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Error5055!Sans is an Out!code created by DaBlooperBerry. He's a Sans from a Genocide Timeline who were helped by a being known as Dream to defeat the Human within the Anti-void. He then team up with the corrupted being to wreck havoc across the multiverse.


5055 was originally a Sans from Undertale in the Genocide Timeline seeing it over again about one hundred and fifty resets as he starts slowly turning mad. One day as Sans is about to meet the human again a being that resembles Sans appears in front of him. The being is covered in black slime has golden outlines showing his body's detail as the being looks directly at Sans as he is cautions around this being.

The being introduces himself as Dream and he wants to help Sans become more powerful in order to defeat the human. Sans at first did not trust this being appreciating the offer, but rejecting it in the end. Dream announces that he can wait as he disappears as the Genocide timeline continues forth. After about another hundred Genocide timelines Sans becomes more depressed and starts to feel power hungry and then Dreams shows up again offering him the same deal.

Sans seeing little choice he has to stop the human accepts Dream's deal not knowing the consequences of what it might entail. They both teleport to the Anti-Void and soon Sans ask how is Dream is going to make him stronger and Dream shows him an apple. Sans confused on why Dream is giving him an apple, but Dream declares that if he eats that apple he will become stronger.

Sans reluctantly eats the apple and suddenly falls to the grown be overwhelmed by negative emotions. Dream then teleports more apples to the Anti-Void and leaves Sans saying that this would make him stronger. Sans being stuck in the Anti-Void for a vast period of time is starving so he eats the apples out of hunger and transforms into a slimy being and unknowingly transforms into an Error as well.

Dream is pleased with his experiment and so he teleports Sans back to the Genocide timeline as the human now faces down their newly transformed enemy. Sans tortures the human physically and mentally as their Soul becomes irresolute and no longer determined to stay alive thus ending the resets permanently. Dream congratulates Sans in stopping the human and offers to come with him since he has nothing left.

Sans hated Dream for him leaving him in the Anti-Void however, he gain powers in the process and after some thought he accepts Dream's offer. This made Dream happy as he teleports Sans to his headquarters. Dream asks how much time he spent in the Anti-Void which Sans replies that he had been in there for five thousand and fifty five hours. Dream then names him Error!5055 and starting from that day he works for him. Dream now has a weapon of mass destruction and is pleased with it however, if Error Sans tries to erase his minions he will use 5055 to counteract him.



Error5055!Sans is a black skeleton wearing the same type of clothes as Classic Sans however, his jacket is white, as he also has two black tentacles on his back similar to Nightmare!Sans.


Error5055 is similar to error in motive as He will destroy any AU that he deems not worthy to exist. he is usually very calm and not easily angered, but can become very unpredictable once his primal instincts take over


  • Glitched Bones: This attack is similar enough to Undertale Sans except glitched and black, which allows it to deal more damage. It is hard to see these.
  • Glitched Blasters: These are skeletal blasters which fire beams of energy in the direction they're pointed at. They are glitched and black, which somewhat resembles Error!Sans, Error blasters.
  • Shatter Strings: He uses white strings to tie up and shatter SOULS, if his strings go inside a victim, he can control the victim's body
  • Appendages: Not gonna lie. It's the same as Nightmare
  • Negativity Absorption: He feeds upon negativity of other errors to empower himself. He can also utilize negativity in a variety of different ways, though he mainly uses it as an energy source. He's also able to use negativity as a healing source
  • AU Hopping: 5055 has the ability to hop through AUs at will.
  • Reality Preference: A lower form of reality warping that allows 5055 to make SMALL changes in reality according to his preference. He does not however, control what changes because the ability reads his true preference and changes it
  • Tentacle Grab: He's able to grab people with his tentacles and crush them to death.
  • Ink Manipulation: He's able to summon a puddle of ink under the opponent, which drains their HP and decreases their speed.
  • Teleportation: He's able to teleport.
  • Tentacle Spin: He can summon 2 tentacles under the opponent that spin rapidly, causing their speed to decrease plus their HP.


  • Glitching (Error!5055.exe has crashed): 5055 like many Errors can crash however, this is only in certain circumstances. 5055 must be affected by another Error with positive emotions (such as BlueBerror for example) in order for him to crash. This rarely happens, but he tends to stay away from Errors that are not chaotic.
  • Insanity: 5055 has a problem in containing his primal instincts which can make him unpredictable and cruel however, during this phase he can no longer think straight and blindly attacks whatever he sees as his opponent. If an opponent knows that they will stall 5055 as long as possible to escape to formulate a plan to capture and contain him. Many attempts in containing 5055 is unsuccessful.


Team Void (allies)

5055 is an alpha member on team void

A Megalo-Tale Sans (Frenemy)

they have and ink and error ink of relationship

Shattered dream (Boss)

Darkened Hate Sans (???)

darkened seems to like error5055 and finds him cool. although 5055 just thinks he's weird


  • 5055 seem to admire insanity!Sans to a degree and feels sympathy for him for some odd reason
  • The reason why 5055 did not revert to this classic self during the reset is because the corruption of a soul has a permeant effect even if the world resets.
  • The only way to get rid of 5055's corruption is to fill his soul with positive emotions, but since his soul is now glitched he cannot revert to his former self no matter what anyone does.