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Sean Uzukatsi, or rather called Sean, is a character created by FlyDarky. He is a "human". close to the omnipotent, who was born in a Neutral timeline, before the human had even fallen into the Underground. He committed many genocides, brought destruction and chaos, and corrupted the minds of the innocent in many AUs, which leads him to become a destroyer of AUs.


He was born with a gray SOUL (for has no emotion) in his native timeline. It is a description of misfortune, of badly intensified power because if he has no emotion by killing he would remain nothing then several years later Apollo began has to worry about Sean because he thinks that it was starting to be a kind of danger so he puts a syringe in his soul by force which injected him with determination The latter thought that his father wanted to kill him so Pain and a very great Anger then he decided who should kill Apollo, Hinata did not intervene because the latter seeing that her three-year-old son took a kind of semi-hateful soul to be very worried and she could not do anything face this anger / Hate, but years later When Noa was born and Hinata died Apollo was seized with sadness and without remorse he began to experiment on Sean and Noa, Apollo completely twisted when Hinata died, Sean was starting to have that soul of Hain again e seeing the evil that Apollo was doing to Noa so he battled Apollo at his nine years old when he had almost mastered the first Palié of Destrozgan but the latter was facing Apollo he was going to suspect that he could win except that Apollo is totally stronger than Sean when he was nine years old and so he calmed the anger and knocked him out Sean in one fell swoop, Noa insisted on the scene thinking that his big brother is dead he gave off an aura of Fenomenal anger and that's quite another thing something with Sean because Apollo seemed shocked and distraught with this Anger but, some second later a fight was between Noa and Apollo the fight saw it ended with Apollo who fell in the core the counter part of Noa's power. is that his uses almost all of his vital and mental energy so he immediately stopped this form when he saw Apollo fall into the core.

A few years later Sean is twelve years old, destroyed and corrupted, a lot of people and thus made genocide, his little brother Noa Him integrates the Royal Guard (they are two years apart) Years later ... Noa has ten -7 years old and Sean is nineteen, until the human falls into the Underground,Sean teleporting to an AU meets a girl named Dust! Sasha, He met her and befriended one of their friendships when he got to know each other well, Sean and Dust dated and for a while had two children..Kuma the the taller and Ketza the smaller of the two children..Then Sean meets Noah in his universe… he becomes a very good friend, until training and hanging out almost all the time.



Sean and a human with a dyed color on his skin, he has a black eye on the right and a red eye on the left with a red pupil on the right and another black on the left and an aura on both pupils, Sean has blue hair or dark purple in gradient at the bottom of the hair which is blue or light green, a dark gray jacket and a light gray t-shirt, a dark gray belt and two white squares above. Dark gray pants with dark gray and burgundy red boots too, and dark blue gloves.


Sean has a moody character, he can go from nice to crazy in seconds ... and speaking of crazy, well he's extremely crazy when he wants to be, he looks like a psychopath or sociopath, he can be nice when he wants to be but rarely shows any sign of anger in the presence of a loved one so as not to arouse suspicions that he's extremely dangerous, he can be smart in the worst or most intense of situations,Sean is extremely kinky..and he's schizophrenic which makes him even more dangerous,Sean is also very arrogant...he has a true nature where he is completely in depression and the or all of his potential is revealed.


