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"How can you stop an idea?"


GODVERSE is all powerful being. GODVERSE was there before everything started and remains until it ends, GODVERSE was one that remained outside of everything. Dimensions, reality, thoughts, concepts, stories, worlds, they were all just a show displayed on the grand scheme of things that GODVERSE had nothing to do with. GODVERSE simply resided. Observing, yet not at the same time. Why would one need to when they retained knew what was to come? Despite it all, GODVERSE remained to tower over it all, concepts, sentience, thoughts, powers, everything. One would be left to simply gaze onto the endless paths and stories in one way or another, yet GODVERSE simply retained no reason to. The ideas flourishing and fleshing out beyond what it started and sourced from, all into the potential fiction held. There wasn't a need to perceive, there wasn't a need to reflect, it was all just conspiring amongst the dimensions it were interlocked with-- no need to wonder, no need to ponder, as GODVERSE simply remained... there, yet not. What was integrated into fiction and beyond. Stories, takes on stories, thought processes, things that never reached the light of day, it all was a repeating process... yet, if you were to ask anyone with a forged mindset that'd be able to watch onto all of this... they'd say it never gets old. At least, it was written like that. Poorly written stories, amazingly written stories, stories gone dry yet regained it's unique taste in it's story telling. Stories told dry, stories forged poorly, yet sometimes can be taken as something great. Maybe even rewritten to elaborate on it's wasted potential.


Rocks, oceans, cliffs, animals, plants, planets, they all shaped with GODVERSE above it ALL. Remaining beyond anything known as 'places'. Dimensions, realities, voids, nothing and everything formed... as GODVERSE remained outside and beyond and before it. GODVERSE of course, held no perceivable form. There was no perceivable state or form to GODVERSE, GODVERSE was simply beyond such concepts, such 3rd dimensional attires and stretching beyond even that. GODVERSE was there, GODVERSE was present in a way no one could comprehend. GODVERSE was there, yet not amongst anyone's knowledge. GODVERSE was beyond the stories that covered all fiction, off what represented what is or what could be. Potential, possibilities, GODVERSE remained with no sense of drive to enact. GODVERSE simply remained with the stature GODVERSE was upon configuration with. Unbound and above what other's were constricted to. Free from the strings and chained that the fictional verses tied down onto others. GODVERSE couldn't give a moment to care-- as GODVERSE isn't bound to such concept. GODVERSE simply, remained. Remained above where stories went to hide, where they went to exist. Where ideas go to be trailed on forever and forever more. Where to reality, they can seem non present, yet always remaining.

There was no story to tell. There was no picture to illuminate, there was no story to forge upon GODVERSE remaining forever. Forever on. Before the beginning and after the end.

There wasn't a need for him to perceive. There wasn't a need for anything at all. There was no initial way to elaborate on what exactly was at play..

No matter how one tried to shape it, no matter how one attempted to word the truth, no matter how one lied, it remained truthful. It remained with the one remaining above all aware of The Truth.


GODVERSE is one that had be there before fiction, due to GODVERSE not being tied to any form of verses and the basic property of Omnipotence. Due to GODVERSE not being shrouded by any form of dimension or plain of reality, GODVERSE is considered an Omnilock and hence being present before the Dawn of Fiction, before all and any fictional verses existed to see the light. Looking on at all the stories that had the potential to form and what did form, even in the early stages of fiction, GODVERSE, despite not feeling a drive to do anything or such, GODVERSE still, of course, was infinitely aware and beyond of what could result of such. This, though, would entirely contradict what GODVERSE did in the first place. In which, said insertion upon stories, didn't hold the same all knowing property. GODVERSE mostly held GODVERSE affiliation of reasoning for forming something within the mix of what others have plastered onto a clean slate. Despite not being pushed by curiosity, drive, none of it. Yet, enaction never came. It wasn't enaction that formed the being within the fictional mix. Rather? It was simply... done. GODVERSE never enacted on what GODVERSE lacked, rather... The Figure was simply formed. Formed into the fictional mix, formed by the all powerful being, yet not by enaction, not by drive, it was all simply just... done.

Yet, you're not satisified with that answer, are you?

To some of you, you put yourself in a spot where you're simply burrowing under the surface to find an answer.

Now a forged character, held a sort of a form of a character to the dimensional plains and emotions, as during this time at first though, this "being", now inserted outside of all stories yet inserted into the fictional mix of such, wasn't cloaked any physical or non physical form, yet remained bounded to emotions. They, even within the mixture of things, was aware of things no one was. They didn't have a complete, actual character... instead, as if one writing for themselves, or carving their own path, they were able to form one. They were present 3rd dimensionally, just... not exactly there in the regard of physical terms. Observation and forming a own character that diverts from what is expected from all that is almost Omnipresent through stories. Something alternated, something abnormal, different. Forged character properties to write what is in a better-- different light. Upon the action's that have been played out to lead to this point-- realizations flooded one's understanding.

