"Blood will coat these walls."
– Scora during the Genocide Route.

"Let's just get this overwith."
– Scora, Neutral/Pacifist

Scora is a hybrid of different monster breeds. She is Undyne's assistant.



She is similar to Papyrus, lazy and punny. She enjoys cooking, namely tacos, and is better at it than Sans is. She gets bored quickly. She enjoys drawing and writing. However, if her friends are hurt, she'll get very angry. She loses interest in things faster than she gains interest in them, but is optimistic. She, however, has crippling depression. She is like Sans, and always gives bad guys a chance to better their lives. She hates fighting, but felt obligated in a Pacifist run and knew she might've been monsters last hope in a Genocide. She hates being called overpowered, since the only monster weaker than her is Papyrus.


She has two eyes and four arms. Her sclera's are black and her pupils are red. She has lilac hair and dark purple skin. Her hair reaches her middle back.

She wears a yellow hoodie, denim shorts and black boots.