  • Knife : Sean has basic knives, but inflicts between 40 and 140 damage.
  • Bones : Sean has Bones that are similar to Classic but in red form with a purple aura, his Bones are overpowering and inflict great damage.
  • Kinésie : Sean masters four forms of kinesis, Pyrokinesis, Electrokinesis, Cryokinesis and Hydrokinesis
  • Destrozgan : there are several stages of Destrozgan in all there are 10 - First stage The color Light blue on the outside and white inside is the Destrozgan Normal but powerful all the same, Second stage The color light blue on the outside and red on the inside It is the Destrozgan a little more powerful than the Premier Palié, Third level The color Dark blue on the outside and Burgundy red on the inside. be overpowered but we stay a little more below, the Fourth Level the color between Blue and Violet and the Gray interior is the overpowered Destrozgan, Fifth Level The color Violet which makes a dark gray gradient in and below still dark gray it is the Destrozgan a little more than overpowering because it can destroy 3 whole buildings without any problem Sixth stage of the color dark gray on the outside light blue and red and dark blue on the inside it starts to be like a Hakai (This is an example to show the power this Destrozgan ... this comes from Dragon BallSuper, which does not know that it is a Hakai it is a movement of the hand in front of the enemy and it will disintegrate him or it can be a huge ball on the opponent but it's the same), Seventh Tale Dark gray with a black gradient on the outside is Dark Gray with red particles on the inside it is half a power of a Hakai, Eighth Tale Again dark gray with a black gradient except that the gradient and much larger the red particles are found inside with the interior and black it is practically a power of the Hakai, Ninth Palié the black gradient is almost invaded all the color in dark gray with the red interior and the white particles on the outside of LA on is almost even a lot more on a power of the Hakai, THE TENTH PALIE on the outside it is the color Complete Black on the outside inside white with a Violet aura on the inside and red particles on the outside.
  • Gaster blaster : Sean has blasters similar to the classic blasters except that his blasters are at least three times bigger than average... his blasters are all black with gray cracks, the eyes or rather the pupils are scarlet red in the shape of a star with a scary smile... His blasters inflict 40.02 damage per thousandth of a second, his blasters are lasers that last 2 to 5 seconds.
  • Destroy Blaster : Sean has an upgraded version of his Gaster Blasters, over time many of his blasters increase in power or even shape ... his blasters are called Destroy Blasters, they are so called because their potency at full strength is equal to complete destruction of the underground..but their unit of power and 80 damage per Nanosecond..their shape remains almost the same except for the cracks, aura and eyes..the cracks are now blood red with tips which goes in the air but which remains static while remaining close to the blasters..l'aura and now rainbow..and the eyes have an anger which varies between scarlet red and rainbow like the will have.
  • Void Blasters : Void blasters are a special case... they can switch between two modes! Defense mode and Attack mode. Defense Mode: Defense mode allows Sean to defend himself against any form of magic, or attack imaginable. Attack Mode: Attack Mode is a weapon that can kill absolutely anything or Destroy without exception. Even people outside the code or who don't have a code. These blasters have black and grey reflections and they have no pupil, you can notice the difference between the modes thanks to their color with the reflections. The defense modes have black and green lines. Compared to the attack mode which has the color on the black and gray lines. Full power void blasters can break the rules of reality by making a portal to the other side of the world, and not only do that but also make dichirures in space-time. The power of the vacuum blasters at full power in the void and for now unconventional.
  • Teleportation : Sean has an improved version of teleportation. If he sees the place where he wants to teleport on an image or a description of the place he can teleport there, even without having been there before. he can teleport basically like all Sans or several characters.
  • Fist Determining : Sean has a physical ability that allows him to surround his fist with a layer of determination to increase his physical strength, which allows him to achieve a totally Superhuman physical strength.
  • Shield Determination : Sean using this determination again, he can extract it into a slightly transparent shield all over his body, the shield will disappear if any power exceeds the shield's defense. (This shield can withstand a rain of molten lava without a problem.)
  • Red Strings : Sean has strings like Error!Sans except that his strings are slightly redder and bluer..these strings are indestructible. (The Strings are automatically destroyed if Sean no longer has them of determination).
  • Multimagic : Sean also has magic blue, but Sean also has red magic, red magic and actually blue magic except that the black of the combat frame in the background and red but the soul and black, then attacks them which passes through the frame or the box of combat also turns red .. it has gray magic, gray magic allows you to completely change method for example .. instead of going to the right we go back, etc. He has Dark magic, this magic allows Sean to make the enemy go much faster but lose damage and a lot.
  • Renascence : Sean can revive a person who has already died who killed him himself, the person will be totally under his control and will no longer have any means of coming back to himself. after the controlling person disappears, he becomes dead again.
  • Phantom Gaze : Thanks to his friend Hisaé, he is able to perceive or even see a spirit or a Ghost.
  • Control : Sean can control the fight box at will
  • Divide: Sean can quarter the soul in the fight box into four box which is in the fight box, the person's speed will be reduced to four.
  • Illusion : Sean can create illusions, be it optical illusions or an illusion of the person's past etc.
  • Clones : Sean can create infinite clones of himself, if Sean takes a hit too hard for him whether physical or mental, the clones disappear.
  • Slash White: Sean can create colored, white Slash and if they come in contact with anything they will explode. In addition to the fight box, or the part of the fight box if the shock is not violent, as long as the slash is neither too fast nor too big, the explosion will not press the Destroyer too much.
  • Hand Apollo : Sean has Apollo hands, which are similar to the basic one except that his hands have lines on all the hands and that join in spiral on the middle of the hand, his hands can change between small and giant. The Apollo hands, can be used to suck the attacks as he wants.
  • Abosrber Powers : Sean can Abosrber the powers of the opponent and feel used against this person, he can keep them after the fight but only 3 minutes.
  • Blade destruction : Sean has a super-powered blade that can destroy an enemy's reality when in contact with it.
  • Pocket size : Sean has a dimension that can open at any time, this dimension is empty...except for an orange background with golden reflections and a kind of white cube that disappears between 2 and 3 seconds but comes back to infinity. This dimension allows you to train whenever you want, this dimension is not only impenetrable but it is unknown to everyone...except for the person who has a "True Omniscient" ability but it is totally impenetrable because a superior magic created by Apollo blocks everyone except "Sean".
  • Cyclonic Power : Sean can create a gigantic cyclone, which are comparable to the "Ultra Cyclone" but are much worse in terms of size, It can crush or shred any person, shadow or form that enters inside and it will be made of absolute anti-magic that even Omnipotent beings will not be able to destroy, Only Sean in this case could stop it.
  • Shooting of scythe : Sean has a scythe that is not often used, but it can do a lot of damage, in one blow this scythe can kill anything that moves or even destroy the person in a field of 150 km.
  • Time out : Sean has an ability to stop time for 20 or 50 seconds, during the stop of this time, the more the enemy and under the influence of this stop of time, the enemy sees his view distorted and much, much less accurate and is also extremely tired... which gives a certain victory much easier for Sean.
  • Reminder : Sean can copy the attack already done by the enemy, and do it again on the enemy making it a thousand times stronger.
