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Gill is an Out!code created by BillSansTurk. She's a daughter of an alternate Bill!Sans. Her current whereabout is unknown.


Bill Sans marries someone someday, but she never loves him, she even hates him, she just wanted to have a son to replace him if he dies, but learns that the baby is girl. After hearing this bill runs away from home and leaves his wife pregnant. three months after the baby is born a girl is sans and Bill is very similar to the room grows as fast as bill one day, one day she loses his eye in the war, she lost her mother and this both upset her and gets angry and she sees his father while he is going to find the one who killed his mother, she realizes that he is her father because they are very similar. She fights with him but loses because her father does not know what to do because he does not know her father's powers, and her father does not want to kill her because she is a girl, she is his daughter and he goes away without killing her.



Sometimes she's a pranker, sometimes she's serious, sometimes she's a psychopath like her father.


  • Yellow Gaster Blaster: A yellow blaster they do a lot of damage
  • Yellow Bone: They do a lot of damage.
  • Blue Bone: If you move, you're dead.
  • Blue Orange: If you don't move, you're dead.
  • Blue Soul: Man or monster makes that soul blue, no matter what soul
  • (Special) Time stop: She has this power in his father, everything stops in stopping time, no one understands what happened as soon as time flows, he can stop the time for 10 minutes like his father, he can not stop as much as she wants, when the time stops, he can hit his enemy as much
  • Fire: too much damage


Bill Sans

She is very angry with his father who only saw his father once and fought him. She Will Never Forgive Him

Error 404 Sans

The girl sees him as her Father because in one battle gill was so wounded and 404 came and killed them all she loves 404


She sees Chara as his brother because both of them are almost the same and both love genocide and get along very well.

Ink Sans

She sees her neither as her friend nor her enemy as playful as room gill