"After the war, the monsters were driven insane. They turned their violence towards me. I'm only half monster. My mother was a spider. My father was a human. Besides, even if I made it past those beasts, I'd be killed by the humans on the surface. One of the joys of being a monster-human hybrid..." -Scora, explaining why she's abused and why she hasn't retreated.

Scora in this AU is like Toriel and Sans combined. She is abused, mentally and physically, by other monsters.



She is mostly quiet. She fears if she said something at the wrong time, it'd be catastrophic for her. She is afraid of other monsters, namely Toriel. When she sees the protagonist encountered Flowey, she blasts him away and heals the protagonist. She is then the tutorial for the game. If the protagonist goes Genocide, she stays with them until they turn against her. Despite her being weaker than other monsters, she's the strongest enemy encountered. She serves as both Toriel and Sans.


She looks identical to her Undertale counterpart, only her hair is now shoulder-length, and she has many injuries on her body.