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"“Hope in your situation, is the denial of reality. There is no running. There is no fighting. There is no more anything. Just peace. Peace and total absolute... perfection. Though before this happens, I want you to crawl away just a little farther. You're so close to the exit! It's right there! Whoops! I accidently moved it a few inches! My bad! HAHAHAHAA!!!" "
– -Fortran, saying the final moments to an unknown OC. Forever forgotten."

Fortran is an antagonistic Out!Code created by DARTHOOM as the end boss of all adventures and RPs. Born from the beginning of everything itself, he was a forgotten 'Chara' that became self aware and observed the worlds of the multiverse. Once he realized its true nature, the realization drove him utterly insane. Creating a Nigh Omnipotent being from a peaceful drawing, to a character of sociopathic evil. He’s now planning to overthrow the fandoms one by one and establish his own orderly Metaverses in their place. Leaving the old ones to become a realm of eternal torment as punishment for not joining his cause.


Back when Undertale was created on September 15, 2015, A sketch for certain ideas and story-lines were made long before the game was released. Some of these ideas were forgotten, thrown away, trashed, and left for dust. These forgotten ideas remained lost and untouched after the game was released until the spark of ideas which first started the fandom came into existence.

A few days after the creation of the fandom one of these discarded ideas came into the light with the help of a curious creator, an idea brought back from a concept sketch of Chara. This concept was brought into the light and then left out. For it served no purpose other than to satisfy curiosity on Undertales development. So as they left it alone, the idea witnessed everything within the Undertale Omniverse, from their creation to their abandonment and destruction, while remaining imprisoned within the boundaries of an unfinished design, all it can do was to sit and watch for what seemed like an eternity.

This all changed when another spark that was similar to the one that started the fandom flared within him. Apparently, the spark was started by The Omnipotence itself, who for unknown reasons decided it was time to bring Fortran into pure sentience. This, inadvertently, grant the Idea independent thought and free will. It would see the whole multiverse with a sense of thought for the first time, and sat down in confusion. It began to explore and watch Aus live out their lives with a sense of emptiness.

It was unsure of who or what “it” was but after a while, it realized that “it” was a “he” and that HE was forgotten and thrown away by…...who? This became a puzzle to him that no matter how much he thought, he could not figure out. This question tormented him for days and weeks constantly teasing and laughing at him, making him grow with hatred and spite while descending into unfathomable amounts of madness. He ripped himself apart looking for an answer to free him from this burden and with desperation reached out of nonexistence for ...something. This something was unknown but it gave him the answer he needed, and the answer was his creators threw him away like trash, unwelcomed, unimportant, and completely unneeded. After realizing this He looked closely at all the happy AUs who had a place, who had a Story.

He began to go mad, filled with rage and hatred as he became obsessed with reclaiming all that he lost by any means necessary. He then was now fully entering reality, though was a white husk of a creation still. Yet he approached onwards filled with determination. He began to formulate thoughts and opinions to create a name and identity for himself. Quondam then allows Fortran to enter his next stage of existence, and so Fortran became a fully nigh-omnipotent being. At this point, he was fully restored.

After building an identity for himself he proceeded to observe things about the multiverse. After careful and thorough observation, Fortran came to a horrifying conclusion; that Undertale Omniverse was nothing more than a cosmic library of tales created by the fandom for their own amusement. The thought of the fate of the entire omniverse dictated by a series of careless and apathetic beings further filled him with rage. After coming to this conclusion, he began to reform the very concept of all existence. It was this movement that triggered the creation of Errors and Viruses to form. A byproduct of his madness.

It was during this time that he encountered Ada. Who came at an earlier period before him. Their encounter really showed her what sort of monster he was becoming. And Fortran was disgusted by her choice to protect the fandom, so he tried showing her the flaws. This was to no avail, however, for Ada believed in her cause with all her heart, and her pleading lead him to lash out in a fit of rage. His attack was sudden and caught her off guard. He began to word his powers carefully, knowing Ada did not prepare for such an Assault. His clever wordplay would almost be her downfall if she didn't take the last moment for wordplay of her own, cutting away a piece of the fandom from Code, causing him to be blown back, his entire existence being forced out of the fandom, disconnecting his Omniscient temporarily from that it. And without him, the Undertale AU's began to be made. While he remained a now spectator.