  • Multi-soul Blasters : This Blasters that Sean has, and a blasters that gathers the 7 souls of the undergroud finally 11, All the souls of the undeground, plus with the souls of Destruction, the soul of poison and the last soul of Hate. This makes 11 souls for the Multi-soul Blasters : Sean can choose between the 11 souls and then reunite them in a single one. The soul of Détérmination : Is a shot that allows to reset the person. The soul of Perseverance: Allows to do like the monster Muffet, which creates 3 lines to pass between the three to dodge the attack launched but the attacks will be much faster and give more damage. The Soul of Patience : many knives that spin and move diagonally around the screen in unison its expensive do much more damage than the normal ones. Integrity soul: a line of stars above the soul, to limit its window of movement. Dancing shoes scroll up and down the side, however this attack paralyzes the person for a few seconds before the person can move again. Soul of Valor: The soul of valor will surround the person with rings before moving them down, then the hands turn slowly clockwise and then counterclockwise, and the hands reach towards the person and then outwards with precise paths. Soul of Justice: The yellow soul uses a gun that shoots bullets towards the soul of the enemy, previously indicated by red targets and it is very fast. The Soul of Kindness: The green soul uses three frying pans that trigger fireballs underneath them, the fireballs will sometimes be black which will get the person killed. Hate Soul: This soul allows Sean to control the person, whom he / she has been in contact with, the person will take to himself until he dies, if there are several enemies, the person will kill the other enemies. Soul of Poison: This soul allows to poison any Ennmi, this poison will slow down the speed then the precision then the HPs extrement quickly, this poison cannot be healed or have a cure. And finally the last soul : The soul of Destruction : This soul allows you to send a shot of instant destruction, this shot can destroy everything followed by an explosion which itself destroys all that will move in a radius of 30 km.
  • Untouchable : Sean can become untouchable for about three minutes, after that Sean will see his attacks much less destructive, however after the fight the attack becomes as destructive as before.
  • Touched from beyond : Sean thanks to his special Bones that make her created by Apollo, Sean can touch the ghosts very easily.
  • Speed of God : Sean has devoted most of his time to training, increasing his speed little by little so that his body can keep up, this speed can go up to the speed of light or even more. But Sean can go at any speed he wants.
  • Regeneration : Sean can regenerate with his Hate as long as he has it...unfortunately he can't do it all the time, but when he decides he can do it, only if the damage is really important.
  • Shockwave : Sean can create by releasing an energy that explodes on itself, a shock wave so intense that it will paralyze or even destroy any object related to electricity in a radius of 10 km.
  • Knife Shield : Sean can create a knife shield that makes him indestructible, this shield looks like a round shield so it is made of Hate and Determination knife. This shield cannot be destroyed, only Sean can deactivate this shield.
  • Tentacle Corruption : Sean can bring out Tentacles of Negativity, Hate and then an aura of Determination, the number of tentacles is twelve, which are in the form of a spade on the end that can corrupt or glitched the enemy in contact with it
  • Full Power Ghost : He can create mini-ghosts that look like the person who has already killed him, these mini-ghosts will be at their full power but their attack will be material compared to himself, their appearance will be between twenty and thirty seconds.
  • Transfer Power : Sean can transfer the powers he has stolen or even his powers to one person or many but the limit will be 5.
  • Modified code : Sean has managed to obtain a power from his father (Apollo) a power that allows him to change or alter almost any code of people or objects that contain codes, etc. This allows him to make a Chaos whenever he wants.                                                                     
  • Double damage : Sean has an ability that allows him to create Trident by a black and red color with a gray aura, when the Trident reaches its target the Trident will deal double the damage that the trident did.
  • Black hole. : Sean thanks to his Ultra-Haine, he can create a Black Hole by crushing an object of Ultra-Haine which is created automatically then the crushed object creates a Black Hole, and he can manipulate the field or the Black Hole will absorb, then the size of the Black Hole.
  • Bar Area : He can thanks to his knife create white bars in the box of combat, the white bars will join everywhere the box in Diagonal.
  • Torture of the mind : He can torture the person with illusions that will be felt but not physically, time slows down on the tortured person, moreover, the more time passes the more the tortured person starts to be destroyed from the inside and in the end the tortured person is totally destroyed not only inside but also outside.
  • Distortion Reality : During a crisis of extreme madness he can distort the reality of everyone who crosses or even people who are next to him.
  • Medothe of Murder : Sean possesses or rather has Killer Attributes that are very dangerous which makes him even more dangerous.
  • Developed sense : He has all his senses extremely developed: Hearing, Taste, Smell, Touch, Sight ... then he has his instinct even more developed than all others as an animal.
  • Laser : These lasers launched by Sean will be black with burgundy red reflections, these lasers could destroy an assembly easily, which could cause very large damage on the enemy.
  • Levitating : When he is in a fit of madness, he can levitate in the air.
  • Crystal : Sean can create diagonal shaped crystals that end in a poison spike, like the Multi-Soul Blasters, the color of the crystal(s) will be light blue with a purple gradient and a bit of dark blue, these crystals will be extremely dangerous, not only in attack but also because they possess a poison.
  • Immortality : Sean has his codes stuck between space and time ... his codes cannot be destroyed or even copied, he almost does not even exist, as long as Sean has his codes and his soul is broken, Sean will continue to live all the same ..see that his codes cannot be destroyed, he is immortal.
  • 4th wall : Sean can break the 4th wall.
  • Cunning : Sean pretends to be stupid, he does it really well..only Sean's stupid nature goes away when he gets really serious,to deceive his enemies or all the people who cross… only that does not work against the Omniscient people..While he is very intelligent.
  • Memory : Sean like all Sans, can remember the Resets ... even the True Resets.
  • Part Control : Sean can control the reset and save games.
  • Save/reset :Thanks to his other half of Determination, he can Save and Reset ... only he can only do it four times, if he wants to do a real reset that Determination will die.
  • No effect : No poison and no exception can infect it.
  • Infinity State. : Sean's stats are really hard to determine, as his stats bug a lot but many think they are equal to infinity.
  • Superhuman Resistance : Sean is very resistant but so much so that he can easily withstand an attack from 800 Blasters at full strength.
  • Frightful claw : Sean can increase the size of his fingernails between five and eight inches in length which are extremely sharp.
  • Rock blade : Sean can conjure up blades of rock which are extremely sharp at the end and which are permeated with lava that are about one hundred and fifty meters.
  • One shot knife : It can spawn knives that are completely scarlet red which one shot anyone touching.
  • Shadow manipulation : Sean can manipulate any shadow he wants.
  • Attack manipulation : Sean can control enemy attacks using his glitchy eyes.
  • Invisible : Sean for a limited time ((three minutes) can make himself invisible.
  • Destruction Bomb : Sean can spawn this Bomb as a last resort if he really feels in danger, this bomb will have the power of the Hiroshima bomb and the Tsar Bomba combined the explosion squeezed infinitely higher .. and it can destroy all without expetion.
  • Disintegrating poison : During this poison, if the person moves despite the fact that the enemy can have infinite HPs or billions of VPS it works all the same, the HPs are reduced completely, for example: Name of the enemy moves : The HPs are automatically put in the middle of the life bar and the more time passes the more the poison will take effect, until all the love, PVs etc. all the states and even the soul, this disintegron to go into Sean's soul which will effect an absorption, if the person manages to survive the person is all simply disintegrated.


