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Godesse is a powerful out!code created by DARTHOOM for use on Multiversal Adventures and Role-plays. She’s the personification fo the pure goodness that dwells in the hearts of the Creators. She was slain in an attempt to pacify the antagonistic Infinitey Code, but anticipated her demise and created three items to aid the creators against him. She’s now awaiting her revival.


Unknown Origins

It’s unknown how she came to be; but it’s theorized that she, like Infinitey Code, is an amalgamation of scraped ideas and concepts. The difference is that she accepted the circumstance she’s in and holds no ill will towards the creators, even though she knows about the true nature of the Undertale Multiverse.

Meeting of Infinitey

While Godesse watched the Multiverse bloom and grow in existence she witnessed Infinitey Code trying to rip into the boundaries of the multiverse to gain more of a foothold into existence. Driven by curiosity, and the desire to ease the pain of others, she decides to confront him. Once she revealed herself to him, Godesse tried to talk reason to Infinitey Code in attempt to pacify him. However he’s to enraged by the truth of the Multiverse to listen, and viewed her as nothing more than a naive child.

When she caught wind of Infinitey’s schemes, she’s shocked that such a being will go to great length to enact revenge against their creators, even at the cost of the Multiverse that she grew to love. So she started to form her own counter-scheme to prevent such a thing form happening. However, she realized that she’ll perished before the plan would go into fruition. To ensure that it would go on beyond her demise, she created three objects out of herself; a seed, a vial of rainbow paint, and an unknown item.

After sending the items to their intended destinations, she confronts Infinitey Code for the last time. Enraged by her apparent betrayal, he ripped Godesse of her powers and tear her apart in a savage fashion. Despite the brutality of her demise, she dies knowing that he at least have a bit of compassion with in him.

Secrets of Revival

Though the items she left behind helps protect the Multiverse and its Creators from the wrath of Infinitey Code, they have a secondary (more effective) purpose; if those three objects were to be united, she may be reborn with the powers gain form the goodness of the hearts of the creators, the multiverse, and its inhabitants. Once revived, she’ll imprison both Infinitey and herself in a world far removed from the Undertale Multiverse.