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Dumperror!Sans is an Out!Code who was created by NarshiftZ. He's a skeleton that faced countless Genocide routes, until W.D. Gaster gave his SOUL to him. Ever since, he has defeated him and received one more from Chara. He currently resides in the White Void.


Dumperror!Sans in his AU was empty because he was bored of Frisk's Genocide.

Controlled by Chara that loop over and over again.

Until Dumperror!Sans started hacking his AU to stop the massacres, but the hacking mistakes them.

It has a physical appearance and gets new abilities until defeating Chara. Yes, but it's not over yet, since their AU is not there and press reset. But the results returned There is only an error, so his Au is a white void only, he tries to modify the code so that it doesn't become a white void, but doesn't affect Au, but it affects him, which causes a bug from editing the AU's code.



He had 3 spirits - his gaster and the chara that controlled Frisk's body.

  • His soul was more powerful than any normal sans. Which is full of strong and very fast resolutions
  • The soul of gaster is EDIT power, the thread can open the portal and increase the stats on sans as well.
  • Chara's soul is a strong determination, making sans even stronger and giving sans the ability to load save file and reset.


Ordinary Bugs

The bug that happened to him resulted in him bouncing off Au, different from a long fight, and returning to him. Where he was, but was able to return to the fight as before, but with a little time

Bugs that have a negative effect on his body

It was a bug that came from using Hack master form in battle. But he will not be able to return to fight because bugs will eat his body, causing negative effects on his body, but it will not be bad. The dwelling will be covered from their threads to prevent any damage.


  • short cut: warp between locations
  • AU Skip: Travel between AUs.
  • Two magic eyes: (because it has received a soul determination)
  • Five strands of yarn: shot yarns from his fingers to esnare his victims.
  • Attack bones: When hit The code of the hit character will be output.
  • Factory Reset: Use determination to reset the code files to default settings.
  • gaster blaster: When hit the code of the hit character will come out.
  • EDIT: He have the power that can change the code, whether it is a different character or even a lot. To use the EDIT power is to attack, get hit, or use a thread. He then press EDIT to change anything about the attacker/victim, even the bug itself.



  • Actually, the numbers of stats are a bug.