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Error303!Sans is an Out!Code Protector created by Sweqs. He’s a Sans from an unknown AU that was destroyed by a Game Virus. Now he wonders the Multiverse to protect the AUs from suffering the same fate as his.


Everyone died due to a virus that entered the game in an unknown way, he was alive in an unknown way, he was in this state when he regained consciousness. After this incident, he wanted to destroy the destroyers.(its au not undertale)



He's wearing a green hoodie over a blue shirt, his skin is white, his eyes are cyan, his pupils are white, he's wearing a purple sweatpants with brown stripes, yellow slippers, and red socks.


  • Error 303 Blaster: reaches a higher area than a normal blaster and deals damage if this blaster hits.
  • Error 303 bone: much harder than a normal bone, almost impossible to break
  • Strings: error has their own string, these strings are green and can check the stats of the person it connected, even if they don't have 303 souls souls from them
  • Changing reality: error 303 reality does this but it wastes all of its energy,error 303 doesn't use it unless it's a difficult situation
  • Spell Immune: not affected by bug 303 negative massive effects
  • Code access: error 303 can access code
  • Regeneration:303 If it dies, the game will dissipate information about games and after a certain anti void, about usage and can come back

Bad Code Error 303

Error 303 develops powerful new features in this mod abilities:

  • Bad code blaster: this blaster will damage the enemy's code and delete their slow code, this takes 1 hour
  • Power Steal: error 303 can steal powers from insiders while in this form
  • Master code access: self less self-deletable even if no longer in anti void Bad code
  • Strings: this string makes the user use up stamina for a while this time is about 10


Fre sans:


Time Event Sans:




Bad code formhttps://www.deviantart.com/utsweqs/art/New-Bad-Code-form-887350349