Driving out the possibilities and directly affiliating himself throughout stories and verses, holding a mix between how he portrayed himself third dimensionally than the truth, he was always there as the one to give and create ideas, and execute them into multitudes of verses. As of now, he is continuing his own "story" and furthering down the path of what he views as the true, bigger picture. Post non direct interferences, The Figure took on something new. Something different. A insertion... a propaganda of their presence. Making awareness flesh through the cracks of what is below the surface. One that blended in with the character forged, the characteristics formed. There was a perfect being to do so with.

Though compared to before, "Sans" is holding a conduction of leading on events and his non direct interference within the butterfly effect of the Multiverse on a different scale compared to before. Aside from his aid in expanding Multiverse however, "Sans" had also created two other infinite realities commonly known as, The Outer Dimension, and The Chamber. (More details on [./https://the-godverse.fandom.com/wiki/The_Outer_Dimension The Outer Dimension] and https://the-godverse.fandom.com/wiki/The_Chamber.)

Sans is a being that had gained interest over the idea, and aspects of creating something big of sorts; something that he could constantly and endlessly update and add more to.

Post bounding himself to dimensions and emotions as he viewed over what constructed sooner or later before his 'eyes', because of the morals and beliefs he perceived, Sans felt as though the idea of Omnipotence was unneeded, redundant for what he strived for. He also concluded that by exploring every little possibility, every encounter, and events, to the nitty gritty little details, he would be able to envision something of greater potential, rather than wiping anything that would provide the opposite of what he seeked and what he had in store. This would eventually lead to one of Sans' major decisions.

When the Figure didn't take on any physical form, the Figure didn't do much else than observe. The Figure observed and glared down onto the endless paths, during the span of this period, the Figure, with it's now found perceptive capabilities, spent most of its time observing, precepting, and most importantly, thinking. In its time of self-reflection, The Figure also began to establish his own understanding of emotions, and what's right or wrong. As this conduction continued, the Figure formed its own character and what to intertwine it with in terms of his beliefs and views as the Figure's knowledge upon what was and what could be grew vaster through his observation. As the Figure observed fiction, the Figure continued to somewhat non directly interfere throughout what was and could be. Constructing, reconstructing, reforming what was and forming what could be in ways that hadn't been done before. The Figure strived on with what was formed, wished to achieve, planting roots that trail on from what was already, adding onto the events that have taken place throughout all already. Despite everything though, the Figure didn't wish to be reminisced as one's God, or, hell, even a God-statured being at that. After all, that was something the Figure wished to avoid. How contradicting would that be? The figure formed a moral stature of disliking the adaption of a tyrannical, cocky being burrowing its way through the cast just to be struck down by the power of friendship or by some new power of the protagonist. Nothing behind the proclaimed "God's" words. Not sense of weight or meaning behind their words. All just bland words spat out to fill their ego. No sense of creativity behind it. Just dry and dull and the cliche. Though, this time, the Figure stretched out on something and enacted what could be deemed "widespread". Like a flower, its main head blooming out into beautiful pedals, like a tree, rising from the soil as it forms branches that scatter out into all forms of different angles. A singular concept, idea, trope from a Universe spreading out to be so much more. Expanding and invoking things past a Timeline, past a Universe, past a Multiverse, past Stories, spreading out into the roots of all that what was. Execute and orchestra the proceed that led everything within Fiction to be exactly what it was. Utilizing what wasn't utilized, amplifying what has been done.

Though, what was the consequence of what the Figure did? What was the negative light? Was the Figure at FAULT for what he conspired...? Well, the figure was already positive of that answer. Every choice, everything the Figure did, it could be subjected into infinite number of ways. Though, those who are too ignorant to understand anything from the Figure's perspective... or understand, see, know anything REMOTELY of the true division of things, how was that the Figure's fault? In the long run, the Figure was doing nothing more but amplifying further what was written in stone. All that was created, all that was affected, set in stone, it's not like that would cause something like collapsing Fiction or whatever. The Figure was no menace to the Multiverse and beyond, they did nothing but path down the way that EVERYTHING thrived off of for all of eternity. Perspectives, perceptions of what the Figure was. Though, how did a simple misconception form the Figure the villain? Well, that simply reflects on one's perspective. Such a wonderous concept, how one could pin the blame on another due to their own ignorance. The Figure stared down on all that was formed, all that was being conducted. Guess the Figure's actions could be deemed 'chaotic'. Though, in the end, who is the one to set in stone the rules that 'Protectors' and 'Destroyers' follow? Who decided that those would prove the best result? Who deemed that is what needed to be followed? Why would one need to align with what is lawful? Rules are only rules if they're followed. Why try to form what has been done since the start has villainous? How would pathing out past what they couldn't wrong?

