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GameR is a human gone monster that has been locked away the The Darkness with his AU's Chara, partnered up with them to collect 3 human souls so they can escape the void they live in. His defense appears as 107, because of his beetle armor, as well as the layering of his red hoodie and jeans, and on top of that, his ninja pants and shirt. He also wears a Robot Hat as his hat vanity, as well as his sunglasses to hide his eyes. This character appears in the developing AU known as Terrariatale. He may appear in other self-inserts that have to do with him and his Discord buddies and all of that.


GameR would be described as a big brother sort of figure to most people. It has been known by many that he has had a bad past, which is why he never smiles. He also is a bit of a joker at times, but never really learns to laugh at himself once in a while. However, when his sister dies, he begins to crack a smile... which is a bad sign. The wider he smiles, the more dangerous he is. However, set aside from genocide stuff, he's a very caring person, despite having no one else care about him. He also has no sense of emotion. After being brutally beaten by his parents, he lost his sense of feeling for anything. Sometimes he's a bit of a joker, and a cheeky asshole, but he's still a good person. Sarcastic jokes and a couple of puns can come from his better sense of humor. Though he makes many dark jokes as well.

Phase 2

This ability comes into play when GameR's finely polished sunglasses are broken in half, revealing that he has no eyes, with that, they begin to leak black goop and his eyelights turn a crimson red, which where the real battle begins, his Terra Blades are changed to giant knives, the size of himself. He also floats in the air as he looks down at you with an eerie smile on his face. At this point, you're practically doomed. Unless you fix his sunglasses.

Shadow Dodge

This ability comes into play when GameR is slashed at, shot at, or even thrown a punch at. Two shadow figures of himself move to the side and come back after 2 seconds, giving him enough time to dodge another attack. However it takes a while for him to recharge this ability, so it has its limits.

Gallery of Powers


(Warning: This paragraph is going to contain suicidal content, and child abuse content. So if you are extremely sensitive about this sort of thing, then don't read this, if you aren't too sensitive about it, then read it if ya want to)

This story takes place on the surface. The number of years ago are unknown. GameR wasn't always down on himself, but everyone else was, except for his sister. She was the only human that cared about him. One day they went for a nice walk in the park to get away from their parents during a big arguement. However, GameR only brought a knife with him, mainly because he learned that humans often attacked him. But it wasn't a human that attacked just him. They were monsters, monsters that had taken cover during the war, and remained on the surface. The fox monsters had sprung out and captured the two. They retreated with the two in their clutches, deeper and deeper into the woods, GameR had known what to do. He reached for his knife and stabbed the fox monster in the leg, breaking free. He went after the one that had his sister. This monster was faster on foot than he was, so he threw his knife at the monster's head, but only hit a tree. He persisted to chase after the fox monsters, trying to reach them before he lost his stanima... but he was too late, he couldn't reach her on time, and they hadtaken the only person that cared about him. He begun to break down at the loss of his sister, walking back to his home, where impending doom awaited. He opened the door to see his father and stepmother there. They asked where his sister was, he told them the story... but didn't believe him. He kept on telling the same story. Eventually the father snapped and took him inside, and began to beat him bloody. The stepmother only watched, and smiled. His screams had entertained them. The only time they stopped is when his eyes had been beaten out... and he was blinded... or so they think. He had been building up hatred for his parents. His hatred became his source of sight, because his hatred became a source of magic. He was banished from his home. However, he had salvaged the house of his belongings and whatnot. Later, he travelled to Mount Ebbot where he saw a fox monster with his sister's scarf on... he thought it was too late to try to save her, he climbed up the mountain. But before he fell... he heard his real name... he turned around to see the fox monster for one second... the next he saw darkness as hell fell down.

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