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"What's the big idea? Death and murder seems so common around these parks you'd think doing it yourself wouldn't cause such a spark, or maybe you are all a bunch of hypocrites that hide death behind a meaning and name it justification? See this is why I HATE you all"
– Flare before an invasion of an AU

Flare!Sans is an Out!Code created by Nefarity. He's one of the Sans who follows the orders of his boss/creator and biological father Injury. He's a manipulator of Flame and Magma.


Once, when there was only time.., nothing else, just a void, a blank era waiting, waiting for what exactly? To put it simply...


A hundred million years have gone by since the big bang, and the first stars started to appear and beamed a small light in the infinite scales of void. Soon after, other universes came about, after around a billion years eventually forming a multiverse. The stars dominated the areas of these universes until a couple of billions of years later when not only did universes start to have the right stuff for planets, but two beings were formed, born from existence itself, with no real creator, they popped up out of nowhere like everything else in these universes yet the major difference was.. these beings were sentient, aware, they were truly to whats counted to today's standards as ALIVE.They were universes away from each-other,yet they were still aware of each-others existence, they were to be referred to as: CALIGO and QUASAR.

Around Quasar's body, stars started to form much quicker than stars tend to, and around Caligo, the same event occurred but with black holes. And after They both awoke around 3 months after their sudden appearance, they quickly went about to meet, knowing their purpose from the get-go and ready to get it done when the time comes right.Both Caligo and Quasar had omnipotence, yet not the usual kind, both Caligo and Quasar had tons and tons of souls inside of them, however instead of souls, they were called embodiments. Quasar had embodiments on the most important positive-factors ,meanwhile Caligo had the negative ones. An embodiment is the physical form of a concept, representing it and therefore having the most power in that area, Quasar and Caligo's purpose was to give these embodiments out to living creatures they deemed worthy of so, due to Quasar and Caligo temporarily having every embodiment in their respective factor, they were true-omnipotent, what is MAINLY important is the thing that kept them alive, the MAIN EMBODIMENT, which counts as Quasar's/Caligo's soul, the main embodiment would be given to an individual they'd see not only as worthy, but special and trust-worthy enough to own it , of course with the individual needing to prove themselves that they can withstand the expectations they'd have upon given so, the main embodiment of Quasar is: LIGHT , the main embodiment of Caligo, is interestingly not darkness, but: INJURY.

After waiting billions of years, finally, the first AU appeared in the multiverse Caligo and Quasar took place in, which is now known as Aversion-verse, it was called AversionTale, the AU itself had the regular undertale cast along with a bunch of human beings on the surface, living a tribe-like life, Both Quasar and Caligo agreed to split the AU into two halves and then take each half onto their own separate and private area where they could see which person should have what embodiment. After explaining the situation to the AU and giving them the time to comprehend what is going on, eventually the AU was ready to comply, when speaking, they both spoke an unknown language that somehow, the people in the group could understand perfectly without knowing any word that they've actually said, as if they mentally knew what they meant.Days after they went their separate way, Caligo came towards Quasars side to complain, that he is treating each being as a friend rather than a god or even a teacher at most, saying he wont get anywhere with what hes doing, which started a heated argument between the two that ended up in both storming off their own way.Quasar had a paranoid feeling that Caligo had something up his sleeves and quickly tested and prepared each being on his side and gave them each an embodiment, keeping the main embodiment to himself for now.Quasar's fears came true, as Caligo came rushing towards Quasars side at an alarming rate with a new team, transformed into murder-hungry beasts as according to their embodiment. Caligo's plan was to get rid of every positive embodiment and have the negative embodiments rule everything and everyone forever, for the rest of time even after his own passing. Even if he died, as long as every positive embodiment was fully dead and there were negative embodiments still around, he would win, nothing can absorb, manipulate, trap or almost do anything to an embodiment if you aren't an embodiment yourself, the only thing you could do is destroy the embodiment after their death, and whats a chance of a being dying that's omnipotent in their own respective representation? The plan was perfect.

