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Godessa is an Out!Code created by DARTHOOM  as the rival for Infinitey Code and former beloved. She is a protector of creation unlike Infinitey Code, and unlike him believes that the Fandoms are worth saving. She is the overreaching protagonist in the coming battle between him and the fandom.


Unknown Origins

During the first creation of undertale and it’s fandom, when imagination and creativity was just about to be born, Godessa first arrived to witness this glorious undertaking. Her arrival was marked by something Infinitey Code did not achieve later on; total self-awareness. Her total self-awareness was actually brought upon the fact her character had a lot more detail to her then code. Whereas Codes body had no face nor story, Godessa came with both of those things.

It was this divide where Godessa saw and registered a little more early on the fandom. Being the first fan character ever created, she witnessed reality and existence unfold to epic proportions.

Godessa was truly fascinated by this. And began watching things unfold. She was delighted at all the colors and shapes being formed. The echoing of ideas as characters were being made up and imagination being unleashed. It was this moment she vowed to let no one harm this beautiful thing she found so delightful, and to protect the creator's creations.

She waited awhile, and then witnessed Infinitey Codes full awakening. She approached him, gesturing to fandom Infinity and asking what he thought. Infinitey Code simply stared at her, making a spiteful response to how her enthusiasm was that of a naive child. His reply hurt her. She then tried to show him all of what they created. All of the hopes and dreams of the creators and the fandom, but Infinitey Code only saw chaos and a meaningless library of drawings. She attempted to persuade him, to no avail

It was her pleas that drove Infinitey Code to lash out at her, branding her as a bitch who betrayed him and everything they had together. Going off of his rocker. Godessa protected herself as best she could, defending herself from codes onslaught. Knowing her existence, and the fate of everything was at great stake to Infinitey Codes outburst, she quickly retreated to AU Prime.

In AU Prime, it once existed as a central hub for existence. The first and most pure thought that started everything. The idea for fan characters came here. It was this thought, an idea from the In-Game Sans from undertale said that helped spark the imagination. During its existence she used it as a focal point for her ability. And while Infinitey Code was distracted she cut the fandom in two. In the pure Yoctoseconds of this event Code was thrown back with this piece of creation, while Godessa drew the essence of every being into her side of the fandom while it grew. Infinitey Codes' side was distorted and twisted, due to his madness.

Yet Infinitey Code was able to still kill Godessa. Using his narrative abilities to construct a trap he long designed, and crippled her power. She was torn apart from the inside, as she was withering and being slowly being shredded, as she was dying, she sent three powerful artifacts from her design to the fandom: A paintbrush, Containers of Ink, and a Seed.

It was through these three objects that allowed her to continue her existence. Where she now lies in wait to watch and observe the universe. For now a spectator in its events.


Godessas goal is to stop infinitey code from achieving his goal. So then she might completely restore herself and bring back the free will of the fandoms. Totally annihilating his presence though the Verses and bringing order.

She also desires to forever protect and rebuild the fandom. To protect creators creations and their designs. Not matter what they make.



Godessa usually portrays herself as a six feet tall matured adult-like Frisk. All clothing she wears is blank white, along with her skin and hair. She usually wears a crown of multicolored flowers, with wrist cuffs and around her neck to be the same.

Godessa always wishes to look non-threatening to people around her. So her form will always look kind and innocent

Natural Appearance

Godessa can change her form at will, and has no need for a physical body just like Infinitey Code


Godessas’s is a positive and kindly individual, who accepts all those she encounters. She has a very bright and uplifting personality, though now it’s tainted by sadness and grief. She knows Infinitey Code cannot be saved. And does everything she can to stop him from finally remerging into the fandom.

Godessa is a protector of creation, and in return she is good. Yet does not stop evil characters from committing their acts, for she sees that as the creators will. And respects both the Villain and the Hero, even though she feels sorrow for every victim or plan that succeeds. She does her best to encourage them and others to be themselves, no matter what happens.


  • Godessa possess the ability to insert her presence into any reality. As well as watch and see everything (Omniscient). Her abilities are mostly undefined, for she is in a untouchable state currently. No one can harm her. Though she still has the potential to fully restore herself, and can control and manipulate the barriers between her and the fandom. As well as create indestructible shields. The most powerful and invincible barriers in existence. She can also attempt to use some abilities she has absorbed, such as her ability to control light and darkness, her ability to move objects, and her ability to possess beings. She might have more, though it is unclear.


  • Godessa is the Protector of all fandoms
  • Godessa was the once beloved of Infinitey Code. They shared a small story together once
  • Godessa is the final piece of the puzzle before Infinitey Codes dominion, since only one of Codes completed ability can exist. Sam goes if she kills Infinitey Code.
  • Godessa Like To paint and draw
  • Godessa enjoys the company of others, and likes to chat.
  • Godessa likes to stay under the sun
  • Godessa is in a ghostlike state.
  • Godessa knows the true fabric of existence, and can pierce all and everything in creation
  • Godessa defies those who attempt to try and belittles others characters
  • Godessa is known to have a sense of humor
  • Godessa loves drinking ketchup
  • Godessa likes to make puns
  • Godessa can exist and be in multiple places at once