The appearance of the "Originel-Omega" shape Sean in this shape and a little taller (about 220 cm) then this jacket is also a little bigger and Sean's skin color will turn black, then his t-shirt will turn red burgundy with a letter O which has lines that protrude a bit like black paint on this t-shirt, the sclera in both eyes, becomes red, the left pupil becomes an X which is black with a green aura the X will be in a spiral which does not stop turning as it grows a little and becomes normal again and so on, the right pupil becomes a dragon's pupil of light red color and the eyes purple with some burgundy red reflection, his hair becomes gray dark, with the burgundy red gradient and the streaks still black.

  • Overwhelming Gravity : Sean in this form can destroy any gravity of the enemy whenever he wants, he will not be infected by "Crush or Destroy" gravity.
  • Original Tentacle : Sean can create tentacles on his back as in his basic form, except that the tentacles of this form are much larger at a size of five meters, the color of these tentacles is a light red color with white spiral markings, these Tentacle are much sharper than those basic tentacles.
  • Eternal Cable : Original-Omega Sean and able to create Eternal Wires which are filled with Ultra-Hate, These Wires being Eternal cannot be broken or destroyed, These Wires can be blocked by anyone.
  • True Reality : Sean in a state of Error which bugged enormously in this form, which is like a mad state… he can move from his world to our world.
  • Judgment Pea (Who is not in his phases.) : This attack sends the opponent into some kind of dimension with a mirror where the person sees all the sins that the person has committed This takes away a lot of HP and reduces he speed and attack and creates very very violent illusions that destroy the person can a can but this and very rare, otherwise, if the person has not committed any sin, nothing happens.
  • Omega knife : These knives hurt much more than those in its basic shape, the knives are also very bright scarlet red..the knives are much faster, when the knives are faced with a more powerful attack..the knives will become more powerful by this attack until it is equal or stronger of the enemy attack.
  • Omega Blasters : These blasters that Sean can create, are blasters that are 3 times more powerful than the basic blasters that Sean has.
  • Omega Bones : These Bones that Sean can create, are Bones that are much more powerful than the basic Bones that Sean has and these Bones are much faster than any other Bones.


