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Garamond is a wandering Monster OC Created by KhaosOne. He is a unknown skeleton, who wanders around AUs seeking vengeance on the one who destroyed his AU, due to this he became a Out!code. Garamond possesses a unique SOUL, which is Gold (Vengeance), this SOUL color possesses the same abilities as Red (Determination) and Yellow (Justice), along posses some of black (Hate) abilities.


Not much is known about Garamond, it was stated himself that he only has fractions of his memory about his past, due to the void eating away at it. From the thing he put through with his memory, he knows that his AU wasn’t far in its history, stating it to be in the Stone Age. The most vivid of his memory was the day it was erased, seeing his brother Lato erased in front of him, along with everything he loved. But for unknown reasons, the destroyer never erased him, instead send him into the Void.

During his time in the Void, for who knows how long, the Void began to eat away at Garamond body, mind and SOUL. After some time, his life was coming to an end, as what was left was his head and hands, when he heard a voice talking to him. This voice, what he calls “The Entity” saved his life, giving him a second chance at life, along with enough power to kill the destroyer that Destroyed his AU. After these events, Garamond has traveled through many AUs and encountered those who inhabited it, but still never found the one who caused his suffering.



Garamond is a skeleton who only posses his hand and head due to the void eating away at him, his head is reminiscent of a Gaster Blaster, He attire consist of a dark bluish-grey/greyish-blue worker's hat, a greyish-blue/bluish-grey hoodie with a pale blue symbol on the front, bluish-grey/greyish-blue fingerless gloves, dark grey sweatpants, and black sneakers with yellow soles, yellow parts, and a golden triangle symbol on each side. His eye sockets also has a glowing Gold light inside of it, resembling eyes.


Despite the things he’s gone through, one would think that Garamond is a ruthless, cruel, and hot-blood being but he the complete opposite, as does not seem too psychologically affected by the pain he's endured, demonstrating a noble. Garamond has a very laid-back and calm person, rarely letting anything bother him as he “Goes with the flow”, though even he has his limits when it comes to patience with unreasonable people. However, if his companions or friends are harmed in any way, he is shown to be capable of extreme rage, with this rage being capable of scaring most people.


With his second chance at life and powers given to him by “The Enitity”, he's capable of performing feats such as:

  • Void Soul: Due to being exposed to the Void, Garamond cannot be killed by what is means, of course he can be damage, knocked unconscious and feel fatigue, but he cannot die from these things, as it will take time for him regenerate, usually depends on how bad his condition is. He can only he destroyed.
  • Supernatural Physiology: Garamond displays capabilities beyond regular monster level, capable of crossing large distances near instantaneously, and the ability to throw and punch objects considerable distances away. Additionally, he can unintentionally increase her physical parameters when under intense stress, such as anger.
  • Wraith: Garamond can use his rage as a multiplier for his physical prowess, the multiplier usually depend on how much anger he’s feeling.
  • Primal Blaster: Garamond’s Blaster is unique in appearance, unlike other Gaster Blasters that look nearly identical to the Classic Sans Blasters, his Blaster appears to be a Skull from a Dragon. it’s blast is golden in color. Garamond’s Gaster blaster is bigger, faster, and stronger than Classic Sans'.
    • Blaster King: Not only can he Summon Gaster Blasters, his head acts like one too, As it does double to damage of his Primal Blaster. He uses this in close Combat, using it when his opponent is caught off guard.
  • Blaster Portal: With the powers gifted by “The Enitity”, Garamond can travel anywhere in UAs and anyone else, through his Gaster Blaster mouth, which are used as Portals.


  • The character’s appearance was based off of Tabi, a character from a popular video game Friday Night Funkin’.
  • Although it appears that Garamond doesn’t have a lower jaw, he actually does.
  • Garamon's name came from the Font Garamond
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