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"Now tell me, how can you stop an idea? Everything has potential to be something greater.. or bigger than portrayed. Every beginning, every small idea, detail, aspect, could be a start to something.. big."
– Godverse

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Godverse Sans is a being that had gained interest over the idea, and aspects of creating something big of sorts; something that he could constantly and endlessly update and add more to.

Because of the morals and beliefs he perceived, Godverse Sans felt as though the idea of possessing Omnipotence was unneeded, and uninteresting. He also concluded that by exploring every little possibility, every encounter, and events, to the nitty gritty little details, he would be able to envision something of greater potential, rather than wiping anything that would provide the opposite of what he seeked and what he had in store. This would eventually lead to one of Godverse Sans' major decisions.

Godverse Sans had existed before all of fiction. In fact, he was always there as the one to give and create ideas, and execute them into multitudes of verses. As of now in the present, he is continuing his own "story" and furthering down the path of what he views as the true, bigger picture. Though compared to before, Godverse is holding a conduction of leading on events and his non direct interference within the butterfly effect of the Multiverse on a different scale compared to before. Aside from his aid in expanding Multiverse however, Godverse Sans had also created two other infinite realities commonly known as, The Outer Dimension, and The Chamber. (More details on The Outer Dimension and https://the-godverse.fandom.com/wiki/The_Chamber.)

It has been recently revealed that Godverse Sans had originally existed alongside The Godverse (The Verse Itself), and that the Verse existed during the time period of the Dawn of Fiction. It is still currently unknown on whether Godverse Sans created The Godverse.

As per of his capability alongside his power, Godverse Sans existed before all fictional verses.


When Godverse Sans used to inhabit The Godverse, he was the sole occupant of the Verse. During the span of this period, Godverse Sans spent most of his time observing, precepting, and most importantly, thinking. In his time of self reflection, Godverse Sans also began to establish his own understanding of emotions, and what's right or wrong. As this conduction continued, Godverse formed his own character and what to intertwine it with in terms of his beliefs and views. As Godverse observed onto fiction, he continued to somewhat non directly interfere with original courses of timelines in takes that wouldn't be taken as 'Playing GOD'. After all, that was something he wished to avoid. How contradicting would that be? To be against such a concept and yet become said term. Godverse ultimately altered timelines to stretch out a butterfly effect into the seemingly infinite plains. As time went on, he even invested and formed his own bounds and character. Godverse was amazed by the creations and was even inspired and even held a form of enjoyment, not from a higher light but from a story and what he viewed as his form of "goal".

As he observed, his curiosity grew and became more intertwined with the idea to take his own course of events, though, he first executed this concept into the Multiverse he watched for such a long time. Godverse was fond over the idea of expanding the Multiverse, after all. As Godverse observed, he coursed different verses in a different direction and non directly interfered amongst them, causing the original takes on the verses to conspire into something completely different. As Godverse did this, it could very on the scale and what he DID alter about the verses and how the alteration was constructed and imported into the verse. Godverse tended to do this as he watched onto the countless of realities, and gauged a sense of how he wanted to portray alterations and where certain things ultimately took a turn. This took Godverse's interest and excitement of abnormalities he was conducting to even greater heights. Though, Godverse only worked on this to alter the verses in a tone that the Multiverse didn't do itself. Keeping a multitude of timelines ruled under his thumb would be considered playing God onto their worlds, he didn't want that. He caused this to act upon a more of a butterfly type of effect throughout verses.

As his interests for how things were going due to his influence, he took his non direct interference to something higher. Godverse Sans, over the course of the non direct interference he's played out, decided to directly insert himself into the multiple upon multiple of realities. Of course, already bounding himself to many mortal like characteristics, his interactions and the course of how things went proved results that were ultimately far more alternative and upfront compared to before to ultimately expand the Multiverse. Constructing his own upfront of a character opposing the seemingly infinite timelines, Godverse formed his own sort of character through bounding himself.

First, after he already bounded himself to mortal like characteristics, Godverse constructed a Reality known as THE OUTER DIMENSION. (More info can be found at this page), though this only conspired after Godverse spent quite a lot of his time gauging over timelines and fictional verses, and overall gauging how the course of the verses went.

