Undertale OC Wiki

Dump Data is a skeleton OC created by ADgee. He's an artificially-created Papyrus which was created with the intention of doubling as a guide and protector, as well as a device to recollect data throughout the Multiverse. He has been operative ever since he was firstly created and is still exploring.


Dump Data was "born" originially in Adgeeh in his lab. AD was experimenting and testing around with Birthcoding, when he realized he didn't have much information.about anything. Since he had to take care of his devices and couldn't travel far, instead he decided to create his own Wanderer to help him. In order to do this, AD used a special magic micro-chip which would connect the Papyrus' conscience to the database and allow the interchange of data. At first it was going well, when an error ocurred during the creation and caused the skeleton to be physically incomplete. AD decided then to implement an upgrade which would allow him to float and fly so he could travel well. As well, he decided to implement a free will and conscience "module" on the skeleton to allow them to seem more real.

His first experience was to become a friend, and ally of Ink, but while this was being in process, AD learnt the truth about Ink and lost all the trust for him, so he ordered Dump Data to retire and took away. After looking at the data recieved from Ink he decided to make Dump into a Protector. He updated him to be able to use Magic to defend and help others. Since then, Dump has been exploring around AUs and such, living in the Anti-Void.


For the most parts, Dump Data looks very similar to canon Papyrus, except for the lack of legs. His arms are floating yet connected to the rest of the body somehow.

His eyes are usually black, yet they turn yellow when using magic, and a faint purple when sleeping. His eyes will also tend to flick in red when an error with his modules occur, leading him to "shut down". As well, his scarf is both green and orange.


Since AD added the Free Will and Conscience module, Dump had a similar personality to that of Classic Papyrus, despite getting pissed at most bad puns (even his own). He seems to root for anyone who seems like a good person, and will usually try to convince Genociders to follow the correct way. If not possible, he will enter battle mode and try to stop the Genocider. 

When his module is broken, seperate Mood and Emotion modules are used instead. Some of them can be combined. Some of them are: Happy, Angry, "Pissed Off", Sad, and others.

He still loves making spaghetti.


Dump has a plethora of abilites and the like.

Plasma Cannon: He can charge a bunch of super-heated plasma with his hands and fire them at the enemy. This can be tiring at most.

Blazing Bones: He summons a bunch of bones coated in burning silver which can cause burns in the enemy. 

Firewall: He can create a large firewall to protect him or to schorch the enemy. The firewall can still burn him, albeit not kill him.

Mirror Effect: If the attack isn't too powerful, he can absorb it and deflect it back at the enemy.

Healing Aura: If him or an ally are wounded, he can summon an aura that quickly heals their health. The range can vary to 5 meters, to 20 meters. Despite this, the higher the range, the more energy he needs to do it.

Virtual Immortality: Whenever Dump is fatally wounded and he's about to die, his conscience and memory are uploaded to the Databse, to which AD can download to a copy of Dump, preserving his memories and consciousness from before.


He considers him as a good friend and trusts him most of the time. He has an immense respect towards him. Sometimes he jokingly calls AD "father", to which AD responds in confusion.


He started to look him as a friend but got skeptical when Ink told him about his secrets. After that he left the Doodle Sphere, and hasn't seen Ink since then.