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listen just give up you cant beat me Equinox 101

Equinox 101 is an Out!Code created by EMITTERTALE. He's a Sans from an AU that is broken and destroyed. He is now traveling the Multiverse trying find a way to restore his lost home.

TIER:0 Boundless


Equinox 101 is a version of "Sans" that had his AU destroyed by Cross! Equinox. He was only 6 years old at the time he escaped his crumbling AU, but his friends and brother where stubborn and did not want to leave, resulting in Equinox leaving them. He was in the Anti-Void for a while. He was alone, angry and scared. He was filled with negative emotions, until he saw a weird looking Sans. He suddenly tried to kill Equinox, but another Sans started to fight the other Sans. That gave Equinox some time to get away. He was alone once again, and still scared. From that day forward, Equinox trained himself for 11 years. He was stronger than before, and his appearance had been altered. Stronger than before, he ran into Error 404. They became friends pretty quickly. He would train Error 404 sometimes, too. They both hung out one day, Equinox spotted Cross! Equinox but he did not want to kill him yet, so he left instead. He went to his old AU that had been destroyed, and brought only small things of nostalgia back. He wanted to become stronger, so he asked Glitch 504 to train him. Glitch obliged, but he said to Equinox to not die. He would go to Glitch 504's home every day to train with him since. He wanted to do something about his old AU, and so he decided to decorate his broken AU. Every day a tiny piece of code he puts into his broken AU to fix it. By accident, he then discovered the MALWARE. He decided to live there. Error 404 and Glitch 504 visit him every now and then to train him. Correct!Sans is his other mentor. Correct was like a father figure for EQUINOX, as he constantly keeps him out of trouble. Correct would visit EQUINOX in the MALWARE to check up on him, and he would stay a bit to have a chat with him. EQUINOX would hang out with Virus 404 from time to time. They usually get into trouble , like breaking AUs, wreaking havoc, etc. EQUINOX has a little brother, Corruption 444. He is dead, but his spirit follows EQUINOX around, with him being the only one who can see him. soon after when he found out that he could see his little brothers ghost. EQUINOX decided to take a break from the MALWARE for a bit so he went to virus 404 and told him if he could bring back the dead virus 404 said I'm sorry I cant that made EQUINOX angry. he left then found another sans the sans the fought error!sans ink!sans so EQUINOX asked ink if he could bring back the dead in sadly said no and walked away. EQUINOX tried to kill ink but glitch 504 stopped him EQUINOX was so angry he went to a au to destroy. it but glitch 504 took him back to the Malware and decided to train him nonstop for 2 years. after the intense training Equinox was more stronger than before but was somehow still a bit weaker than glitch 504 so he left the MALWARE for a bit to go buy some hot sauce from the multiverse store when he came back it was a disaster virus 404 trashed the place so EQUINOX had to spend all night fixing it later on he went to emitter tale and put a bit more code in the au's code he was one step closer to getting his family back. the next day he saw ink again and apologized ink understood he said that happened with a friend of his once. EQUINOX then left to go train with glitch 504 for a week but glitch 504 was not there so he left to go home. he then went to sleep. He woke up in a au he did not recognize. So like what any other skeleton would do he explored no one was there he saw his B̴̩̞̃́.̶͇́̊̚R̸̺͚̘̍̽̐.̷̪̰̉̕͠͠Ơ̷̛̙̟.̵̬̼́͋̊T̸̥͌̌͐̚.̴̡̯̞͔͝H̶͚̐͌̋́.̶͙̔̈́̄E̷̤̱͖̦͋̄͌͛.̵̹̠́̈́͋̓Ȑ̵̙̱̫̈ but he looked weird so he approached but his B̴̩̞̃́.̶͇́̊̚R̸̺͚̘̍̽̐.̷̪̰̉̕͠͠Ơ̷̛̙̟.̵̬̼́͋̊T̸̥͌̌͐̚.̴̡̯̞͔͝H̶͚̐͌̋́.̶͙̔̈́̄E̷̤̱͖̦͋̄͌͛.̵̹̠́̈́͋̓Ȑ̵̙̱̫̈ attacked him and was way stronger than his normal brother almost as strong as equinox so not wanting to hurt his B̴̩̞̃́.̶͇́̊̚R̸̺͚̘̍̽̐.̷̪̰̉̕͠͠Ơ̷̛̙̟.̵̬̼́͋̊T̸̥͌̌͐̚.̴̡̯̞͔͝H̶͚̐͌̋́.̶͙̔̈́̄E̷̤̱͖̦͋̄͌͛.̵̹̠́̈́͋̓Ȑ̵̙̱̫̈ he ran away. Equinox then returned home crying about what he saw he went to go talk to virus but virus was no help at all. Equinox then decided hmmm what if i made my own multiverse where I had a happy ending. After a few more years equinox finally is stronger than glitch 504 him and glitch 504 celebrate. Equinox walks home after and is very exited so he calls error 404 over and tells him the good news. Equinox is happy but there is still a void he misses his brothers and would do anything to see then but he knows if he brought them back they would be disgusted with him with what he has done what he is doing and how he is a destroyer they always loved to help people as kids him and his brothers he would never want to do anything to make them mad or sad. Equinox was never happy to begin with he try's to forget it but it always lingers in his mind even though he has all these great friends most of them are destroyers. Equinox is always questioning himself on what he should do he never wanted this he never wanted to be this strong he never wanted his brothers to die he never wanted his own au to get destroyed. He knows even if he fixes his au nothing will change everyone will stay dead and i can but wont do anything to bring them back "ill let them be in peace" Equinox would always say that to make himself feel better Knowing that the void in his soul will never be full he would love to celebrate with his family but cant.