the appearance of Sean in this form is actually a red Shadow with red lines that serves as an eye, this shadow and red and black the black moves a lot as if it was moving but the black is not much present compared to red, red represents to all Determination which includes Extra and Ultra-Determination.

  • Super blade determine : This blade is made up of twenty and forty Souls of Extra-Determination this blade can destroy everything that happens under Sean's hand, however this blade has a double edge: If Sean uses this blade his fingers or that but himself. destroy automatic if it uses this blade.
  • Counter-Corruption : Sean in this form can break out of corruption using his Ultra-Determination.
  • Fire Determine : He can use Flames which includes an overdose of Determination, these flames are at over a million degrees, in addition to that he can reset anyone touched by those flames .. he can use the flames to determine like an explosion so intense that it will be able to reassemble the whole area in a straight line from where it was launched.
  • Blasters Determine : These blasters that Sean can create are blasters that are all scarlet red, then the burgundy red eyes, the blasters look extremely aggressive especially when he loads their shot, their mouth drools a lot of determination.
  • Bones Determine : These bones that Sean can create, are in fact Bones filled with Determination...these Bones can erase or reset anyone or anything and attack, these Bones hurt much more than the basic Bones.


The appearance of this shape is actually Sean and not a shadow compared to \ 🄴🅇🅃🅁🄰🄲🅄🅃🄸🄾🄽-🄳🄴🅃🄴🅁🄼🄸🄽🄰🅃🄸🄾🄽 / .. The jacket is a bit more taller than usual, and it turns black and red, ditto for the other clothes he wears, then red threads all over his body as impregnated in Sean but which sticks out outside, with him some gray glitch bars or even white and sometimes gray, his two eyes become completely burgundy red without a pupil and in the other left eye it is completely filled with black threads.

During this form he brings together the power of several AUs to himself.