Quasar and Caligo fought, and so did each side, it lasted years of constant fighting without a break, and while Quasar and Caligo were fighting, they soon realized that every embodiment aside from theirs was destroyed, not fully but to the point of no recovery, they soon realized that they failed the purpose existence itself gave them and looked at each other one last time before giving one last nod, taking their main embodiments from their bodies and placing it into a sphere force-field meant to protect the main embodiment from what was about to happen next, as Caligo and Quasar do not have a main embodiment anymore, their body began to glow, as they both knew what was gonna happen they used the last of their remaining magic to protect the multiverse itself.They would both explode into several powerful big bang-like explosions, destroying entire multiverses around aversion-verse, with aversion-verse remaining unharmed due to Caligo And Quasar protecting it, as for the embodiments, they were fully destroyed, but the problem was , that the embodiments were never meant to die, they were meant to be omnipotent, this left a small bent into reality due to this unexpected shift, leaving the embodiments across reality, in the future, this means that if you are lucky enough , you can give birth to an embodiment in aversion-verse, however due to the embodiments destruction, it is but a shard of the former soul, meaning it is not omnipotent in its own respective factor anymore, but instead it is just extremely powerful in terms of that representation.After the explosions went down, the multiverse slowly built itself back-up, managing so as any multiverse-threatening ability that should have killed off aversion-verse were cancelled out due to Caligo's and Quasar's magic protecting Aversion-verse, as in the multiverse itself.As the multiverse slowly built itself back up to present-time, the sphere for the INJURY main embodiment opened, the main embodiment, instead of someone owning it, transformed into its own being, turning into who we now know as INJURY, due to not being owned by anyone as a soul, Injury is not omnipotent, yet VERY powerful and WAY more powerful then a regular embodiment, knowing there was no way for him to destroy the sphere protecting lights soul, Injury left the area.

Injury, knowing his over-all goal thanks to Caligo decided to use one of his abilities: power combination to use almost all of his power to create an ability that would help him in his goal, he'd end up creating the ability called: the inter-dimension, which cost so much power it almost killed him, at that point in time the simplest of abilities could of been fatal to him so he decided to hide out inside. The inter-dimension, a dimension that works as Injury personal dimension, where Injury is in a way omnipotent, being able to do anything and everything inside of it, even create,delete abilities or create or destroy life in a blink of an eye regardless of limitations, the problem was, was that anything created or changed in the dimension could only stay inside the dimension to stay that way, if he were to create something thanks to the dimension and take it out of the dimension, it would get deleted, if he were to put something from the outside world inside the inter-dimension and change something about it thanks to the dimension, then take it out, the changes would revert to before it got inside, making his plan to put everything and everyone inside the dimension to be the god of everything and everyone, the only way to access the dimension or to leave it is through special portals specifically made to get in or out of the dimension, although the creation of the portal is so slow, making putting people inside a problem.

At one point in time, specifically after a fight, Injury had some deep cuts around his body, which he did not mind that much, he could heal himself after all, yet after looking at his cuts, he started thinking, until , he got an idea.....Months later, his power would regenerate bit by bit, and a couple of years later he'd deem his power level worthy to try out the experiment, he would use some of his blood, energy and tons and tons of percentages of his power to create Flares soul. Once Flares soul was created, he had no clue what to do with it, he didn't plan that far ahead, he grabbed the soul and decided to do an experiment with it, more-or-less confirm an idea he had, he went outside of his dimension back onto Aversion-verse and stole an AT of undertale, he put the AT into his dimension as fast as he could to not catch anyone's attention.He went into the AT and grabbed Sans's soul, he cut 80% of it off, leaving Sans in a coma-like state almost instantly, he cut 80% of Flare's soul and placed it into the missing spot of Sans's soul, he cut 20% of the remaining parts of Sans's soul, and placed in the remaining parts of Flare's soul, replacing Sans's soul with Flare's. This was to make sure that Sans wouldn't die if Injury tore off Sans's soul instantly and tried to quickly replace it with Flare's.The moment Injury replaced Sans's soul, the universe restarted and turned into an AU, called BURNTALE