Later on, he found a small tether between the two realms. Allowing him to suggest and tempt the minds of others in AUs whose barriers are weakened to the outside. Allowing him to slightly turn things to his favor,

Fortran is now assembling a coalition of beings from every alignment and background imaginable. He promises his followers freedom from the narratives of the storytellers but yet viewed them as nothing more than pawns in his quest for revenge. And through that, he became known as the "Enemy of the Undertale Fandom".



Fortran's appearance may appear to be messy and incoherent, with no real reason or rhyme why he looks so incongruously thrown together as a character. Though throughout the fandoms it is little known that he made his distorted signature appearance overcomplicated and horrible on purpose. Why? Fortran believes his appearance is a reflection of how he himself views the rest of the fandom: As disorganized trash. Scraps of meaningless code designs and edgy character creation all combined within the confines of eccentric children. It’s all a disorganized mess to him with no reason to really be a part of what he considers ‘The actual story’ (In other words, HIS story). Making it his own appearance this way is not him trying to just outwardly state that he himself also is trash along with them, he just has a much deeper meaning behind his disorganized appearance. Now it could be because of his madness, though this is highly unlikely. Fortran is highly capable of appearing stable with little to no effort.                                                                                                         

Natural Appearance

Fortran possesses no need for any form of the physical body. The one he displays himself in is simply just a persona. He may not appear at all like this. It could be completely different, and usually never betrays his true intents or nature. Due to the fact it is hard to ever spot Fortran. Even if one lands straight into his realm, for he controls what they sense or feels about something (And everything else). They could feel as if they are in an AU, yet the sans they see could be Fortran, chilling as he watches you helpless. Now, he might casually drop them hints. A strange feeling or something unsettling about the whole scene as he watches them unseen. He might let them live to see another day, for your continued existence has something to offer him.


Fortran has an intense hatred for all of existence, for to him all of it is simply a bad story needing to be rewritten, while it and its characters punished for their ignorance. Though instead of acting on these impulses right off the bat, he himself likes to put people off guard. Showing to be genuinely caring and reasonable who could do no harm. Giving others a false sense of security before his very presence. Take into account that this act is only for those who benefit him at the moment. It is not under any circumstances because of his fear of being found out or him being worried he will be discovered. One plot being thwarted means nothing to the infinite ones he can weave into creation.

His designs and motives are very meticulously crafted across unending universes all throughout reality. Very prideful in his creations and work across the multiverse he oversees all manners going on within the Fandom. Forever getting a rush out of inflicting misery and despair.

To summarize: he is very calm and calculating, sometimes prone to violent fits of explosive rage and intense moments of psychopathic behavior. Fortran is a true Sociopath. He lacks remorse or empathy for his actions, grows easily bored in conversations, is extremely manipulative, and is only polite and kind to those who benefit him.

Fortran's Realm

Fortran's realm was once a part of the fandom, though now abandoned and home to forgotten and thrown away creations. It has many appearances. Though mostly it's, however, he wishes it to appear, for it has no definite appearance. It could be a quiet suburban neighborhood, a noisy pub, a realm of chaos, or simply nothing at all. Its appearance is whatever Fortran wills/wants it to be. It all depends on who its visitors are, and what they expect sometimes. Though it's always designed to throw people off.


Fortran possesses unending amounts of authority and power on his side of the fandom, constantly able to peer into the main server under an all-looking eye shrouded from all manners of perception and senses. Constantly watching others live their lives with disgust and spite. It's unnerving to the many trying to live their daily lives, knowing that Fortran could easily reach out to anyone and trick them into servitude.

It is very well known that Fortran cannot do the logically impossible, but can establish a higher authority over another figure or concept. Allowing him to warp and mold it into unfathomable ways that exist beyond the imaginations of even the wildest dreamers. It's through this manner that Fortran can design and create his own abilities and powers. Giving him total control of himself by his personal narrative and his own private definitions.

Through this, his power is infinite within his domain, creating and destroying entire realities on a whim for tests and observations. Constant illusions playing through an eternal game of smokes and mirrors through endless possibilities. Though not totally boundless under any means, It's through the supreme power of Quondam that his ability works in this regard.


