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Gill is an Out!code created by BillSansTurk. She's a daughter of an alternate Bill!Sans. Her current whereabout is unknown.


Bill Sans married someone, but she never loved his wife, he just wanted to have a son to replace him if he dies. When he learns that the baby is girl he runs away from home and leaves his pregnant wife alone. She was born a healthy, happy baby and grew up to have a pretty normal childhood we won't document here. When the war began, she fought valiantly, but in the end she lost an eye as well as her mother. This upset her terribly. On the hunt for the man who killed her mother, she sees a mysterious man on the same path. She eventually realizes that he is her father and fights with him for leaving her and her mother alone. She ends up winning easily, her father doesn't know her powers, and he doesn't want to hit her. he thinks it would be ridiculous to hit a girl, anyway, she is his daughter and he ends up absconding without killing her.



Sometimes she's a prankster, sometimes she's serious, sometimes she's a psychopath like her father.


  • Yellow Gaster Blaster: A yellow blaster. no big changes from sans's other than appearance, but it does do more damage.
  • Yellow Bone: Again, the changes are mostly appearance and damage.
  • Blue Bone: If you move, you're dead.
  • Orange Bone: If you don't move, you're dead.
  • Blue Soul: No matter man or monster, you're blue now.
  • (Special) Time stop: She has this power in his father, everything stops in stopping time, no one understands what happened as soon as time flows, he can stop the time for 10 minutes like his father, he can not stop as much as she wants, when the time stops, he can hit his enemy as much
  • Fire: A whole, WHOLE lot of fire magic.


Bill Sans

She is very angry with her father. she's only ever seen him once, and that ended in a fight. She will never forgive him for leaving her and her mother after finding out she was pregnant with a girl.

Error 404 Sans

She sees him as a surrogate father to replace her terrible one. Once, Gill was so wounded from a battle she thought she would die. then 404 saved her and they became close from there.


She sees Chara as a siblng because they have lots in common, they both love genocide, and they've always gotten along very well.

Ink Sans

She sees him neither as a friend nor as an enemy, rather being a neutral acquaintance.