARUNE.
  • while Sterk is a very casual and somewhat lazy guy, he's not one to promote messiness, so expect him to see a massive stain on a table and try to clean it with the world's most advanced surface cleaning drone... that hasn't gotten all the kinks sorted.
  • While Sterk is very capable of fighting, he's also very cowardly, and will often stick to (and literally hide behind) Proto blasters until he's gained enough confidence.
  • Sterk's speech might be a reference to wiki pages (especially fandom wiki pages), which use italics & bolded texts for certain situations.
  • One thing that Funnyman was considering was for Sterk to be an original and interesting character, Not a Mary Sue (essentially compare this guy to gill and you'll see a huge difference.) nor is he meant to be boring to undertale fans, hence why he has so many character Traits and story behind him, but starts off in a basic situation in the underground. (The reason Gerson spared him was due to his aching back and his sympathy for other humans, which can be seen in undertale)
    • Ironically, he really hates Mary Sues in his writing, which is why he only watches certain anime franchises (his favorite being a Spin off of Mew mew kissie cutie; Mew Mew's Mad Misadventures, which features a ton of character development, action, and Surreal humor), and given that he is a character within the undertale multiverse, he'd probably criticize certain AU characters (I.g. Justice! sans, Olizia, and correct! sans), Insult their existence with facts and logic, and then proceed to TRY to break the fourth wall, but fail to do the last thing.
  • Due to events that have taken place, Sterk despises King Asgore with a passion
  • While Sterk never killed anyone before he became the mad scientist inside the Deeperground, he was picked on during his childhood, which did lead to him having violent fits of bad temper... his own violent behavior during these fits were what lead to his LV going from 1 to 2.
  • If he were to ever Meet a majority of alternate sanses, he'd be confused, especially since he hardly even knows the original (and never even met him).
  • If he were to ever Meet Error 404 sans, on the other hand, he'd be going into hysterics the moment he calls himself "The god of the multiverse", and instead would address him as "The Jack'(ass) with an ego the size of Jupiter". (although that would probably get him killed)