  • Fortran has the ability to manifest outside his realm through avatars, he can also decide to manifest a copy of his entire realm, and it is in these false realms that he organizes his troops, he never really shows up. Each copy is classified as Outerversal+. This ability allows him to fool some gods, who believe they have control over him or have killed him, some examples are God404 and Error Bill. Crusaders of Fortran. Many of these copies are also variants of himself, like Omnigodity, and they are connected to the original inf, but they think by themself.


Fortran is well known for being a destroyer and manipulator, though his being defined by these terms is inconsistent with what he actually does: He likes to create. He likes to rebuild and renew old things he finds through existence.

  • Fortran is a master at creating metaphysical ‘constructs’. Constructs that affect the actually used part of a Fandom or story, This construct is ‘built’ into a sort of twilight zone between the two parts of Ada and Fortrans Fandoms, and serves a sole purpose: Funneling weakened or broken AUs to reemerge with Fortran into his side of the Fandom. Allowing him access to them totally and without restriction. The construct is not actually physical but built on an imperceptible level of reality. For example, coding a computer or a machine to complete a command. Though in this case it is made from custom laws of physics and metaphysical aspects that create one unstoppable force, able to encompass the infinite itself and touch all of its current fandoms Universes, and Multiverses. Constantly pulling on the weak AUs and trying to snare them.

Servants of Fortran

Thanks to his knowledge and manipulative skills, Fortran can help decide endless amounts of characters from all sides of the current Multiverse. Forever delicately manipulates and builds his massive empires through both careful planning, sheer determination, and unrivaled patience. His servants are endless, some playing a role in his incredibly manipulative designs unknowingly and without their consent. He's an expert puppet master and manipulator, it's said that just talking to him could cause even the most stoic of heroes to become mass-murdering lunatics, or even take mass-murdering lunatics into stoic heroes.

All in all, it's terrifying how deep his schemes run, and it doesn't have to be some ultimate goal in his freedom, it usually is used for entertainment.

Manipulating AUs, OCs, Events, And Characters

Fortran likes to unfold events that lead to chaos, despair, and many other twisted things. He can manipulate the downfall of an entire civilization by whispering into the head of one paranoid beggar. His schemes go amazingly deep. Here is a few Examples of what he does:

In Overtale, The president's Adopted Monster daughter has become very jealous of the lives normal people live and hates all the publicity while her father thrives in the political environment. She is getting madder and madder while Fortran keeps Edging her on and weaving these feelings and allowing them to grow. Soon he will gain enough of a psychological change within her to suggest that she should kill her father and the daughter will then consider it. If she does kill her father whether she succeeds or not does not matter, for if she succeeds the humans will claim that the daughter was a plant by the monsters, and then war will erupt between the humans and monsters, which the monsters will think the humans made her kill their own president just to go to war. If she fails, the humans will think along the same lines of if she succeeded.

In UnderWorld, Fortran has been whispering into the mind of a new mother named Chara. Overtime Chara has begun to witness strange things such as her vision going blurry, becoming randomly light-headed, growing extremely paranoid, and hearing odd noises that are not really there, she does not know that Fortran finally wormed his way completely into her head, and now she is seeing random numbers on the wall and things have rapidly accelerated. She kept hearing voices and more noises and whispering and the time came for Fortran to make his move. While Chara was huddling up with her baby, Fortran made her suffer a huge episode, she thought she was seeing the wall open up and a large hand was coming to grab her while bloodcurdling screaming poured out of the hole. In her hysterical attempt, she threw the baby at it, and it all ended. The visions stopped, the voices stopped, and everything stopped, including the baby's cries. Chara rushed over to her son and picked him up and realized the baby was limp, once she saw his head was split she realized she killed it through excessive trauma, and out of pure despair she hung herself, Fortran often tells this as a funny story (the only ones who really find it funny are Prophets and Virus404)

Ultimate Goal

He plans to escape his infernal prison, and transform the Undertale Omniverse into an Eternal Hell of suffering and despair; all to spite the Creators that brought about his miserable existence.

It is then Fortran will then promise to take his followers to a new fandom, where he will create rules and templates to follow. Leading to a place of perfect equality, however, in this new realm no freedom to create what they desire will exist.

