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"I may have a thirst for destruction, but I do not forget my priorities. All the inhabitants of the universes I invade are my preys, that I kill to gain EXP."
– End!Muffet

End!Muffet is a Muffet Out!Code created by Zeno Dreemurr. She is an Out!Code with the primary goal of destroying for her own satisfaction, without destroying the Multiverse itself. Her secondary goal is to become stronger. Due to this, not only she is known as a destroyer, but as a great murderer as well.


End!Muffet originated from an AU where every monster had a thirst for killing and destroying almost everything in their path, and where the strong were the only ones to be sure to survive, unless the weak were needed to reproduce. She was the leader of one of the few groups in the AU, a spider group, the other group being Asgore's group, the equivalent of the royal guard in the AU, with Asgore as the leader and Undyne as its strongest member. Due to her capability of quickly trapping her opponents in webs and her purple soul ability, Muffet could easily kill other inhabitants of the AU. Her goal was to become stronger via the absorption of the six human souls Asgore had inside himself, but she knew that Undyne's green soul ability would prevent her from doing it.

One day, she eventually came up with a plan to kill Undyne. She would sacrifice a lot of spiders so they would trap Undyne in the web, then she would achieve the fish's life. The plan was successful. Then, her and her spiders killed all of Asgore's group, including Asgore himself. This allowed Muffet to absorb Asgore's six human souls. She then went on a rampage and almost killed all the inhabitants of the Underground, spiders excluded.

When Frisk eventually arrived, it was not difficult for her to instantly kill them and absorb her soul. She could destroy the barrier, and as such, she did so. However, in her AU, absorbing more than seven human souls had no other effect, and she feared the idea of another spider absorbing seven human souls, becoming extremely powerful, and killing her. After a lot of time, she killed all of humanity, gaining a lot of EXP on the way. Only a few monsters were left, which served as people she'd force to reproduce to gain more EXP.

That's all she has done during a decade, besides training her abilities. During one of her trainings, she eventually made a portal to go outside of her own AU, unintentionally abandoning her spider minions. Curious, she killed almost everyone there, until Ink!Sans arrived. He accidentally told her about the Multiverse, which gave her the thought of invading other AUs. She then fought Ink. However, though she was way too powerful for him to handle, he succeeded in fleeing the fight. She tried to replicate consistently her way of Multiversal travel to travel throughout all of the Multiverse and kill the inhabitants of, or even destroy whole AUs.

Not much longer after this event, she ended up in a place known as the Multiversal Web. She met the owner of the place, a new Out!Code called Multiversal Web!Muffet. Of course, she fought the owner, but lost the fight. Thanks to her liking of spiders, End!Muffet was spared by Multiversal Web!Muffet. In fact, Multiversal Web!Muffet even asked End!Muffet to join her, which End!Muffet accepted. After some time in the group, some of the other Muffets in it gave her the name of End!Muffet, due to her bringing almost everything on her path to an end.



End!Muffet is a calm, almost always smiling spider with a lot of self-confidence, and who laughs often. She believes a lot in her own power, yet continues to train herself when she has time. However, while it may seem so, she does not smile to foul others, but instead because she is happy. Killing and destroying brings her a lot of joy, let alone becoming stronger. However, she considering becoming stronger her priority. She has high respect for authority, and is not hesitant in killing her own allies if they do not respect it. A lot of loyalty comes from that. Though she kills disrespectful people, she does it quick due to her liking of spiders, and tends to falsely ignore it if a person important enough does it. When she is hungry and in mission at the same time, she eats the people she kills.


  • Purple soul: The purple soul ability allows End!Muffet to restrain the movements of people with a soul to specific places.
  • Normal strings: The strings she uses to trap others in her web.
  • Food attacks: If she believes her targets are weak enough to not resist to it and when she is not hungry, she attacks using her food.
  • Spiders: If she has spider minions on her side, she orders them to attack.
  • Hole string: A type of string that has little range and is better used like a knife. It is powerful enough to penetrate extremely thick bodies and pierce holes in bodies and internal organs extremely quickly. Another use for them is to make holes in space to allow her to have AU travel.
  • Eyes of terror: If activated, illusions of someone's greatest fears appear to this person two minutes after eye contact with End!Muffet.
  • Grand string generation: She can generate incredible amounts of strings from her body, that she usually uses to cover all of the place she's in in a gigantic, hard to escape web.
  • Strings of destruction: She can generate a specific type of strings made to form a sphere. When the sphere is completed, it generates a magical energy that destroys everything inside of it after two minutes. Though the strings can be destroyed, it is extremely difficult to do it, and other strings will replace the destroyed strings, slowing down the destruction process only by mere milliseconds, unless a lot of strings are destroyed at the same time. The nature of this ability makes that End!Muffet cannot gain EXP or souls by using it. It is usually used to destroy Mounts Ebott.
  • Barrier breaker: Her seven human souls allow her to break Barriers from a lot of AUs, unless a barrier from an AU requires more than seven human souls to be broken.
  • Robust skin: Her skin is extremely difficult to do damage to, let alone pierce it.


Multiversal Web!Muffet

Main article: Multiversal Web!Muffet

She is one of Multiversal Web!Muffet's minions. End!Muffet holds her in high regard, and would follow her in the invasions of universes whenever Multiversal Web!Muffet wants to. Her condition makes that she gives the human souls she gets to Multiversal Web!Muffet.