Scora in this AU functions like Ink.



She is very energetic and excitable. She enjoys drawing on other people's walls. If she gets too passionate or angry, she may randomly throw up blue ink. She cares about everyone and always gives villains second chances. She has a weird habit of checking every Reverse franchise's Scora's weight, because she is 7 pounds heavier than Remix.

She is incredibly forgetful, and will often stop mid-sentence or stutter until she remembers what she wants to say. She likes to motivate ansd humour, mostly with insults, she doesn't realize that her "jokes" may hurt peoples feelings.

Underneath her positive shell, a dark, depressed and anxious core is found. It's only ever seen if she blurts it out in an argument.


She has light purple skin and multicoloured hair. Her sclera's are black while her pupils are pink. Her hair goes to her shoulders.

She wears an oversized brown long sleeve with a grey chest guard over it. She has a belt around her waist with two extensions, which carries her art supplies. The belt is hidden by her red hoodie, which is tied around her waist. She wears dark brown leggings and black boots. For extra accessories, she wears a beige scarf that reaches her thighs and black fingerless gloves.



They're rivals. Novel creates, Blip destroys. Some, however, think Novel and Blip are friends.


Her, Grape and Illusion work together to defeat the destroyers.


They are close friends. Novel sometimes gets a little yaoi with Illusion.