Geo is a skelebro. He's the brother of Sans and Papyrus, and he's the youngest, but the strongest.


When you meet him at the end of the Judgement Hall, he says:

"I saw it ALL. You dirty brother killer."

And then, you go in the fight.


His attacks are brutal.

  • Gaster Blasters are on the side of the box. He turns everything orange, then blue. Orange, then blue. Orange, then blue. Orange, then blue. And it's fast.
  • Bones are chasing you the whole way. It's his favorite attack.
  • He turns you blue. You jump over bones, but, then bones shoot down. So you have to align it - wait - NOPE. NO SCIENCE.
  • Still blue. He slams you up, then throws bones at you. 5.
  • The right half of the the box goes white. A bone chases you left, then stops at the right time.
  • Spinning cycle of DEEEEAAAATH!
  • I can't explain this one.
  • Friendleness pellets close around you.