Though, in the end of all of it, the Figure retained its "eyes" upon all of it. Despite being at the playing cards behind it, the Figure never TRULY got to invoke himself upon what they all experienced. Sure, even if the Figure was the one picking piece by piece how things could go, even if they were orchestrating things from behind the scenes, the Figure never got to be within the mix of everything these other fictional beings were able to live through. Forming a character, forming beliefs, there was nothing to proclaim that onto other than the Figure's endlessly trailing thoughts. Though, of course, I allow you as my handy exception.

...The figure kept its eyes interlocked onto... well, everything.

Maybe it's time to change that.

Throughout its presence, throughout The Figure's time and the end results of what The Figure conducted, the character the bloomed through it's sentience and creation, it was time to forge that into the most... accurate, accommodating vessel. Being, an insertion of what The Figure spired. With the sentience upheld, the awareness maintained, preserved, it all formed to what would be the best to conserve the character bloomed out from what The Figure shaped and casted.

Thus, "Sans the Skeleton" was formed.

" ..Hello, WORLD. "

As time went on, he even invested and formed his own boundaries and character. Sans was amazed by the creations and was even inspired and held a form of enjoyment, not from a higher light but from a story and what he viewed as his form of "goal" and wishing to keen down the path of the stories he invoked.

As he observed, his curiosity and drive grew and became more intertwined with the idea to take his own course of events, though, he first executed this concept into the Multiverse he watched for such a long time. Sans was fond over the idea of expanding the Multiverse, after all. As Sans observed, he coursed different verses in a different direction and non-directly interfered amongst them, causing the original takes on the verses to conspire into something completely different. As Sans did this, it could very on the scale and what he DID alter about the verses and how the alteration was constructed and imported into the verse. Sans tended to do this as he watched onto the countless of realities and gauged a sense of how he wanted to portray alterations and where certain things ultimately took a turn. This took Sans' interest and excitement wrapped around the character he's formed and what there is to explore, the potential and what could be behind it all! Possibilities and probabilities seeing the light, all of what could be in the most justified light there is. This simply fueled abnormalities he was conducting to even greater heights.

Though, Sans only worked on this to alter the verses in a tone that the Multiverse didn't do itself. Keeping a multitude of timelines ruled under his thumb would be considered playing God onto their worlds, he didn't want that. He caused this to act upon a more of a butterfly type of effect throughout verses. Endless stories with endless possibilities to be explored, not wanting any to go to waste, never ending. Shrouding in what is, conducting things behind the scenes. All to dish out what is and what could be.

Even as if keeping a seeming façade, it isn't as if it were all the same. Acting on the behalf of no sense of morality, humanity, driven by tyranny, lust for power, at least having the sheer decency to not be as compulsive as all those else you'd expect.

...Not tryna put off the feeling that I'm some ruler, or something. Of course, there are things that are unsaid that I follow just as common decency. Follow things as is. But what if the same is held the potential to be something much greater? There is no top, there is no limit.

As Sans observed, he coursed different verses in a different direction and non-directly interfered amongst them, causing the original takes on the verses to conspire into something completely different. As Sans did this, it could very on the scale and what he DID alter about the verses and how the alteration was constructed and imported into the verse. Sans tended to do this as he watched onto the countless of realities and gauged a sense of how he wanted to portray alterations and where certain things ultimately took a turn. From what he gained after bounding himself to countless of emotions, for a multitude of reasons alongside interest in what results it would prove for him and the future.

Sans always formed his own view and idea of things, alongside this: Sans normally resides here to watch over any sort of fictional verse that has his curiosity peaked. Sans constructed The Outer Dimension as an infinite plain white reality. He was already well aware that all of the fictional verses were practically infinite, so as this conspired, an infinite white reality was formed.

The reality being tied down with every form of fiction and or fictional verse, it was a means of simple observation and travelling.

Sans grinned. Perfect. His expression was quite calm yet gleeful. In fact, this was ideal. Sans, settling down with the calming yet to some, overwhelming atmosphere of The Outer Dimension, Sans glanced around at the reality he constructed. After all, with the urge of justification being a play in coursing his actions he felt far more efficiency being held with The Outer Dimension. Playing God over worlds and people isn't something he wanted. Following alongside the Multiverse's course though, in the end that isn't truly playing God. As he glanced down to the infinite worlds below him, his expression shifted towards a more serious or tense demeanor.