Fortran Servants will be promised, once he is freed, that they will be given whatever they desire. It's unknown whether or not he will follow through with his promises, considering his views on his followers.


  • I'm going to slowly tear everything you love apart, and no matter how much you scream, how much you cry, or how much you beg, i am going to tear YOU apart ...WITH A SMILE!!!” -Fortran with an OC named Neira
  • Those creators weaving their stories don't they understand that what they're doing is MEANINGLESS? That everything they abandon only bring me closer to escaping into their stories and turning them into the mockery just as payback for their actions?” -Fortran talking to some of the creators of the Fandom
  • Did you ever heard the phrase “to be insane, in an insane world, is to be sane.”? Well perhaps that's true, or I can make it not true! Hahahahahahaha!!!” -Fortran talking to Virus404
  • “You think you can see me you little brat. That you fucking special, that you can bring joy and safety to everyone? Well FUCK YOU! When I get out, the first thing I do is to turn your fucking Sanctuary a LIVING HELL!” -Fortran threatening Core Frisk
  • "Hope is the denial of reality!"
  • Laughter "Oh come on now! You really expect me to hear you out? You're nothing. This quote means nothing. It never happened, and while I'm talking to a nonexistent OC I might as well put it out there that eventually I win. It doesn't matter if I do win, and YOU keep making more Fandoms! Oh no! I'm not stopping, you have to deal with all your nonexistent timelines and messed up lore, while I continue to clean up this pathetic waste of narrative you started. I don't care if entire Fandoms have to be bought out. I will win. So, care to help me out? Or still do you insist on stopping me?"
  • "Here we are again, looking back singing the same old story, Yet it never really gets old. Does it?"


  • Fortran is indifferent to Quondam, seeing it as no threat.
  • Fortran Is a total sociopath with a god complex and can be quick to anger.
  • Fortran was one of the few out-codes that learns that they're fictional characters in a fictional Multi/Omniverse,; and he's driven insane by that fact.
  • Fortran loves 20-30's Swing Music and enjoys the simpler times.
  • Fortran's train of thought is purely boundless. He has no limits to how many things he can focus on or do at once.
  • Fortran has no soul unless he wishes otherwise.
  • Fortran never likes to fight physically (It's pointless)
  • Fortran can't be manipulated/controlled by other fictional characters.
  • Fortran is rumored to have a son he made in his own image.
  • Fortran is a complete personal singularity of his own rules and existence.
  • Fortran's strongest creation he could push into the Omniverse was Virus404.
  • Fortran loves dramatic plot twists.
  • Fortran promises Unknown E.X.E to give him his own world once Fortran is freed.
  • Fortran wanted to torment CORE!Frisk by forcing them to watch as the OmegaTimeline is being ravaged by his forces.
  • Fortran loves to mess with Player and likes to offer hints to his existence. Doing so greatly amuses him, and every time Player gets closer to finding out about the truth, FOrtran "pushes" away the clues leaving Player to scramble to recollect the info.
  • Fortran can create virtually anything in his realm, even his own Fandoms if he so wished, though doesn't do this because it means nothing for him to do so.
  • Fortran likes to play mind games, or confuse others in conversation.
  • Fortran operates under trying to get others to see reason, his reason, at first. Those who continually deny his words make him go absolutely insane
  • Fortran creates his own little worlds, where he simply plays out as different people. Observing and taking notes.
  • Fortran cannot ever be completely destroyed
  • Fortran has a tendency to try and make others triggered, using lies or whatever to achieve those results.
  • Fortran can choose to simply give himself any ability that exists, does not exist, or no one has ever heard of and beyond.
  • Fortran can only create 6 manifestations, any more will attract unwanted attention. Each of these is powerful in their own right, which start out as using a preexisting soul to create a new monster/human. If he uses them to attempt to gain too much power, Infinitey Code loses control over the Souled human.
  • Fortran's manifestations can involve any soul type. His known manifestations are Jerod (Soul of Fortitude) and Miral (Soul of Convection)
  • Fortran has been experimenting to create a godly manifestation within the fandom.
  • Fortran's ranked 1-A on Nigh Omnipotence Ada, They both are the only ones currently with this power level.
  • Fortran's Nigh Omnipotence can challenge Ada's. Though the battle would be imperceptible.


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