  • Controlling a Reality : Sean can be controlled during this form, reality.
  • Explosion of planet : It has an attack in this form, which is a planet, this planet in contact with the enemy, this planet explodes to destroy the enemy's code and thus killed him..if the enemy has no code he will be totally blown up by an explosion of his soul.
  • Solar meteorite : It can make a meteorite appear, the color of this meteorite and basic but with a violet aura with a giant destructured sensation of the violet fire which spirals at the bottom of the meteorite, At full power this meteorite can destroy two combined solar systems.
  • Ally virus : Sean has such power that he can create Viruses to help him fight with him, these Viruses under his control, Viruses infect the enemy until she can no longer fight.
  • Sacrifice : Sean can in this form sacrifice all his soul or all his powers a single draw that he will implode the multiverse.
  • Indestructible Cage : As the name of the power suggests this cage is indestructible, this cage is destroyed automatically when Sean dies… he squeezes it to imprison his enemies or their souls.
  • Animals of the afterlife : Sean can spawn Legendary Animals like Dragon or Hyppogriff for example..these animals which will spawn surrounded by a force equal to three AUs,Only it uses almost all of his resolve, and almost all of his strength in this form, after combat… he cannot spawn these Legendary Animals for about 3 months until he fully regains these strengths.
  • Static deactivation : With his Ultra-Determination, he can disable all enemy stats.
  • Overdose of Determination : Sean can inject a lethal dose of God Ultra-Determination (This Substance was created by Apollo.) By touching the opponent, he can inject this dose so intense and giant… that the person suffering from that dose instantly succumbs.
  • True Erase : Sean can wipe out the multiverse without this multiverse being able to come back to life by an Omnipotent being.
  • Touch glitcher : He can make people glitch only touching them, when he touches them they are under his control, if this form cancels that power too.
  • Erasing Blasters/Bones : Sean can create Blasters or even Bones that can erase any being.


the appearance of this shape is actually Sean with black moons around him, four on the left then four on the right .. then Sean's jacket becomes a shiny stone remaining a jacket just the material that changes, a black S is in shape on the back of the jacket, Sean's gloves are black and purple, purple and extremely shiny without a fiery aura like purple, Sean's pants are also made of stone then Sean's physical strength hardens tremendously, from same as the boots and the red on the boots also shine, then the T-shirt also becomes a stone but this one does not glow and turns dark light blue with an O which is like in this form Original Omega this skin remains of the same color and does not become a stone, his eyes become entirely light blue and on the other dark blue (light blue on the right and dark blue on the left.) .. his hair remains the same they harden a little.

  • Red moon : Sean in this form can send red moons that destroy any gravity
  • Moon impact : It can make impacted moons or a moon that can make One shot all the world because only with the blast of the explosion that is intense, the imapct can kill all the world,and the sound wave is so intense that it can destroy the body.
  • Planet Determine : Sean can make Mini-Planets appear,he can even increase the size he wants,he is imbued with Ultra-Determination God again..upon impact,the blast of the explosion will cancel the effect of the "True Omni-Invulnerability" or "Omni-Invulnerability" Basic ability..for only about twenty or thirty minutes,if Sean launches this attack at full power,it will be three or four years that this ability will be cancelled.
  • Rain of the Moon : Sean can make it rain moons, his moons are the size of a comet...the moon rain can explode an entire universe into tiers.
  • Those of Minuit : Sean's Bones in his OverMoon-Norix form,are the strongest stone Bones in the multiverse,on top of that,they are only fast but they do a lot of damage whether it is physical or mental,his bones are Obsidian in color.
  • Moon Blasters : Sean can spawn in this form Blasters which are made of stone but purple in color like the color of obsidian like the midnight bones,These blasters do at least 300 damage per second.

Void Chaos

The appearance of this form is actually Sean is it seems to be all black with gray reflections, then there are lines everywhere on Sean that joins the middle in spiral. Sean in this form has merged with a black hole, he is bigger than his original Omega form, his eyes are black and then with white pupils, he has no eyebrows or sclera, so there are only the pupils that we can see... moreover the clothes disappear etc... it's like a shadow with black flames that disappears and returns and disappears again.

  • Supreme Black Hole : Sean by merging with a Black Hole...the power of his Black Hole's power improved to a power totally superior to those of these Black Holes, these Black Holes can suck in any Omnipotent beings or even that exceeds the Omnipotent and without expetion without possibility of escape.
  • Aspiration Celest : Sean by merging with this black hole can absorb anyone, even superior beings.
  • Time to stop Supreme : He can stop the time little by little of the enemy whoever it is, the time will stop, finally Sean paralyzes the person by stopping his time and then starts to create a mental Chaos on the person even before Destroy.
  • Absorbent Fist : Sean in this form can by giving a punch to the enemy, absorb the person without any problem.
  • (Final attack.)Overwhelming Dimensional Gravity. : This Final Attack is called "Overwhelming Dimensional Gravity"... It can make the person pass under several dimensions, the person will see himself merged with all the dimensions where he is passed, after that Sean using this form crushes the dimension of the enemy and it becomes a real Chaos because it is not only one gravity and then the crushed dimension but several, the person will implode.
  • Black hole capacity : Sean in this form by merging with this black hole now has all the capabilities of a black hole and can even transform into a Supermassive black hole.
  • Invulnerability. : Sean by merging with this black hole becomes more invulnerable.
  • Black Hole Nothingness : By making a Black Hole appear it can absorb everything there is and more quickly than normal, then the Black Hole implodes to destroy all that is happening around,Which will give an absolute nothingness.
  • Absolute Black Storm : Sean can make a black hole storm appear in the multiverse which will automatically throw black holes by sucking in everything there is without expetion the storm automatically disappears when everything is destroyed or absorbed.
  • Blasters black hole : By spawning Black Hole blasters, he can slow down time almost at impact time slowed down for the person little by little until time stops for the enemy and then fire from the blasters implodes to create an explosion of anti-matter that destroys the enemy.
  • Black Hole Bones : Sean can make black bone appear which gradually and very quickly sucks the person in then at the moment of the impact this will be seen to absorb this power and the body disappears.
  • Hyper Black Hole : This Black Hole is the size of the Multiverse, this black hole ... no one will be able to escape from it, it will destroy and absorb all who find themselves in its path, even the gods or higher beings will not be able to stop this Black Hole.


