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DustDust!Sans is an out!code created by TheFlameLord, based off of a concept by Carno-Power. He's a Sans that goes from AU to AU killing off other Murder!Sanses to get EXP [Execution points] and LOVE [You know.] faster. His current place of residence is in an Empty Dusttale AU.


DustDust Sans is another version of Murder Sans, and he is more powerful than most Murder Sans. When Murder successfully depleted the underground of all life, he decided to settle in another universe because there was nobody left. He found an AU similar to his own. The Murder Sans in that universe threatened to kill him. However, DustDust got him first. After continuing like this, his hate began to build up, and he had eventually made a decision. Every Murder or normal Sans that comes before him would be decimated. As time flew by, he had become strong. As a result, his LOVE had increased dramatically. He finally gave in to the hate, not being able to fight it off turning his bones blacker than the night. DustDust then gained DETERMINATION and Hate and became an unstoppable megalomaniac.



His appearance is like Normal Murder!Sans, except his bones are black, and part of his hoodie is stained by hate, as well as his hoodie. You can still see the outline of his smile, though.


DustDust!Sans is a very selfish being and only cares about himself and the power he gains. He has a strong hatred for monsters, and humans due to his insanity [I don't actually really get this bit, but I'm trying.] There is no way to tame this beast.


  • Red Bone: Classic attack, but red. Does a lot more damage and can be summoned without losing a lot of stamina.
  • Red Blaster: They're red gaster blasters. Same as the bones.
  • Blue SOUL Manipulation: This makes the person's SOUL turn blue and allows DustDust to control which direction the SOUL holder is affected by gravity.
  • Asgore's Spear: He stole it from the king of monsters, Asgore.
  • Spear: Can summon a lot of spears. They were stolen from Undyne however they're purple now, instead of cyan.
  • Hate Blaster: This blaster is full of Hate, allowing it to become a powerful weapon. He can use it however many times he likes, somehow.
  • Hate Dust: He can revive those he kills with Hate. Can control them and tell them to attack his opponent. [Seems a bit OP to me..]
  • Bones of Reality: If they touch a person, he will never turn into reality [I genuinely don't get this one.]
  • Red Bone Throw: When DustDust uses this attack, he never misses. This excludes Errors.
  • Axe of Horror: He stole it from a Horrortale universe. Can make it red and use it however he wants.
  • Hate Knives: He can guide these knives as much as he wants and can destroy half the HP of Man or Monster.
  • (Special) Dust-filled HATE (Black Soul): If he gets very angry, he can make the soul of a human or monster black, and when he does they cannot move.
  • (Special) Last Chance: He can fix his soul once before he dies and saves himself from death. [This is really OP, but this is an Undertale OC, so-]



His enemy. Sans hates Chara, just like the real Murder!Sans. He has yet to harm them as he cannot beat a human yet.

Murder Sans

He has met Murder several times and witnessed his strength, but DustDust Sans defeated Murder Sans and has continued to do so over several timelines. This is how DustDust has stacked LV.

Killer Sans

The chamber committed genocide, and the room was killing Sans. So he didn't do anything to him. He met him once, but instead of battling, they talked, and they haven't met yet. [I can't figure this out.]

Horror Sans

He met Horror many times and said, "You have to kill someone just killing people is not enough." [???]

Nightmare Sans

They've met, but Nightmare beat him in the battle. They see each other occasionally.

Error Sans

All he can say about him is that he thinks Error is like him.

Corrupted Sans

They could be counted as friends, though not very good ones.