Furōi is a flower monster the original experiment of Alphys' 'What happens when something without a SOUL gains the will to live?' experiment.


I wonder... What happens when something without a SOUL gains the will to live?
— Entry Number 8, Alphys, True Lab
The dust lays on top of a patch of daisies in Waterfall's Graveyard, as Alphys injected it with determination.

Furōi woke up, confused.

She wondered where she was, why she didn't feel her arms & legs, and what she was.

She saw in a puddle of water she was a... daisy!?

She called for help...

b u t n o b o d y c a m e .

Weeks went by, until another flower popped up - a golden flower.

This flower's name was Flowey.

The daisy - not remembering her previous name - decided to call herself Furōi! Furōi the Deijī!

She also speaks fluent Japanese.



"I guess it's up to us to get you a real happy ending."
She tries to be bubbly, even though she knows she can't feel.

She's happy (she tries to) & in between being good & bad.


"(* It's just a normal daisy.)"
-Narrator, Post-Killing Furōi
Furōi is a normal daisy, except with a face!

She was the Bēta-ban of Flowey.

She was originally [[3]].

In Battle


Furōi Battle

Furōi's Battle Sprite

Weapon: Vine Dagger - +12 ATK - A dagger covered with vines.

Armor: Royal Crown - +??? DEF - A small, little crown. It has a few vines covering it.


ATK: 12

DEF: ???

HP: 4,008

LV: 3

INV: Normal

Speed: Abnormal


"Howdy. Its me, Furōi. So... you killed everyone, huh? Even Asurieru..? ... I... I can't let you progress... this feeling, coursing through my roots... determination... it gives me the strength... TO BEAT YOU!" Pre-Battle, Genocide

"Howdy! Its the story's end, huh? ... its up to us to help you, keeping this universe stable! But, no pressure! Wait... what is Ajī DOING? Ajī!" "Oh, Furōi..." "What are you doing with those SOULs, Flowey?" "Um... nothing, Furōi... definitely NOTHING." "If you say so... well, we need to help the human get a happy ending & keep the universe stable! Or else... it'll revert to a... Nani mo egaka rete inai kyanbasu..." "A blank canvas?" "Sore o antei ni tamotsu!" "?" "Well, maybe it won't revert to a Nani mo egaka rete inai kyanbasu." "Well, its Omegafurawā time!" Pre-Omega Flowey

"H - human... please, for me... for us... for Azurieru to Torgore wa dōdesu ka?" "Idiot. You can't prevent ANYTHING, Furōi!" "F - f - flowey... *tears up*" Pre-Asriel

"Furisuku! Ko! Chīsame no yatsu! Please, wake up! Phew... I was worried about the little Ningen... phew! Well, Furisuku, Shōheki was broken by... someone." "Furōi, is the child okay?" "FRISK! WE WERE WORRIED ABOUT YOU!" "yeah. down to the BONE." "ERRRRR...." "Well, I don't know where Furawā went. We should try and find him. Than, you tell me what happened, okay, Frisk. I know it has something to do with Purinsuasurieru." Post-Asriel


  • Furōi is Flowey translated
  • Bēta-ban means 'Beta Version'
  • Furawā means 'FLOWEY'
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