The appearance of this form is a bit...peculiar, considering that Sean is a Half Demon and that he managed to hide this form...when he activates this form his Demon nature comes out as well as his appearance : The appearance of this form is actually Sean, his skin becomes all dark gray, his jacket rips a little as well as the sleeves and the sleeves widen a little, his face has a kind of red wave on his right eye and then on the other left side, black that brings out his complete Hate, their yes becomes red burgundy very dark then its pupil which remains a star but both of the two sides, right and left becomes black, its hair becomes completely dark gray in bottom of the hair in degraded the black color then the black wicks also, its boots remains of same color. .his shirt becomes blood red,his jacket stays the same color then the torn sleeves become burgundy red,his demon tail grows and resorts,a red X on his frond appears and shines,his belt stays the same color,and his hood is on top of it which makes Sean's face a little darker,the hood is dark gray then burgundy red.The appearance of this form is actually Sean, his skin becomes all dark gray, his jacket rips a little as well as the sleeves and the sleeves widen a little, his face has a kind of red wave on his right eye and then on the other left side, black that brings out his complete Hate, their yes becomes red burgundy very dark then its pupil which remains a star but both of the two sides, right and left becomes black, its hair becomes completely dark gray in bottom of the hair in degraded the black color then the black wicks also, its boots remains of same color. .his shirt becomes blood red,his jacket stays the same color then the torn sleeves become burgundy red,his demon tail grows and resorts,a red X on his frond appears and shines,his belt stays the same color,and his hood is on top of it which makes Sean's face a little darker,the hood is dark gray then burgundy red.

  • Demonic bone : Sean has bones that are extremely sharp and can cut anything, these bones can be duplicated in twenty, his bones can harden automatically if the person is more resistant, their bones drip with Hate of an unknown substance that whoever touches this substance is forced to die.
  • Demonic Blasters : These Blasters have a red color, a substance that drips with Hate of the same unknown substance that can kill anyone, when someone touches this substance..the blasters have teeth that come out very sharp and are black then the power of this blasters is unknown.
  • Demonic Strike : Demonic Strike is when Sean in this form hits the enemy, and the enemy blows his body up upon seeing a vision of mental torture.
  • Deafening demonic scream : In this form when Sean screams he can make such a shrill scream that it can deactivate the enemy and this scream travels all over the body paralyzing this enemy.
  • Cutting tail : With his demon tail Sean can cut almost anything.
  • X destructor : Sean's X in this form would not be useless as you might think. X automatically destroys a superior being if Sean finds himself in extreme difficulty.
  • Demon Knife : Sean thanks to this form he makes his knife evolve, his knife can penetrate anything and absolutely fatal damage.
  • Paralyzing gaze : Sean by making the scariest face in all of history he can paralyze the person.

Sean has other Form but there is no information on it (A by the true nature of Sean.)

True Nature

: Sean in this form or rather Nature..reveals all his potential: Omniscient, OmniInvulnerability, OmniPresence, True OmniPotence, OmniManipulation, OmniKinesis, OmniInvinsibility.. he can also make all explosions and destroy anyone under the pressure of his feelings. .and its codes disappear.


  • Knife
  • Teleportation Ring : This ring allows Sean to teleport through the multiverse, thanks to this ring he can spawn almost anything, this ring and golden yellow with red stripes and a white aura, only Sean can enter the portal, or if Sean allows someone to go through the portal.
  • Reafe (Button) : Sean with this reafe button can create life, dead or alive .. he can kill anyone without exception, and also the AUs, control timelines, codes, elements or attacks, he can destroy all that he needs. 'he wants, creates new elements then new new Attacks, this button is totally indestructible, only Sean can destroy it, everyone will be infected by this button. (Only Sean never uses it, I can assure you!)

