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They are a "Human" outcode from a worldline they sent to the abyss. as such Fate caught up to them henceforth turning it to "The Multiversal Demon" and for good reason, they also are a creature that is neither man or beast and they know of The Creator + The Player. the only reason why Fallen is the way they are is because they are too HATEFUL and DETERMINED. to die, so their DT saved it.


They caused their worlds deletion by way of a Perfect Genocide Run, as such Fate itself dealt a finishing blow to the "Human" that being a evolution to what they are now, with their every Alternate Self being a piece of them, I pity the multiverse that has Fallen completed though. This, shockingly, is the authors call if/when it occurs. ever since retribution came, their sins haunt them, and with each new "AU" it's power is shared with the new Fallen. and since it was forced to come face to face with the haunting realization that its world is fictional, it wants to see every AU, every AM, and every last timeline to burn in the flaming abyss. They were once upon a time a normal human. not anymore.



This creature is a normal "human" in every sense of the word, but its mere presence reeks of death, despair, and apathy.


They are a destroyer, either aiming for a Aborted Genocide or Genocide ending. The exact details are up to interpretation, as it's quite difficult to explain/understand fallen. That being said ever since then, considering its fate, good luck ending him pardners.


They, basically, are a normal human but with LV 99+.

They have an infinite amount of DT / HATE, mixed to PERFECTION.

Their abilities are basically a perfect mix of EVERY interpretation of HATE + DT that exists on a fandom wide scale.

Also he has "The Glitched Knife" (+99 ATK) + The Glitched Locket (+99 DEFENSE) calculated from his base stats at that timeline.

Also they, due to their Level Of Violence, they can't feel ANY emotions, be it positive, negative, or neutral.

True ERASE, tis self explanatory cause it's ERASE but perfect + absolute and on a Multiversal Scale.

Also he's a singularity, one of a kind per AM.


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