Flame Amalgamate This is a bad experiment of the scientist Alphys,

It's an amalgamate from AU FaxsTale

Many years ago memory head Endogeny and some amalgamate are United in a single entity, Amalgamates kept to himself, drawing pictures and playing with his toys as Alphys watched Christian  Anime on the television.

Life was simple, and they were both happy,

That was, until the day Alphys escaped from the laboratory

She needs to be saved from this nightmare.


Amalgamates resemble pieces of different monsters, like Froggits or

Vulkins (excluding Memoryhead, who does not resemble any known monster). Their appearances vary, depending on the monsters that compose them. For example, Endogeny appears to be a canine amalgamate because it is composed of many different dogs. and all of this "Monster" are fused....