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"There's no other way to say this... but you must D I E 404"
– D! King Multi! Sans

Dust!King Multiverse!Sans is version of King Multiverse by 0Furet. He became the rule of Dust!Verse after Core!Frisk went on a rampage. He's possessed a special ability known as the "GAME END".


As King multiverse walked through his corridor he noticed a very strange human, he recognized his appearance as Core! Frisk but they were slaughtering AU after AU he opened a portal to the Omega Timeline only to see dust all around he noticed another sans it was Error 404 he walked over to him "Hey, do you know what happened here?" King Multiverse said in a very dark tone, "No" said Error 404 "I knew I shouldn't have let that stupid kid wander around and bring unaware Sans's here" King Multiverse heard the Opening of a portal right behind him and tried striking whoever went through it with a blue chain he looked around and it was Core! Frisk King Multiverse wanted to ask questions but The now Determined White Frisk had broken out of the chain and was heading for 404. 404 unknowing how strong the Frisk was tried hitting with his Extreme Gaster blaster only to be shot down by a single knife from Core! Frisk. King Multiverse in fear of the entire multiverse and his Creator dying, hit the Game Over button resetting everything, Suddenly he had an Idea to stop the maniac, an awful idea he would start HIS OWN Genocide run and with that he Slaughtered many alternate universes always hungering for more and when he found Error 404, Error 404 looked him in the eyes and said "I knew I couldn't have trusted you" King multiverse with his mind now going insane did not care for any of 404's words and immediately attacked, Error 404 taken by surprise shot gaster blasters all around him as in fear of being hit but it was to late, King multi walked through every blaster Error 404 shot at him and with one blow from a gaster blaster Error 404 had died, King multiverse was now the true King of the Multiverse.



Dust King Multiverse! Sans is a very "Unstable", Most likely one of the most dangerous Sans's in the multiverse wielding extreme strength coming from going beyond Lv20, His "Game Over" Button has now grown to affect the entire multiverse, Killing or Resetting it all at will. Not a single sans could kill him not even H I M king multiverse found the "Barrier" of the multiverse and broke through it seeing all the dust he could've collected, His lv Now reaching in the Ten-Thousands has made his mind grown insane, Because of this he now Kills Core! Frisk first in every Multiverse because "Its all their fault, Its all their fault, Its all their fault, Its all their fault, Its all their fault, Its all their fault, Its all their fault, Its all their fault, Its all their fault, Its all their fault, Its all their fault, Its all their fault, Its all their fault"


Dust! King multiverse! Sans has a Red and Dark Grey tinge on both sides but his Skin color of White and black stays the same with a bit of dust on each hand, he wears 404's jacket around him keeping the front unzipped. Both his eyes shift from Red Blue White Black and Purple when he is using his bones, his flip flops are Red and Grey with dust covered over them.


  • Game End: Game Over has been replaced by a greater more DANGEROUS skill called "Game End" It ends the entire multiverse brutally killing all of them and Dust! King Multiverse! Sans is realizing that it affects other Multiverses as well.
  • Gaster Blaster, Bones, Etc.: His Gaster Blasters now have the power to take out 10 Error 404's in one blow and His bones are designed to Increase Lv Gain from it all the while torturing the enemy even when their dead.
  • Dust Ink! and Dust Error!: His influence on the multiverse has created a "Dust" Multiverse and so both Ink and Error were affected turning their minds insane and Dust King Multiverse! Sans can summon them at will
  • (Dead) Dust! 404: When he killed Error! 404 his spirit lived on and haunted King Multiverse Beckoning to kill every Living thing he comes across, and when Dust! King Multiverse! sans cannot continue and is tired out the ghost of 404 can combine their Blasters to make a Giant Blaster capable of destroying Several Thousand Multiverses at once.