Dranah (pronounced "Draina") is user Createsans's brothers OC.



She is very peppy and uptight. She is very excitable and quick to conclude. She is very intelligent, yet her eagerness often masquerades this. She is much more serious during a Genocide Run. She hates pointless arguments. She has a fondness to food served at Grillby's and Butterscotch Cinnamon Pie.


She has white fur styled in a ponytail. She's 6" 2.

She wears a blue T-shirt, a dark red knee length skirt and no shoes. She wears one purple fingerless glove.

As a waitress, she wears a white long sleeve, black sleeveless vest, black skirt and a white apron. She also wears black flats.

In the Genocide Route, her clothes are torn and her glove is gone. This occurred because she attempted to run, and in the process, her clothes tore.

Weapons and Abilities

She can use her claws and tail to fight. She can also uses Chaos Buster, similar to Asriel Dreemur's God of Hyperdeath.



She does not have a liking or a disliking to Sans.


They are friends. They both enjoy looking for humans.


They are best friends. Sometimes, Dranah yells at Mae for falling asleep during work.


She has no opinion of Scora.


She doesn't really like him, but she still works there, to get money.


She hates him.


She has varying attacks.

  • She slashes with her claws. This attack is generally easy to avoid.
  • Her tail sweeps through the bullet box.
  • She blasts her Chaos Buster.

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