Scora is a comic book writer. She and Mae are in business together at Central Gaming.



She is very modest, constantly saying she's not even good at her job. She likes working at Central Gaming. While she sells her comic books, Mae sells her video games, and they split the profit. She is honest and hardworking, but often overworks herself, which gets her sick. She hates missing work and running late. She is very good at drawing and making up stories.


She has an intimidating appearance. She has two eyes and four arms. The sclera of her eye is black while the pupil and iris are red. She has purple skin and lavander hair that goes to her knees, which she wears in different styles

She changed her outfit. She now wears a baby blue long sleeve, which shows one shoulder, with a tag on it that says "Comic Book Writer", jeans and black boots. For accessories, she wears fingerless fishnet gloves.