Durial Dreemurr is a Bipedal-Goat Monster in the Consequences AU
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Durial is laid-back almost to the point of lazy, but has a strong protective instinct for his family, to the point that when somebody suggested killing Chara for a human soul, Durial almost killed them, and might have if not for his parents intervening.


Durial lived most of his life in the Underground, where he was raised until a day when Chara had an idea that led in their death. Durial and Asriel took half of their soul, as their soul possessed enough determination for two monsters to cross the barrier with it's power. Durial met his end at the surface, and Asriel was gravely injured. Durial's soul, barely holding together, latched onto the closest human with enough determination to care for his soul. The human that he latched onto was a human child, the green soul that is later captured by Asgore. His soul, thanks to the determination of half of Chara's soul and the green soul, was able to survive in a barely existing state, only being able to even semi-manifest when a human or other determination filled being falls into the underground.


He is very similar in appearance to Asriel, being his older brother, he wears a sweater that is a bright green with a yellow stripe down the middle. The (Hair?) at the top of his head is also significantly shaggier and he has small horns protruding his head.

Abilities and Weaknesses

He is able to utilize fire magic to a very high level, he also has the ability to summon prototype Gaster Blasters that were designed for the royal family, and he possesses his fathers ability to use blue and orange attacks. Thanks to him having a close connection with the green soul, he can change somebodies soul to the color green like Undyne can.

But his strengths are limited thanks to the fact that since he died he cannot appear physically, and can only appear as a spectral being to those who his soul is linked to. (The only exception to this being if he can muster enough determination and if there is a vessel for him to store his soul in)


  • If the soul of the person he is linked to is weak or damaged enough he can possess the body, though he detests doing so, because he believes it wrong
  • He can also do this if the host is willing
  • If there is a high enough concentration of monster dust he can manifest physically for as long as he stays determined or he is killed.