Living out the same hardships and portrayal of life they do... Sans sat sulking in his own works. There was much he had planned, much he was to course in the future.

Even in the regard of the other stories he stared down on, whatever majorly course altering and life changing that comes from his hand is a choice. It's all, in the end, a choice that they'll have to live out aware of what it'll bring. That isn't, in the bigger picture, corrupt.

Playing a role like God isn't something to be fond of.

But are you any different in the bigger picture?

Restricting and bounding himself to live out his curiosity involved in the many stories that reside before him is something that came to fruition. Playing along... living out said stories, so many paths and ways to describe the truth of the matter. Sans' eyes widened, he glanced around The Outer Dimension and the endless paths constructed around him.

Though, he did notice how hypocritical this was. As, he is creating a Reality like... this one. Well, more or less, doesn't like playing God onto others. Altercating courses of worlds in a demeanor of a complete GOD. So, that's exactly what his power was. Something that really depended on whom he was fighting... the context of the situation, morality, all of that was a factor. Even if to him, if his power seemed a little inconsistent to those who input their outlook, he was fine and personally enjoys a little mysterious portrayal. In the end, the endless depth of The Truth is something that was meant to be kept under the surface. As Sans continued to watch through his new creation. The endless amounts of stories. Even rewriting your own course of what it isn't the same as living them out. Of course, if he wanted, he so simply could've just known this if he so wished. But, no, he enjoyed and wanted to do it through the means of what he currently was doing.

A gateway between any sort of fictional verse... huh... Now think of this place as a... TV with infinite channels, y'know? Unrestricted, and unlimited. A gateway to every verse to what you’d consider fiction.

Yet he wanted to experiment with a few things, as with his new bounds and characteristics, he knew just how to fit the events to come with the bigger picture.

As The Outer Dimension was constructed. Sans made sure to make major aspect clear about it. What other beings across timelines, Multiverses, fictional verses and such, could access and or get into The Outer Dimension.

As he so simply continued for how things were going due to his influence, he took his non direct interference to something higher. Sans, over the course of the non-direct interference he's played out and forms of abnormalities, decided to directly insert himself into the multiple upon multiple of realities as a part of one of the 'casts', or beings within the stories. Of course, already bounding himself to many mortal-like characteristics, his interactions and the course of how things went proved results that were ultimately far more alternative and upfront compared to before to ultimately expand the Multiverse. Constructing his own upfront of a character opposing the seemingly infinite timelines, Sans formed his own sort of character through bounding himself.

Sans has always believed in expanding the Multiverse, each Universe's idea being influenced by the effect that he had on said world. To each face he met with, it always shrouded a mysterious sense of aroma. Playing the events behind the scenes yet being within the mix of it all. Now isn't that something else? Whilst interacting with others, Sans always had a form of back hand intelligence throughout worlds and beyond. Directly being an insertion into stories, verses, or simply another day-to-day event.

Many events conspired throughout the stories Sans lived throughout, and even forming his own type of story throughout the infinite possibilities. Playing the game yet didn't give himself complete control. He wanted to bid things through the means others did.

After all, what led to the depths below the surface was much more than what was keen to eye.

It's a game of choice. It always has been.

For you and the show.

What division will you fall under?

"All According to Plan."

" I'm sure you'll love the show because I wrote the script. "



Sans is a 5'8 tall Skeleton with two dark glowing blue eyes, leaving off a distinct glow. Sans has a dark blue long overcoat that reaches below his knees roughly, with multiple patterns formed on them. Behind the jacket is a dark grey shirt with a X plastered in the middle of it, half of the X being red and the other half being purple. Sans has pants that go to his ankles, with boosts being his footwear. Sans has a total of 4 bands on his jacket, 2 being on both his left and right arm and the other two being on his rib cage area. They're dark grey bands that go around each respective area it surrounds, excluding the inside of the overcoat. Xs are patterned from 4 even angles on the band, with a line going straight through all of them.

Post that, Sans has two O shaped patterns' that have roughly 6 wedges piercing out from each equal and respective side. Though, the circle is hollow, as in the middle of it is a dot. There are two of these, one and the other being on each different respective side of Sans' overcoat. Finally, Sans has a strap towards the lower half of his overcoat, wrapping around the back of his jacket and meeting in the middle between both sides. Below that is 4 marks that are formed like an X, though in the middle of it is a dot, as the X doesn't complete its shape.