Final Attack :

  • Infinity Knife : Sean has knives who nicknamed the infinite knives, his knives can destroy anyone's code then with a slash it destroys an AU, then if the slash explodes, the multiverse is destroyed.
  • Lineage of Destruction : This Attack is one of Sean's most powerful attacks ... this attack features a line of 50 void blasters in full strength attack mode, then a line of 50 infinite knives, the indestructible red threads on the person, the person will see in the obliteration of not being able to move even if she tries, then dice it destroying the whole place and obligatory because of the Void blasters at 100% of their capacity, the knives will destroy the code of the person by precosion , void blasters will destroy the person without exception.


Apollo (aka "Apollon")

Apollo and Sean's father, they are like enemies, but share a rather special friendship... one would say that they are enemies but at the same time only friends Sean does not dare to interfere with his father at all, because he knows that 'he is going to be killed, Sean hates his father and Apollo knows it but Apollo will protect his son if he has to.

Dust!Sasha (aka "Sasha" or "Dust")

Sean and Sasha have a romantic relationship and their relantion is going well, he gets along and Sean overprotects her and his children. Sean loves that family,He often calls her Dust instead of calling her Sasha for whatever reason.


Noa his little brother, he is very attached to his brother and moreover he protects him if necessary, he lets his little brother win their training with an incredible acting game ... but he adores his little brother whatever. in be.

Anti-Sean (aka "Anti")

The relationship between these two is not at all happy, they are enemies and they don't get along at all. Anti-Sean wants to destroy Sean and at every opportunity he will try to kill him, Anti-Sean and Sean each other Hate each other.


Like Omega and Sean hate each other but Sean and Omega behave like brothers when there is Omega's sister "Alpha" and when "Alpha" is gone they start to become enemies again, Omega is the rival and the enemy of Sean..Omega attacks Sean, like a coward all the time when the opportunity arises.


When her mother was still alive, Sean and her mother got along rather well, Hinata, although she was rather reserved, did not hesitate to protect herself. Elle and Sean when this mother was being beaten by people from there. 'UA or whoever else ... feel free to kill the person mercilessly.


The friendship of Sean and Kuma, of father and son, they get along very well, they are very close, he adores his son.


The friendship of Sean and Ketza and the same as the relationship between Sean and Kuma.


Haine and Sean get along a bit normally, because they insult each other a lot but he helps each other out when he can, their relationship is a bit like Chara and Frisk, Sean will never let Haine control him, they are partners of training. and during their training they are like rivals.


Karya and Sean, Sean met Sasha's mom once, they get along pretty well.


The friendship between Sean and Hisaé and very accomplice, Hisaé is a friend who fights and Hisaé loses every time but every time Hisaé loses, Hisaé and Sean laughs about it.


So ... this friendship relationship between Sean and Doila is special because Sean trains Doila, but Doila sees more than this friendship relationship she is like yandere with him and takes the relationship between Dust and Sean very badly ... she acts innocently with him but Sean is not ignorant but claims he does not know it.


As Sean's story would seem he meets Noah and becomes a very good friend, they get along pretty well, and his very accomplice when it comes to fighting as a duo.

All its Alternatives

Sean and his Alternatives is something that is very special, because he hates himself, well the alternatives hate Sean more than Sean himself, for some unknown reason they don't get along very well ... only a few Alternatives have no more hate towards Sean.



  • Sean's theme : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ff47KoWc-rs&list=RDMM&index=5&ab_channel=SeanRemix
  • Sean cannot eat or drink.
  • Sean has no phobia.
  • Sean seems to be very gaga over his girlfriend
  • Sean has a phoenix called Dread which represents Hate.
  • Sean has already sacrificed the body of a chara to perform a Satanic ritual.
  • Sean loves Netflix series and coffee with milk (it is the drink that he gets to drink.)
  • Sean sure doesn't like Sans.
  • It has black and burgundy red headphones, with amazing bases.
  • He once slept in a volcano.
  • Sean has a hidden Yandere personality.
  • Noah and Sean made children's drawings of a character's face.
  • When Sean blushes, he blushes burgundy.
  • Sean's alternatives are much weaker than the original so him.
  • Sean's birthday and June 6th.
  • When Sean gets serious both of his eyes turn sparkling red.
  • In Sean's body, blood is replaced by Determination.
  • He loves to fight people stronger than him.
  • When he shows his true "Face" of psychopath, we call this form: True Psychosis