Scora is a monster hybrid. She is the nicest monster in the Underground of [[1]].



Scora absolutely adores [[2]] and [[3]], spaghetti and humans. Once she meets the protagonist, she instantly wants to be their friend. Despite being in the "Fell" franchise, she is nice. Monsters describe her as being "Aggressively nice". She states that she's Chaotic Good. She desperately tries to be the Frisk's friend.


She has an appearance similar to her Undertale counterpart. She has two eyes and four arms. The schlera of her eye is black and the pupil is red. She has purple skin and lavender hair. Her hair reaches her shoulders.

She wears a light pink tank top, hot pink skirt with two belts, one is a blue ribbon belts and the other one is an orange tilted belt with silver spikes. She also wears red boots and red fingerless gloves.