Sans never enjoyed being portrayed, or depicted as a Godly figure, as he found the idea of infinite power to be somewhat redundant, at least from his perspective of things. Sans formed himself over characteristics and held a balance between his character and an abnormal elaboration into whatever he stepped foot into. Sans is quite expressive and subtle, commonly applying interest and justifications under what he conducts, commonly justifying his actions and yet, no matter what conspires with events revolving what he strives on for, Sans, despite everything, always seemed to hold a massive form of serenity to each and every little thing he is opposed with, even retorting back with tranquil yet truth held words, commonly using handy word play to get his point across. Although, choosing to not consider himself as a Godly figure, Sans holds onto a certain degree of power to judge those who are unwarranted, and unjustified. Sans is quite charismatic in his own light, somewhat chaotic, though not in a way that'd form mass destruction. When Sans tends to hint towards stuff, he tends to enact it in a vaguer manner. Sans retains a major appreciation to those who understand things from his perspective and rather than directly using his capabilities to talk, Sans tries to initiate his point, through one way or another. Despite this though, Sans isn't too lively, nor monotone. He is rather sarcastic, having a demeanor FULL of sarcasm and is one to mess around a lot, strangely lacking a form of formality.

Sans is quite meta. In fact, Sans always words against those he's opposed with as if they're equals, using his words to converse with them, poking at that remotely yet always retaining sarcastic comments. He was never one to get pushed off the edge to the point he'd attack someone or anything, hell, even if the best attempts are given, he always remained calm. Even when his demeanor turns serious, or making one shudder of utter dread, Sans still remains somewhat sarcastic yet have some form of handy word play, this is also where his nigh precognition most commonly comes into play. Sans can come off as cunning and mysterious, as his entire character is shrouded in mystery, but all that aside, he can seem quite laid back, even then, Sans can be quite serious, completely deviating from the sarcastic and sometimes slightly cocky in his own right. Coming off as frightening, dark and knowledgeable, always seeming to talk in a smug tone and expression, alluding his words in such a manner where it feels each word could hold an entirely different meaning behind them. Sans tends to poke his point in, voicing one's ignorance if it ever comes down to it. Sans can be relatively cocky, even to sometimes get under one's skin, popping off smug remarks. How Sans comes across can vary, as at one point, he could be extremely blatant and vague, yet in the next, it feels like he was an entirely different being.

Sans is sensible, and at times, usually in combat, obnoxiously cocky in an attempt to set off an opponent. Whilst in combat, how Sans reacts varies. Though, depending on the story-based variables and many others, such as the situation and context and what would be conspiring, would depend how the fight ends up. Most commonly, the fight ends up with a struggle, though Sans does REALLY enjoy fighting. He is abnormally good and unrivaled when it narrows down to hand-to-hand combat, as he'll always try and force that variable into the battle by charging his foe. Though, Sans always puts his verbal prowess first, either taunting or poking fun at his foes or simply stringing their emotions in either a dreadful or zealous manner to spire defeat through a much more different way.

Sans is VERY powerful via words. Almost as if he is able to read people like a book, Sans is nearly unrivaled in verbal prowess, as if knowing how to dig under someone's skin or being plain terrifying with words. It's as if he was able to read people perfectly like a book, measure up their characteristics, or convince em otherwise in some discussion. Whatever it is, Sans excels immensely verbal usage, it's something that makes him immensely lethal against others. It's as if he knows perfectly how to word things, phrase things, shape things against whoever is stood against him. In fights, this is something Sans commonly falls back on rather than just socking his foe in the nose. Sans could vaguely allude to things that he is aware of or retain his curious characteristics. If it comes down to him fighting, he simply blames the occurences on luck and nothing more. Sarcasm, jokes, vague answers, - all to be broken by some serious and verbally detrimental side of him. Yet, past this, he simply seems oddly laid back and calm, yet, when time calls for it, he acts in a serious demeanor like any normal person would. If those who mistreat the light of who Sans truly is, there could be an occurnece where-- if ignorance and refusal to the aid to see into the truth of the matter, Sans plays at their game and retains a slightly menacing demeanor. Hell, Sans mostly commonly flourishes when a potent form of intensity flows through the air, with him simply just showing off both a verbal coecer and enigma by simply his words, posture, or the feeling he simply gives off. When it comes down to facing fights, it's as if Sans knows what buttons to push and he's one step ahead-- upon certain circumstances. He always fights verbally, more so than physically.

