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"You made a grave mistake wandering around these parts."
– Error 707

Error 707 is an Out!Code Created by Error707 .zzzz. One day, Dust 404 and Omnipotent Dust got in a fight to get more LV. Both of them lost and their SOUL's alamagated together to create Error 707.


Dust 404 was wandering the Anti-Void looking for Sanses to kill for LV. Suddenly, he felt a SOUL resonating. He teleported to where the feeling was the strongest just in time to see Omnipotent Dust killing Classic Dust Sans. Error 404 checked Omni's level and was surprised on how large the number was. He knew Omni was a threat and attacked imminently. After hours of fighting, they both lost and they both collapsed. Little did they know, Godverse was watching and waiting for them to tire each other out. Imminently after seeing his 2 biggest threats growing weak, he took the chance and killed them both, or so he thought. Little did he know that their DT levels were so great that they can refuse death. Both their souls merged together, to create Error 707.



He is usually very serious, but he does crack a joke or two occasionally. He cares deeply for all his family and friends, but he also suffers from memory loss and often has flashbacks to the day he formed, but as he forgot about it he doesn't know about Godverse or why he has so much level, so he treats nearly everyone as a friend, whether they are one or not.


Error 707 has a black jacket with blue circles on it, with some red stripes down the middle, and a red halo above his head. He wears his hood up over his head, like dust sans along with a red cape. His eyes are neon red with red goo flowing out of them, and will turn black when angry.

Abilities and Weaknesses

  • Multiverse Blasters: These blasters are white with horns, red beams, and red eyes with swirls in them. If you get hit, unless you are strong enough these blasters, instead of instantly killing you will take a fragment of your SOUL and give it too Error 707, increasing his power level.
  • Infinity Bones: These bones appear to be normal, neon red bones. However, this is not the case. If you touch even one, it will teleport you to a void created by Error 707 where you will be attacked by bones for eternity.
  • 707 Strings...?: If you get attacked by 707 with these, there's no hope for you. These red strings of death instantly take away all your LV. Not only that, but 707 has full control over you and your SOUL, and can use them for his bidding.
  • The 4 Blasters of Hell: 4 Multiverse Blasters that are 400X the size of normal ones. Once shot, they make the enemy constantly lose and regain HP, and can only end when Error 707 gives them mercy. This is extremely painful and unescapable.
  • Tail Swing: The tail swing not only sets the enemy on fire, but it also flings them extremely far away. You will most likely never encounter 707 again, or any lifeforms at all after this attack due to how far away from any AU it flings you.


True Fatal Error

After watching True Fatal from afar, Error 707 decided that he was worthy enough to help him on his mission to find out who he really is. Unfortunately, he didn't exactly get who he was hoping for. While he did revive True Fatal, he didn't get the True Fatal he wanted. In their time in limbo, Gaster took full control of True Fatals body. While Corrupt Fatal did agree to help, it wasn't his main mission.