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Gochi Hand is an recurring Skeleton Monster by TalkingQueen. She's a sweet owl headed skeleton, who serves as a negotiator between Monsters and humans. She sadly died during the Monster/Human War.


Her life is ok, at least according to her. She was the oldest child in the house, and a bit to idealistics. She believes that not all humans are bad, a belief that's quite rare in her time. 

She dies after getting invited to a so-called negotiation banquet. In reality it was a set up for her and all the other monsters trying to keep the peace to get killed. 



Gochi Hand is a sweet owl headed skeleton, who enjoys baseball. She enjoys all form for baseball related things, and almost always wears a baseball cap. 


She is kind, but not afraid to be strict or put her foot down. She will not let herself be walked all over, but sometimes she has a bit of a problem seeing if she is being manipulated. 

Despite her talent with magic, she has never had a drive to join the Guard, since she has pacifistic beliefs. Instead of fighting, she usually tries to help any humans she comes across get away, especially if they are children. 

She is not the most observant person though, and doesn't realize just how bad the tensions at home are. She is just her usual self, even though it causes her to get yelled at sometimes. 


All her relationships are very healthy, except for the one with Satisfy. He knows that he can manipulate her, and so he does. Its not healthy, but most people cant see it. But all her pther relationships are very healthy. Her and her brother sometimes fight, but thatws just normal sibling stuff. With her friends, she can sometimes be just a little overprotective, but that does not mean that she always will try tp stop them if they are planning something stupid. She would most likely join them actually.