  • HP: limited by the console of the game
  • Attack: limited by the console of the game
  • Defense: limited by the console of the game
  • Stamina: limited by the console of the game
  • IQ: semi Omniscient
  • DE buffed in some rp's due to being to op


Equinox wears a jacket that looks similar to Error 404's, except one side of his jacket is black and vice versa. He has a symbol on his head (which his brother has the same marking). His face is black and white. The inside of his left eye is black with a white target, and his right is with white with a black dark star. His shorts are also black and white, and his skeleton has a black side and a white side as well.


He is very cocky since he thinks that he is stronger than everybody else, even though his power level is barely below Glitch 504's. He can be rude at times, but he's still nice most of the time. He craves hot sauce instead of ketchup. His dead brother is a really sensitive topic for him, so it's advised you don't talk about him.


equinox's power is scaled to boundless but no has ever been able to scale his true power he is often confused to be weaker than error 404 that's not the case equinox destroys both universes and multiverses but he doesn't destroy multiverses that regard his au's he destroys any other conceivable realities.

  • Death Ray: A beam emitted from a Gaster Blaster, that can deal massive amounts of damage and it's laser can bounce off of walls.
  • Gaster Blaster: A normal Gaster Blaster, except it can release three beams at once on-command.
  • Light Sword: A sword forged by the Multi Sun.
  • V.O.I.D Sword: A sword forged by the Multi Moon.
  • Dimension slash: (Requires the LIght Sword to use) Creates a large slash that does an absolute amount of damage.
  • Black destruction : (Requires the V.O.I.D Sword to use) Creates a beam from the sword that does and absolute amount of damage.
  • Death Stare: He will start winking, and the symbol on his head will glow. Nobody has lived to tell the tale.
  • Equinox Scythe: When the Light & V.O.I.D sword fuse, they will morph into the Equinox Scythe, a very powerful weapon.
  • Monochrome Slash: Manifests a gigantic slash that will deal an incredible amount of damage.
  • Vision Inversion: This will cause your vision to temporarily turn upside down, inverting your vision for at least 15 seconds.
  • Blindness: This will cause you to be temporarily blind for 10 seconds. The reason this makes this so deadly is that EQUINOX will still be able to attack you.
  • Multiversal Teleport: EQUINOX is able to warp to anywhere in the Multiverse.
  • AU Energy: EQUINOX can absorb the powers of a being inside of an AU, or the entire AU itself, giving EQUINOX the ability to have it's powers.
  • Void Telekinesis: EQUINOX can plunge you into the Void for a short amount of time, potentially traumatizing the victim from what was inside.
  • Equinox Strings: Almost identical to Error's Strings, except it will slowly drain your health. It will not kill you, but will bring your HP down to one.
  • Equinox Erasure: Anything weaker or stronger than him can get affected by this and can only come back if equinox brings them back
  • Multiverse Creation: If Equinox wants to he can create a multiverse b
  • Equinox Shape-Shifting: Equinox can shape-shifting into anything and everything
  • Equinox time halt: Equinox can stop time up to 5days but he doesn't use it often
  • Phases: equinox has 4 phases that make him stronger by a great amount but he has never been able to use his phases because he has never been injured severely
  • Omniverse Destruction: it really implies what it means but Equinox if he is in phase 4 can use this ability to reset or destroy or bring back the omniverse it wont affect gods that are of the same caliber of him such as glitch 504, Godverse sans, unbound, infinity code, etc. They wont be affected at all
  • Instant restoration: if the multiverses, dimensions, omniverse gets disturbed Equinox will be notified instantly and will fix what ever is going on
  • Equinox Echo This ability allows Equinox to copy any ones ability and use it against them with 1000x the power if works on people stronger or weaker than him
  • Omniverse Creation Equinox is able to create a omniverse with no cooldown
  • Godly Influence If Equinox wants he could influence Gods with the same caliber as him to do anything he wants but it only last like a day
  • God Menu this ability makes Equinox be able to control anything in the omniverse at his will he can alter anybodys settings and anything about them will be changed such as stats abilitys personality


  • His cockiness makes him distracted at times, making him slightly vulnerable.
  • His anger makes his defense go down slightly.


Error 404

Error 404 is EQUINOX's friend and companion and sometimes equinox would train him. (Status: Friend,mentor)


Correct!Sans is EQUINOX's mentor, and trains him along with Glitch 504. (Status: Mentor)

Glitch 504

Glitch 504 will, on occasion, check in with EQUINOX to see how well he's improved. (Status: Mentor)

Virus 404

They both get into a lot of trouble when they are put together. (Status: Close Friend)


[01110010|01100110 01110010] [01100101|01101001 01100101] [01100100|01101110 01100100] [01110010|01100110 01110010] [01100101|01101001 01100101] [01100100|01101110 01100100] [01110010|01100110 01110010] [01100101|01101001 01100101] [01100100|01101110 01100100]

Eclipse 606

Eclipse 606 is EQUINOX's big brother, who tragically died from a blast of lethal code that erased him from existence. (Status: Deceased Older Brother)

Corruption 404

Corruption 404 is EQUINOX's little brother, who also died by Cross while trying to fight him. (Status: Deceased Younger Brother)

Ecyrptinox 274

Ecyrptinox is equinox 101 and corruption 444 and Eclipse 606 father he made it out of EmitterTale but was lost and never found nobody knows where he is not even Equinox 101. (Status: Lost Father)

king multivers

Observe king multiverse and his power that grows day by day for fear that his strength exceeds his


  • Equinox has a younger brother, Corruption 404. Corrupt for short.
  • Equinox breaks au's, then destroys them.
  • Equinox lives in the MALWARE.
  • Equinox is great at golf
  • Equinox has a dad his name is Ecyrptinox 274
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