The story works as followed: everything was the same way as in undertale, except the monsters were trapped under an active volcano instead of a mountain, it was a plan to not only forbid any chances of escaping, but it would also kill them all with no men having to die, knowing a lot of humans would die in the attempted extinction of monsters.After Dr. Gaster's failed experiment at creating a machine strong enough to absorb all the lava ended up in the machine absorbing him and sending him into the void. Alphys was in charge of machinery to get them out of the volcano what was going to erupt, they had an approximate 1 month left. Alphys had an idea, what if instead of using robots to solve the problem, she would use DT on every monster to survive the lava, and repeat said process every time the volcano erupted until they got out? She..as a matter of fact no one has tried to do anything with determination, it was worth a shot, desperate times come for desperate measures.1 approximate week until the volcano would erupt, alphys was preparing everything for the final meeting. The final meeting would be a meeting, where every monster would be inside of a gigantic hospital-looking like building, the monsters would be divided into different categories depending on their species, while every fire-based monster would be support, for if a monster was having trouble either getting out of the volcano, or struggling to stay alive.She just had everything done in time when it was the final day before the volcano would approximately erupt, hearing a loud rubble, everyone knew it was time, everyone did as they were told but Sans was reluctant, after seeing everyone do it, he thought might as well since what was the point of living if everyone he knew was dead? He would still die to the lava anyways so, why not? He was the last one to inject the DT into himself, however what happened proved to me much worse of a fate then dying in lava.....Everyone started melting into amalgamates, slowly, Sans started melting too, before they knew it, a tsunami of lava flood the entire underground, this process of them melting and melting back together due to being amalgamates had gone on for so long, that their bodies started to turn into obsidian.After Injury had his dose of entertainment, he went into his created AU and saw the volcano in person, the AU was in his dimension meaning he could manipulate with it with free will, he would put his hand up , the volcano would suddenly levitate slightly in the air, he put his hand into a fist and the entire volcano would be crushed effortlessly, lava would fall and visible bodies would dangle and drop down on the ground. He walked up to the bodies and saw pretty much everyone was dead, except...Sans, Sans absorbed the DT last, so he was still barely alive, Injury gave one more chunk of his power and some energy-matter, to revive Sans.....but something was different about him, his body was made out of obsidian, lava made his mouth and eyes, cracks of lava all around his body,dripping lava, he was to be referred to as Flare!Sans from now on.Injury taught Flare everything he needed to know, and personally trained him, and was given a mission.That mission was to enslave/evacuate all weak monsters/humans into Injury's dimension, kill and bring every powerful being that has been fainted or weakened to Injury and to notify Injury when an AU has been emptied out.



Flare appears as of a normal Sans, however his entire body is made out of obsidian, at sight it looks like normal obsidian, however as Flare describes it: a couple hundred-thousand times more durable, same as his magical lava that isnt affected as much as regular lava by water, whenever Injury can, he spares some of his power to improve Flares resistance to water, and soon enough, Flare should be completely immune to water( not counting the lava form) , he has light textures of his previous appearance and his mouth is completely filled with lava, although having a strange neon-white glow which looks like Sans's teeth same with his eyes, his entire body is filled with cracks, dripping lava


Even with his fiery television static-like voice, he appears rather laid-back, just doing as he is told, Flare has the most Sans like personality out of the three (Collapse, Alert) , finding ways to cut his job short as best as he can so he can continue doing his own thing, unlike the two, he never kills randoms for no reason, only when hes told so by Injury, his team is threatened or attacked, or he himself is threatened or attacked, he makes it VERY clear that hes not to be messed with, usually grabbing a knife or a sword, jabbing it onto his obsidian, with the sword doing no effect to the obsidian whatsoever until the weapon folds or breaks, all the while smiling and keeping eye-contact on the person hes intimidating, hes also pretty smart, finding creative ways to dodge,evade or even deflect the enemies attacks on the spot.Like everyone, he has his own breaking-points, lines that can be crossed and all, but it takes a lot to make Flare snap.