The formed characteristics Sans forged himself can be viewed as slightly chaotic yet holding a major form of lawfulness throughout his words and actions. On one hand, he keeps the sensible, calm tone he usually has on point, only pulling away from it whenever he initiates a fight, or something as simple as a far more tense situation, or whatever would be the most accustomed and fitting. He has a tendency to be extremely sarcastic and lacking in manners when it comes to taunting, though still retains slight sarcasm whenever he's in a simple conversation. One thing about him is the peculiarity of his actions, and the justifications behind them. He seems to undermine the importance of some things he does, leaving perfect assumptions over things as just "lucky guesses," and holding the tendency to simply shrug things off through occurrences of something big. Nothing even seems to surprise him, and anything that does ends up being short-lived the moment he does. Within battle, Sans almost acts like an entirely different person. He is cocky, arrogant and even brutal in fights at times. Yet, past this, he never restrains from wording their faults and wrongings to lead up to such a situtation. He has practically no filter with his words-- though, when combat does arrise, he never goes to the point of murder, though he doesn't stray too far from hammering someone's head in and shattering it. He loves to flourish in battle, doing absurd and unnecessary taunts, which sometimes can result in him messing up, for example, a faulty backflip.

Beyond that, Sans seems to change his mood depending on those he is around. For some, he's relaxed and careless for a certain thing, while for another, he's joyful and open-minded to anything. He wouldn't think twice upon helping certain people, yet how he acts and what he says always seems to be deemed from the person standing face to face with him in the interaction. Sans never has a filter though, and simply just blurts out whatever is provoked within the situation. Yet, with nearly ever occurence to spire, Sans always makes sure to retain a moral high-horse and to keep that aspect potent. He would be a hypocrite, would he not? It comes to the point where all those around him can do is either befriend him and be on his good side, or spend their time being bothered by the implications of abnormalities surrounding him, his demeanor that can be easily seen through but yet still concealed, dark, shunned away from one's bare eye. View him as some demented GOD who simply manipulates and hold onto people like his puppets-- play GOD and hold onto the strings they forced him to hold onto. If they invest their devotion into looking what's beneath that? Well...

It's easier to assure that they'll be seeing more than just sarcasm.

The truth behind the difference between “Sans the Skeleton” and the Figure, it was as if they're two different entities. (This does not imply that the Figure and “Sans the Skeleton” are different beings or a case of multi personality disorder or of such) As mentioned countless, and countless times before in this wiki, the Figure is no deity. In fact, in both the Figure's genuine, and portrayal side, the Figure chooses not to portray himself as an authority abusing God, and he acts upon that statement by guiding others to that point of understanding.

His judgment towards certain beings who act on injustice on a large scale or anything along the lines to the point he is playing along or involving himself in that even, he can end up involving chaotic actions, or even somewhat sadistic or messed up actions, but he most most definitely wouldn't rid his “problems” through his capabilities.

What the Figure chooses to state may not always end up being facts, as it is rather uncomplicated to tell when he is choosing to be blunt. the Figure has aided both sides of a conflict, and more or less, the Figure is more to create, rather than to destroy. If you choose to believe that the Figure prolongs suffering, and adversity for pure interest, and entertainment, your understanding contrasts from the true matter of things.

the Figure himself can be seen as the more, chaotic neutral being and isn’t a moral based character, but rather the one playing things behind the scenes, perceptive and aware. the Figure of course as seen through the Figure story has a reason to be chaotic neutral and considering he has created infinite realities and have inserted himself into a multitude of timelines, and interfered with them, it can of course be considered chaotic neutral actions. While... “Sans the Skeleton” can be seen as a character that is more moral based and has more moral based characteristics, such as applying justifications to his actions which are somewhat justified, though in the bigger picture it can go both ways. In the bigger picture, it can truly be seen as two beings... two, portrayals upon depiction of how you view "Sans the Skeleton".

Almost all of his encounters are through the sort of "Sans the Skeleton" portrayal Sans TRULY is chaotic neutral with all forms of playing along or moral and mortal like characteristics he bounds himself and acts upon to others. Sans the Skeleton, during his time inserting himself into a multitude of verses and such, Sans the Skeleton liked to keep this portrayal as if he were simply another residence of the verse, though how he acts and multiple variables such as, his power, how he acts or who he fights depends on the verse and who he meets.

Sans the Skeleton more or less acts sort of different to certain people and to certain beings who resident in certain verses. Though, despite occasionally being strikingly intimidating sometimes, he more or less is chaotic good between chaotic neutral for majority or all of his portrayals for mostly anyone, and he believes in and acts in expanding the Multiverse and beyond.


