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Fresh is a parasitic Out!Code Created by CrayonQueen/LoverOfPiggies. Originally conceived as a Joke character, they later went on to become a parasite that travel across the multiverse. Upon possessing their souls, they turned their hosts into a Vibrant Hip versions of themselves; as if the parasite is the concept of UnderFresh itself. The most common victim seems to be a Sans of shorts.



The victims of the parasite were transformed into a vivid mess of the aesthetic of the 1990s. Prime example was with Sans, as he’s often depicted with his clothes becoming vidid and and bright, and sporting a bright red cap backwards. The most common sign of possession lies in their YOLO sunglasses, which hides the infected soul that been slowly drained by the parasite.

The parasite itself appears as a purple semi-star shape parasite with 4 arms, with a mouth in the center. Said mouth has sharp teeth and within it were a single yellow eye with red pupil.


Due to their programming, they’re unable to feel any emotion other than fear and rage. However, their host often display a lax attitude and to have a go with the flow type of personality (then again, this was due to their apathetic nature of it all). Their fear was more of a survival instinct, and they often transfer from one host to the next to continue their existence. As a parasite, they leave their hosts intact; as they wanted to leave as many bodies ‘open’ as possible for later possession.

They’re very blunt, and where oblivious to their own action sometimes; even going so far to reveal the truth before they even realizing it. They’re very sensitive to language however, and will censor any vulgarities when they got a chance.


  • 90sFunk: they turn their victims into a mockery of 90’s aesthetics, complete with bright vidid colors and YOLO glasses upon possession.
  • RadCensor: they can replace any vulgar languages with his fresh words, like Rad, Tubular, etc.
  • Code immunity: Their host are immune to any form of tampering, especially from hackers like Error!Sans.



  • Fresh was heavily inspired by Dippy Fresh during one of the Crayon Queen's live streams.[citation needed]
  • Due to Loverofpiggies branching away from Undertale and creating her content such as Gloomverse, she has also created another series known as Lucidia. She plans to include both Error and Fresh in this series.
  • Loverofpiggies has stated that Fresh's birthday is the 20th April (a 420 joke) However Fresh is against drug use and pretends its the 1st of April (April fools day).
  • There has been debate on where or not the parasite can infect humans.
  • Due to his lack of emotions, he is asexual/aromantic.