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– Forgotten Sans Confronting True Fatal

Forgotten Sans is an Out!Code created by KingOfVideoGaming. He is a sans from a long forgotten timeline, who was never able to grasp the fact that his friends are dead and he is forgotten.


Chara ended up in a glitched timeline. Many minor things were wrong, but nothing too notiable. Some of the sprites were mixed up, and some of the ruins monsters appeared in snowdin. Sans was also slightly off. He noticed the glitches and they were driving them insane. They knew it was the humans fault.Before confronting the human in the judgment hall, he stole a human soul from asgore as a last resort. He waited for the human, and before the human even touched the save star, sans confronted them in battle. It was a intense battle, and sans used many unfair, gamebreaking attacks. Eventually though, the human learnt the patterns. Sans grabbed the human by the shirt, his eye glowing its brightest and he said "You're going to have a REALLY bad time." But, the human took the chance and sliced the knife through his ribcage, hitting him. The human walked away, leaving sans to die. Sans grabbed the human soul, persevearence, and tried to use it, and it didnt work. He looked down on it, and it was grey. The human had already made their deal to erase the world. It was too late. His world dissapeared infront of his very eyes. All of his efforts were for nothing. He could feel his SOUL splitting apart. He was supposed to die. The game reset. But, he didnt. The persaverance soul shined a bright blue light, and then it shattered. Its last bit of persaverence was given to sans, before splitting apart. Now sans wanders his dimension, wondering if there is any more to his world.



Forgotten is naturally aggresive, but he can make friends if you get to know him enough. He refuses to accept he is dead and forgotten, and anyone who attempts to tell the truth will die a painful death.


The blue color of his jacket has faded out, and the worso portion of it is drenced in blood. On his chest, he has a scar that bleeds eternally, which is why his jacket is soaked in blood. His sleeves are also ripped out after an insane fit of rage due to his world being gone. He put his SOUL in the tube that used to hold the perseverence soul, and the bottom part of his body had already dusted before he absorbed the SOUL.

Abilities and Weaknesses

  • Bones: He can use bones, but they are usually very slow.
  • Grab: He can charge at the foe extremely quicky and grab them by their SOUL. If they are weak enough, he can crush their soul with his bare hands.
  • Infinte Health: Since he is already dead, he can't die. You can only trap him, or spare him.

If you about anything related to papyrus, he will stop the battle almost immediently and start crying. You can either flee or spare him at this time.


Frisk / The Human

Sans's murderer. The only survivor of his world, and the person sans swears to find. Even anyone who is human will instantly be attacked and most likely murdered by sans.

True Fatal Error

One of his friends, doesn't know too well but still enjoys their company.

Error 707

A slightly closer and much more powerful friend who he easily manipulates to help find and kill the human, and will sometime drag him into fights he doesn't want to be in.