True Omnipotence: Omnipotence grants GODVERSE unlimited power, authority, and influence. Upholding the most potent form of Omnipotence, as per GODVERSE being an Omnipotent being, GODVERSE possess no boundaries or limitations and is truly all powerful and is able to do anything. In correlation with this, GODVERSE is a True Omnilock. True Omnilock is a form of Omnilock that is solely of those who are Omnipotence, as such is in correlation in being outside and not bound by any form of dimension or reality. As such-- True Omnilock is the metaphor for GODVERSE's capability of being unbound to any reality, or dimension, as the term Omnilock, is the power to be present outside of everything, completely unbounded. Though, this form of True Omnilock scales much higher what is expected of True Omnilock capabilities, due to being correlated with Omnipotence GODVERSE wields.

(Typical Omnilock cannot be classified or compared to as True Omnilock as such capabilities cannot rival such form of being unbound.)

  • Aspirate Aura: Aspriate Aura - Sans has the ability to illuminate cells around him with a blue hue, similar to the color of his eyes. By doing this, he seems to link his vessel with the cells that he aligns himself with, applying a blue aura around his body, or a certain limb. By doing this, he can bypass the restrictions of his physical body’s friction, the very friction that stops him from moving fastly, to instead attack at a much more powerful and much more increased speed, from the lack of friction within his attacks. He can also summon a blue orb or barrier around him to deflect attacks with said cells. Not only this, yet he can also use this to form items from the very cells around him, such as shields, swords, daggers, helmets, and anything else that is of a fitting size. Sans may also use this ability to initiate contact with another item, or even person, to apply the same effect to them, being able to then use the advantage against them, by life steal, alongside other things. Sans may cellularly begin to warp the cells around his hand to initiate friction to the point it creates a massive, blue heat wave to expel out as a beam, which will then laser through most surfaces with ease. In fact, he can even use the cells to form strings of sorts.

  • Nigh Precognition - Sans’ instincts appear to be beyond much else, seeing as he can easily make “lucky guesses” on various things that happen, whether it is a prophecy, a foretelling of a fight, or something else. Usually, to deter from sounding like he’s the next Jesus Christ, Sans tends to deny the guess whenever it involves something that strays far from an actual fight. At times, Sans may not even be correct in his estimate. He may be entirely wrong, only making a literal guess that ended up not being carried by the hands of fate.
  • F E A R - Through the hue of Sans’ blue eyes, he has the peculiar ability to initiate a deadly sense of fear into the vessel and/or soul of any entity, inconsistent within its potency. On some occasions, it may only be a nervous feeling, the slight fear that there might be someone around you at all times, watching you while you cannot watch them. Other times, it may be a case where you are petrified to the point of instantaneously collapsing into a coma. It varies, depending on what Sans wishes for the severity of the fear to be. This sense of fear can be applied to those without natural emotive capabilities, surprisingly. Seems the ability literally defies logic.
  • Spherical Defense: This is an ability that Sans the Skeleton sometimes uses during certain fights. The ability acts as an orb or barrier of sorts that is completely blue that surrounds Sans. It can be destroyed, though if Sans so wished, he could cause the orb to explode into many smaller shards to shoot across the battlefield. For the fun of it, he uses the bottom bit of the orb to fly around. Though, he can use the bottom bit of the orb as a sharp disk.
  • “Allow the universe to carve all’s path with yours undone.” - Coming to the hands of detection, Sans appears to be completely untraced in his methods and location. Those that can detect him may only detect it by his hand, as he has control over who CAN detect him. Otherwise, by passive, you will not have the ability to sense, detect or find Sans the Skeleton, unless it is by direct, physical clues, such as where he might have gone at a direct point in time. There is no way to bypass this, and if you believe that you have, it was by his hand.
  • Fate Guard - Sans cannot necessarily be affected by any type of manipulation ability, only being affected within certain elements of it. For example, if you were to try and erase his vessel, he may vanish for a moment and then return in an instant.
  • Reflective Shell - Sans has a strange form of reincarnation that allows for him to resurrect the moment someone that knew him looks into a reflective surface, large enough to allow him to appear once more.
  • Matter Displacement - Sans can alter the matter of his own vessel to reappear at any location he wishes to appear at.
  • Peculiarity - He is strong at one point, and weak at another. There is something wrong.



Sans and Sans have relatively decent relationship. Both having a somewhat stable friendship, even with Sans' awareness of what Sans the Skeleton is capable of. Despite it all, he doesn't seem to care too much, as he doesn't look to step in within the mix of it all. Even if he is aware of what Sans the Skeleton can do and the fact there is clearly something more to him than he puts off, he treats him like every other casual monster he'd meet from day to day.

