"I'm Genny, Genny the Wolf." -Genny upon Meeting
Genny is the first monster met after leaving the RUINs. She is the laidback best friend of Red.



She is very lazy, and often falls asleep during work, much to the behest of Red. She often annoys Red with puns, and is seen to be apathic. She is, however, very observant, and follows the protagonist if Red is killed. She admits that she can't afford not to care anymore before her battle. She tells the protagonist she hates making promises.


She has light grey fur, with some from her head reaching her shoulders, and dark green eyes. During her battle, her left eye flashes aqua and cream. She has a fluffy tail.

She wears a red hoodie over a white T-shirt/sweater, black basketball shorts and red sneakers/slippers.