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"Chaos Chaos! I'm the god of Chaos!"
– God!Jevil

God!Jevil is an Out!code created by Sanszillanime. He is a destroyer that shows up in many AUs. His only goal is to bring worlds into chaos and madness.


He was originally in a normal Deltarune timeline but a glitch occurred resulting in God!Jevil. After this glitch happened God!Jevil destroyed his Deltarune timeline but spared Seam.



Due to his origins, he is Very similar to Canon Jevil, but his attire's colore scheme is altered, being dressed in half gold and half black. His hat is darker in appearance with a mouth at the center of the cap.


Due to his origins, he is similar to Canon Jevil but is a lot more insane and chaotic, wishing to bring the Multiverse into a perpetual state of chaos and (somewhat) destruction.


  • Teleportation: He can teleport anywhere
  • Chaos Inducement: His very presence can bring others to chaos and insanity... this may also apply to the very area around him.
  • Reality Bending: as the Jester himself always proclaims, He can do anything.


  • Chaos Devilsknife- Is much more chaotic and bigger. When used it shoots out many more Devilsknifes with more spikes.
  • God! Devilsknife- God!Jevil uses this to destroy universes (if necessary) or bring them into chaos.
  • Final Devilsknife- God!Jevil uses all of his attacks


  • Insanity
  • Order
  • Tasque manager's whip
  • Cats (and the cat element)
  • Boredom
  • Any Seam


Any Seam Au

God!Jevil has a soft spot for Seam, and will not hurt him at any cost. due to this, He will spare any version of Seam, regardless of their AU or personality.


God!Jevil highly disagrees with Error!Sans's reasons for destroying Aus, and believes Aus should not be outright destroyed, but be brought into chaos.

Other Jevils

When God!Jevil finds other AU versions of himself (including the original), he will help them bring further chaos and freedom.

Spamton (and alternate versions of Spamton)

much like how Deltarune's spamton despises clowns, God!Jevil despises any AU version of Spamton and will not interact with them in any way.