Scora in this AU is more "Fell-esque" than her Rolereverse counterpart.



Scora in this AU is evil and destructive, unlike her Rolereverse counterpart. She enjoys inflicting pain. She is pushed around all the time by her friend, Grillby, and forced to call him "Boss". She is unsually very serious. But will be maniacal and horrific during battle. She is ruthless and brutal, yet not as horrible as the other monsters in the Underground.

She secretly loves puns, knock knock jokes and pranks, but hides it. She'll become flustered and irritated if she's caught laughing.


She has her regular Rolereverse-esque design. She has purple skin, lavender hair and her pupils are red while her schleras are black. Her hair slightly touches the floor, since she never has time to cut it. She has pointy, jagged teeth, with one being gold.

She wears a red hoodie with a black T-shirt/Sweater underneath, black shorts with a red stripe down the legs and red sneakers. She is often wearing a black dog collar with gold spikes on it.