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Genoshura is a OC created by AshuraSans. He's a the Creation of Ashura and the adopted brother of Sans and Papyrus. He's considered to be Ashura's shadow that awaken during a Genocide route.


When Ashura started to become a "hyper creator," Genoshura became part of his creation. But then he became real. Once he fully came to know his "brother" (Ashura), he began to take over him at times when he couldn't defeat enemies or anything else relevant to this. Because Genoshura, of course, has the same abilities as Ashura, he can even separate himself from Ashura and form a body outside from his. Genoshura is a "Genocide Trigger," (this isn't real), meaning that he can trigger Ashura to cause geno actions without separating his body from Ashura's or just showing his own. Ashura cannot seem to have full control of himself when Genoshura does this.

Genoshura joined his soul with Ashura's, giving him the many abilities that he has.



Genoshura has a narrow scar on his face. His left eye is covered with a patch. He also uncovers his left eye when he is very angry. He wears the same thing as Ashura, except that everything he wears is black and red.

Red jacket, black shirt, black shorts, black shoes


Genoshura is aggressive, merciless and wreckless. Although he does behave aggressively, mercilessly and destructively, Genoshura can also be a sweetheart. Sometimes when he is separated from his host, he is as nice as him. Although he can even seem TOO nice, he still wants respect.

"Nothing (about me) changes." - Genoshura

He also respects straight-forward people. Unlike Ashura, if you lie to Genoshura, he will "punish" you, as he has the ability to punish also. His punishments are far more worse.


  • Hyper Punishment: His attacks will become more powerful the Hhgher their Opponents LV rises.



Ashura is Genoshura's host. Genoshura shows love for Ashura and so much that he will even fight for him. He shows respect to Ashura, for he considers Ashura as not only his close friend and brother, but also his creator. Genoshura also still wants respect from Ashura, no matter how much he loves him.


Sans never knew about Genoshura until one night, Genoshura separated himself from Ashura and tried to meet him. Sans was actually a little frightened by Genoshura because of what he thought that he was capable of just by his appearance and behavior. Like Ashura, Genoshura also loves to call Sans "skulldad." Even though Sans doesn't like to be called "dad" by neither Ashura nor Genoshura, he feels more comfortable with Ashura calling him "skulldad" because he thinks that Ashura knows "when to stop." However, when it comes to Genoshura, Sans feels even more uncomfortable because when Genoshura calls Sans by this name, Sans realizes the tone of his voice. Sans feels more uncomfortable around him, as he makes him feel like TOO MUCH of a real dad while Ashura knows that he feels embarrassed by the names. Sans even thinks that Genoshura is a homosexual because of how he talks whenever he speaks to him.


Like Ashura, Genoshura isn't really close to Papyrus. However, he has a nickname for him, too: sweetheart Papyrus. Papyrus doesn't really think that Genoshura is a homosexual, but he does believe that he wants more of a closer relationship with him as he does with Sans.


  • Genoshura has nothing but absolute hate for Chara. Chara even considers Genoshura her brother. Genoshura hates this.
  • Ashura's power is known as hyper CREATION. Genoshura's power as known as hyper PUNISHMENT.
  • Genoshura uses hyper punishment only if he wants to punish someone (technically speaking, in battle).
  • Genoshura's hidden left eye is a red pupil.
  • He can separate his body from Ashura's.