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It is interesting today isn't it dust is spreading, the wind is howling, on days like these demons like you..... Should be begging for MERCYEcho's battle phrase

Echo is a Sentient android Created by Wing ding Gaster to travel the multiverse. He is the only one that functions although many versions of Gaster created him in their respective AUs he was the only one to be completed. He is from an AU where Sans and Papyrus were created by Gaster.


Echo was created by Gaster and took care of his two sons before Gaster turned Echo off so he could finish his Artificial soul. Asgore stopped him from finishing it ordering him to finish the CORE instead. Echo was left in the True lab for years until the new royal scientist, Alphys found him. Curious she touched the machine; the contact activated his backup power source. Upon activation Echo got up and left the Lab and went straight to New home Alphys only watched as he got through any monster who got in his way even Undyne couldn’t stop him, although, he more often knocked out or knocked his aggressors prone rather than Dust them in fact by the time he had gotten to the castle gates there were no piles of dust in his wake only a lot of dazed guards. Once he got to the castle instead of going for the throne room, as everyone had expected, he went into the deepest parts of the castle finding the 7 fallen human’s tomb. As he walked among the 7 coffins he stopped and examined each, reading the small paragraph about written about each of the fallen humans. Stopping at the end of it seeing the coffin of the Perseverance soul. He crouched down and examined the gray coffin. On the coffin was written a small caption about what the human had done during his time in the underground. After reading it he felt as if there was a strange power nearby. As he put his jet-black hand onto the purple heart on the coffin there was a shockwave of purple energy knocking Echo into the wall. Once he regained his functionality, he looked to see a purple ghostly form of a human child. The Child was wearing casual clothing with cracked glasses on his face, and a notebook in his hand. The ghost asked where it was. Hearing the approaching guards, Echo told to him that they must escape or they would be captured. The ghost suggested him to absorb his soul. Echo was confused at first but then agreed as there was no other way out, and his power reserves were running low. The ghost returned to his soul form, when his optics saw this a panel on his chest opened up revealing a space specifically designed for a monster soul. The soul turned upside down and fit perfectly inside his core. Once it was inside the panel closed. Echo looked to the exit seeing the guards led by Undyne blocking his escape. He then looked behind him and raised a hand snapping his fingers. A purple glow engulfed him as he was transported to another AU.




  • Perseverance armblade: similar to that in Glitchtale it can cut through almost any material with ease.
  • Twin knives: These blades are similar to Epic!Chara's Knives he copied their code and pasted it with some edits
  • Blaster: A prototype variant of the Gaster blaster takes more energy to use but is 5 times as powerful


  • Void cloak: this cloak was made out of the substance found in the void it grants him the ability to turn invisible during the night, it also grants him extra dexterity.
  • Armor of the Void: Armor made from the same substance as the cloak but in a more metallic form it is impervious to most attacks it appears as medieval armor.


Without his cloak on he wears a Dark gray long-sleeved shirt and black sweatpants as well as Black boots. There are White rings on both of his palms similar to the holes in Gaster's hands. The same white color outlines a panel in his chest opening this reveals his core with the PERSERVERANCE soul in it.

With his cloak on he resembles the riverperson with his cloak completely hiding him from anyone. This cloak also grants him the ability to turn invisible when it is night.

His eyes are almost completely black except for his pupils which are white. His skin is gray like metal. his hair is jet-black

On his shoulder and chest panel there is a gray delta rune but this is hard to see unless he is using his perseverance magic which turns them purple.


He is nice to those he considers his friends. He HATES people who lie to get their way. He often ignores most people unless they intentionally get in his way. He doesn't get scared easily if you try to scare him he will more often just raise one of his eyebrows in confusion or if you were trying to intimidate him he would just attack instead. He doesn't comprehend emotions very well so if he were to see someone crying he'd more likely not say anything (not because he doesn't want to just because he can't) He often doesn't trust humans because he's seen the Genocide timelines of the AUs but not so much that he hasn't made friends with them before.


  • Perseverance magic: this causes all of his attacks to increase in strength it also his white pupils turn purple as well as the other white lines on him
  • Void portal: makes a pitch black portal which allows him to teleport long distances without using much energy
  • Teleport: a purple aura goes around him and he teleports away he can also use this to travel between AUs but doing that takes more energy than the portal
  • Void vortex: uses a void portal to release part of the void that attacks anything it sees excluding Echo even if he is in the attack range of the void this also creates immense gravity pulling anything not nailed down into it
  • Copy: saves something he finds in the real world
  • Paste: creates one of his saved files into the world
  • Edit: changes one of the files he saved with the Copy power



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