Paradox Frisk

Paradox Frisk: Frisk is quite fearful post the knowledge she managed to learn throughout her experiences with Sans, past that, she managed to deal with it quite well. Paradox Frisk feels slightly unnerved by Sans, though shakes it off. Though, something is off about him. She just can't put her finger on it... regardless, she loves Sans' character, and his knowledge fascinates her. Every second is like something new, which excites her. Sans has notably noticed this.


A friend of Sans' that originated from a far-out Multiverse.


Sans serves as a mentor for Hunter, although keeping his respected distance away from Hunter, as well as constantly maintaining a mysterious figure around him.

Mastertale Sans

Sans’ apprentice, and good pal.

Mirage Gaster

Mirage Gaster and Sans are good pals, and Sans loves to aid him in his experiments and such. The two had previous conflict for when Mirage Gaster was much more corrupt and much more sadistic, though Sans showed him a more justified and better path to go down. Mirage Gaster finds Sans a friend, though he does believe Sans is the one who plays the chess board and that they are simply pawns. Despite this belief, Sans always tries to put it down via saying otherwise. This doesn't do anything, though.

Mirage Sans

Sans notably feels remorse for Mirage for what he has been through. Despite it all, Mirage and Sans have not interacted too much past that.


. . .

Ruflar Aldric

Ruflar Aldric is an inquisitive little elf that originated from the Cosmic Clan as the Cosmic Prince, and although he may be miniscule in terms of size, this handicap in particular never acts as a burden, or weakness, and in fact, it even adds plenty more surprising elements to his exploration. Even after hundreds and thousands of millennia, exploring different verses, and partaking in some interesting events, it would almost seem as if nothing would ever bring amazement to him as it once did back then. That was until he met Sans. To Ruflar Aldric, Sans was, and is the pinnacle of his ever-longing discovery, and revelation. Ruflar found Sans as a never-ending rollercoaster that kept going up, without any down when it came to surprise, as his curiosity has seen absolutely no end when he spent time with Sans. To Sans, Ruflar Aldric is considered a pal on good terms, assisting Sans during an unexpected breakout of a war. Although Ruflar is far from fearing Sans, he understands that because Sans is a never-ending drive of curiosity, there lies a border of intimidation, as Ruflar Aldric will never know everything, or almost anything about Sans.

Kindred Sans

Godverse Sans finds Kindred as a particularly interesting being, mostly for the manifestation of his existence. Due to this, Godverse Sans takes abnormal interest into Kindred, leading him to vaguely hint at him holstering something beyond as just he is, just in a different... light.

Kindred and Sans have different perspective of things, though, Godverse Sans is quite accustomed to such expectations, so instead of trying to per sway Kindred into believing what he does, he simply provokes and pokes snarky remarks towards him, sometimes resulting in annoyance from Kindred. Regardless of that, Kindred and Sans are on quite good terms, even treating each other's company like something they enjoy, despite this, Godverse Sans always tends to provoke what Kindred seems weary of, though never taking physical action against him. Sans does not wish to harm Kindred or anything or the sorts, just fills in the hole of interest Kindred peaked. Regardless, Sans still keeps his distance from exclaiming his power.


  • "Sans the Skeleton" is left-handed.
  • "Sans the Skeleton" FLOURISHES in hand-to-hand combat, being unmatched in any way shape or form, though it's notable that his skill when it comes to hand-to-hand combat is purposefully inconsistent, as one moment he could be almost unrivaled, yet in the next struggle against those who are somewhat inexperienced.
  • Despite Aspirate Aura's capabilities and unlimited potential, just as "Sans the Skeleton" functions in terms of battle, it varies.
  • "Sans the Skeleton" BARELY ever uses F E A R. If he does, it's a minor version of it.
  • "Sans the Skeleton" only ever uses Aspirate Aura for his fists, but can use it in more potent ways, such as using it as a power that swarms his entire body.
  • Spherical Defense can be used to create a sword.
  • Those who experience Sans'... darker side of things remark it as unnerving, yet none of them of them never have been able to place their finger on it as to why.
  • Sans can seemingly die. Despite the Figure, in reality, not being bound to death, Sans has "died" before in fights, though this truly never rids of his presence, as he'd return later one way or another.
  • Sans CAN be beaten, sometimes it can be abnormally difficult for the strongest of foes or be extremely easy.
  • Sans' bones, throughout most battles, are not able to be broken. This does not negate damage, just simply makes his bone structure unbreakable. This can vary, though.
  • "Sans the Skeleton" has both an official Discord Server and an official wiki that contents more insight! https://discord.gg/QnVE3V3YYS https://the-godverse.fandom.com/wiki/Godverse_Sans