Fell!Dusty (often called Ed) is a version of Dusty in the style of Underfell.



He looks like Dusty, but one of his visible fangs is yellow/gold, his sweater color is dark grey, and his pants are red with gold stripes. He is also often frowning and sometimes smoking.


Much like the other Underfell characters, he is cruel and edgy.



Dusty and Ed don't get along too well.

Logan (Swap!Dusty)

Ed thinks Logan is very immature.

Axle (Swapfell!Dusty)

They loathe each other. They're constantly bickering, sometimes even fighting each other.

G (Gaster!Dusty)

G and Ed hate each other.

Glitchy (Error!Dusty)

Glitchy tried at one point to befriend Ed, but ultimately failed. Glitchy hopes they can be friends in the future.

King (Shift!Dusty)

Ed and King get along surprisingly well.

Delilah (Fem!Dusty)

Ed is in love with Delilah. What he doesn't know is that Delilah loves him as well.


  • Ed came up with his name as a joke, shortenting 'edgy'. Everyone has called him that ever since.
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