Scora is the Underturn version of Toriel.



Scora is a very caring monster. She shelters any human to fall into the Underground. If asked when they can leave the RUINs, she tries to deviate away from the question and instead, talk about lizards. She adores puns and knock knock jokes, and has a book filled with puns. She enjoys baking, when the protagonist arrives to her home, she has baked a candy cane pie. When the protagonist goes to sleep, she leaves a slice in their room.


She has lavender hair and purple skin. The schlera's of her eyes are black while the pupils are red. She has long hair, which she wears in twintails.

She wears a purple robe that has white sleeves, and on the chest is a blue attachment with the Delta Rune on it in white. Her robe only slightly shows her feet. She wears black flats.