Error!Dusty (often called Glitchy) is a version of Dusty in the style of Error!Sans.



Much like Error!Sans, he is a glitched mess. Other than that, he's just a color-inverted Dusty.


Glitchy is actually pretty shy, the reason as to why is unknown. Also, unlike Error!Sans, he actually likes a lot of AUs and OCs. There are a few he does despise, however (cough cough Bratbrother, cough cough Niagara, cough cough)



Glitchy and Dusty get along very well, and they see each other as good friends.

Ed (Fell!Dusty)

Glitchy tried at one point to befriend Ed, but ultimately failed. Glitchy hopes they can be friends in the future.

Logan (Swap!Dusty)

Glitchy and Logan get along very well, as Logan is helping Glitchy get over his shyness and Glitchy made an alternative reality where Logan gets everything he wants/deserves.

Axle (Swapfell!Dusty)

Glitchy actually fears Axle, and for good reason.

G (Gaster!Dusty)

Glitchy and G-Dusty don't get along very well.

King (Shift!Dusty)

Glitchy feels bad for the stress that King has to go through. He once offered to watch the Underground so King could sleep, however that didn't end so well... it's best if we don't talk about it.

Delilah (Fem!Dusty)

Glitchy and Dalilah get along pretty well.


  • Glitchy ships Kkone.
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