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DustDust Sans is an out!code created by BillSansTurk. He's a Sans that go to AU to AUs killing off other Bad Sans. He's currently resides in an Empty DustTale AU.


DustDust Sans Dust Sans Another Version And Itself Stronger than All Dust, it killed him unbeaten like dust sans. When he killed him, he decided to settle in another universe because there was nobody left, he settled in another universe and the dust of sans in that universe threatened him and the dust killed him. After continuing like this, the powder has made a decision, every dust or normal sans that comes before it will kill months later it has become very strong and its level has increased very badly, and finally it has become black, both determination and hate no one can stop him.



It's like normal dust, but black right eye blue and red left eye red


He doesn't care much about anyone, he just thinks about himself, hates people, doesn't like monsters very much


  • Red Bone: Classic attack but red bones hit too much
  • Red Blaster: They're Red, They're Hitting Too Much.
  • Blue Soul: Making Classic Soul Blue
  • Asgore Spear: He stole it from the king.
  • Spear: Shoots too much.
  • Hate Blaster: This Blaster Is Full Of Hate And A very powerful blaster is half-lifespectacular, the most important feature is that he can take it off as much as he wants
  • Hate Dusts: He Can Revive Those He Kills With Hate, He Can Control Them And Tell To Attack His Enemy.
  • Bones of Reality: If he touches a person by these bones he will never turn into reality
  • Single Throw Big Red Bone: If He Uses This Attack, He Could Hit A Man Or Beast (Excluding Errors)
  • The Axe of horror: he stole it from a horror universe and can make it red and use it however he wants
  • Hate Knives: He can guide these knives as much as he wants and take half the life of man or beast.
  • (Special) The hatred Of Dust (Black Soul): If he gets very angry about this attack, he can make the soul of man or beast black, and if he does, man or beast can't move, he can do whatever he wants.
  • (Special) Last Resistance: He Can Fix His Own Soul Once Before He Dies And He Can Save Himself


Dust Sans

He met him several times and witnessed his strength, but dust sans defeated DustDust Sans He didn't do anything to him because he couldn't beat a human yet.

Killer Sans

The chamber committed a genocide and the room was killing sans so he didn't do anything to him, he met him once, but instead of fighting they talked, they haven't met yet.

Horror Sans

He met him many times and said "You have to kill someone, just killing people is not enough."

Nightmare Sans

Nightmare Beats A Few Times Sometimes Nightmare Beats Him The Two Fight So Much They Never See Each Other

Error Sans

All he can say about her is that he thinks he's like him.

Corrupted Sans

Even if his friends are not very good friends.