Scora here is insane. She functions identically to Error.



In this AU, Scora is insane. She seeks out all other Scora's to annihilate them with her strings. She is erratic, unpredictable and unstoppable. She main two enemies are Grape and Novel.


In this AU, Scora has yellow skin, neon yellow hair, pink teeth and green strings coming from her eyes. The sclera of her eye is blue while the pupil is grey. Her hair goes to her ankles.

She wears a pink hoodie over a baby blue T-shirt, orange shorts with a purple stripe and pink sneakers/slippers.



She and Novel are like a yin-yang. Some think they're friends, others think they're enemies. Novel creates new AUs in the Rolereverse-esque franchise, while Blip destroys them. Basically, Blip hates Novel, cause she's annoying.


She and Grape are enemies. Blip kidnapped Grape because she's "just a dirty glitch".