  • Obsidian Blaster: an obsidian blaster that fires lava beams, the blaster disappears prior to the blast but the beam doesn't, once the blaster disappears, the beam loses its magic effect and the lava falls onto the floor, a usual tactic is to spawn several blasters in one position high into the air, afterwards the lava would fall , harming and killing anyone succumbed to it, due to Injury giving Flare a bit of his power, the lava is far more magic-like, meaning it can harm beings who are usually resistant to normal lava and its much harder to get rid of.
  • Obsidian shards: instead of bones, they are now obsidian shards, when fired they are quite a bit slower then regular bones/shards but they do heavy damage when hit, being able to impale through durable/tough surfaces, a usual tactic is to trap his victims in obsidian shards from the ground, making it hard for them to get by, or extremely small unnoticeable spikes on the ground to impale others feet if they try to escape
  • Fire Immunity: Flare is completely immune to any lava/fire based attacks
  • Lava Manipulation: he can manipulate lava near him into anything he wants as long as there is enough of it, this also means he can manipulate lava inside of him , extending his arms or manipulating his look in a form of shape-shift
  • Pyromaniac: Flare is capable of summoning mass amounts of fire through his open hand, similar to a flame thrower, if he keeps his hands closed, he can set his hands and a good bit of his arms on fire, making him quite deadly in combat
  • Distress Call: Flare can quickly notify everyone in Injury's team to come in and help, it swiftly notifies them where Flare is via a mind like GPS
  • Durability Manipulation: for a short amount of time, he can make himself indestructible/invincible to any attack, this comes at a cost however, of not being able to move or attack while in the stage, the ability expires a couple seconds after, with enough will, he can make this attack last longer
  • Heat increase: Flare is capable of increasing the heat of the current location hes located in, this ability is good to tire out foes or best case scenario make them pass out from the heat, for non out-codes this may even lead to death caused by a heat stroke
  • AU hopping: Flare is capable of traveling around AUs
  • Inter-Dimension Access: The ability to get in and out of Injury's dimension

Lava Form

Flares second phase quite technically considered a fail-safe after death

This ability activates after Flares obsidian is destroyed, leaving Flare with the last resort to use his lava manipulation to keep the lava inside him together (image of his lava form in the gallery)

Lava Form Flare - Created by Agus

Abilities change to:

  • Lava Blaster - A blaster purely made out of his magical lava, after firing a lava beam, the blaster itself fires onto the aimed area and explodes into a puddle of lava after contact
  • Lava shards - Flare is capable of summoning tons of lava shards, which quickly form into a puddle of lava
  • Lava Manipulation - Flares main use of keeping himself alive, he is limited to what he can manipulate the lava into even if he had a high amount of lava available due to the constant use of this ability to keep himself together, however he can use this ability to absorb lava around him to increase his size, or create shapes, objects, and even resemblances of actual beings (for example: a dragon) made purely out of his magical lava, interestingly enough, any lava absorbed or used by flare instantly turns into his magical lava
  • Attachment - Flare can attach obsidian onto himself, regaining his previous appearance, it either slowly builts itself back from nothing out of nowhere, or he can find obsidian, in which the obsidian would start levitating, breaking into pieces and attaching itself onto Flare, turning the regular obsidian into his magical obsidian shortly after
  • Distress Call - Flare can swiftly notify everyone in Injury's team to come in and help, it instantly notifies them where Flare is via a mind like GPS
  • AU hopping- Flare is capable of traveling around AUs through melting into a sentient lava puddle and traveling around, forcefully put back into his Sans-like appearance if hes in his sentient lava puddle form for too long, this ability can also be used to evade attacks, or travel AUs, by spewing lava into a universe, being in another universe, and once in danger, can melt into the ground and reconstruct himself back in the AU he spewed lava in
  • Speed Boost - due to Flare being made out of lava and having his obsidian removed, Flare is much more speedy


Slowness - Flare is slower then an average Sans in terms of movement, which is why he almost never fights without his team and has a big disadvantage during solo fights



Same as everyone else in the team, Flare respects him as a leader, although he takes the job less serious then Alert does, he still makes sure the job is done and the job is done well.


Albeit Flare sometimes refers to him as crazy, hes a good spar-mate, and they usually practice fighting together


Although it gets tiring covering for alert for the mindless stuff he sometimes does ( and is then berated with insults afterwards) Flare is pretty glad that Alert is around as he keeps the job entertaining and alert is also usually the one reminding Flare about current events that are going on


Just like everyone else in the team, he hates him, A LOT.


  • Flare has a type of chill big bro without a care type energy when with his team
  • Flare can hide his anger really well, however a well observer can sense it
  • Flare loves making fire/lava jokes, although he tends to not make much of it when other people do
  • Flare has led a man with superhuman strength to breaking his hands due to his durability manipulation ability
  • Flare never laughs out loud, at most he chuckles to himself noticeably
  • Flare has a dislike towards water-related monsters, and usually destroys waterfall first when around an AU
  • Flare supports the belief that authority and power is the most important thing in reality as we know it, and it is the key to a better future
  • Flare doesn't have a known phobia, although a lot of people tend to think he has a fear of water due to his instinctive evaporation of water when its around
  • Flare has a want to experiment the affects of global warming and the breaking of the ozone layer