As Godverse observed, he coursed different verses in a different direction and non directly interfered amongst them, causing the original takes on the verses to conspire into something completely different. As Godverse did this, it could very on the scale and what he DID alter about the verses and how the alteration was constructed and imported into the verse. Godverse tended to do this as he watched onto the countless of realities, and gauged a sense of how he wanted to portray alterations and where certain things ultimately took a turn. From what he gained after bounding himself to countless of emotions, for a multitude of reasons alongside interest in what results it would prove for him and the future.

Godverse normally resides here to watch over any sort of fictional verse that has his curiosity peaked. Godverse constructed The Outer Dimension as an infinite plain white reality. He was already well aware that all of the fictional verses were practically infinite, so as this conspired, an infinite white reality was formed.

The reality being tied down with every form of fiction and or fictional verse, it was a means of simple observation and travelling.

Sans grinned. Perfect. His expression was quite calm yet gleeful. In fact, this was ideal. Sans, settling down with the calming yet to some, overwhelming atmosphere of The Outer Dimension, Sans glanced around at the reality he constructed. After all, with the urge of justification being a play in coursing his actions he felt far more efficiency being held with The Outer Dimension. Playing God over worlds and people isn't something he wanted. Following alongside the Multiverse's course though, in the end that isn't truly playing God. As he glanced down to the infinite worlds below him, his expression shifted towards a more serious or tense demeanor.

" Living out the same hardships and portrayal of life they do... " Sans thought for a moment. There was much he had planned, much he were to course in the future, but does that make him GOD?

Or is that just how you play the game with the hand you're dealt?

Depending on your choice and how you live it out, who knows if you'll find out any time soon.

Even in the regard of the other stories he stared down on, whatever majorly course altering and life changing that comes from his hand is a choice. Ultimately, a choice that they'll have to live out aware of what it'll bring. That isn't, in the bigger picture, corrupt.

Playing a role like God isn't something I'm fond off either way.

But are you any different in the bigger picture?

Either way, restricting and bounding himself to live out his curiousity involved in the many stories that reside before him is something that came to tuition. Playing along... living out said stories, so many paths and ways to describe the truth of the matter. Sans' eyes widened, he glanced around The Outer Dimension and the endless paths constructed around him.

Though, he did notice how hypocritical this was. As, he is creating a Reality like.. this one. Well, more or less, doesn't like playing God onto others. Altercating courses of worlds in a demeanor of a complete GOD. So, that's exactly what his power was. Something that really depended on whom he was fighting.. the context of the situation, morality, all of that was a factor. Even if to him, if his power seemed a little inconsistent to those who input their outlook, he was fine and personally enjoys a little mysterious portrayal. In the end, the endless depths of The Truth is something that was meant to be kept under the surface. As Godverse continued to watch through his new creation. The endless amounts of stories. Even rewriting your own course of what is isn't the same as living them out. Of course, if he wanted, he so simply could've just known this if he so wished. But, no, he enjoyed and wanted to do it through the means of what he currently was doing.

" A gateway between any sort of fictional verse.. huh.. Now think of this place as a.. TV with infinite channels, ya know? Unrestricted, and unlimited. A gateway to every verse to what you’d consider fiction. "

After Godverse Sans' time watching and learning in The Outer Dimension, he took it upon himself to DIRECTLY step in timelines and interact with them, instead of non directly. Making sort of 'friends' and meeting new and other people along the way, this has been his first time in a while talking with other 'mortal' like beings, or those bound by timelines. Godverse Sans enjoyed his time talking and interacting with the timelines he has interacted with along side the infinite others yet to be explored. This fascinated Godverse, and deep down he wanted to explore throughout every little detail in each timeline. He was always one to enjoy the small things, anyway.

..Yet, he wanted to experiment with a few things, as with his new bounds and characteristics, he knew just how to fit the events to come with the bigger picture.

..As The Outer Dimension was constructed, Godverse Sans made sure to make major aspect clear about it. How other beings across timelines, Multiverses, fictional verses and such, could access and or get into The Outer Dimension. More info on that can be found in The Outer Dimension page.

Godverse decided to act on what his curiosity was so piqued about. Over time, Godverse explored and executed ideas into fictional verses that he personally enjoyed and found interesting.

Godverse has always believed in expanding the Multiverse, each Universe's idea being influenced by the effect that he had on said world. Though Godverse Sans is not bound by timelines or Multiverses, since there cannot be more than one of him unless done so by his influence (similar to 'avatars' or of the sorts). However, Godverse always does tend to find loopholes with these types of things when directly interacting with timelines, Multiverses, of even fictional verses in general. Overall, during his time playing along in these verses, or executing ideas of the sorts, Godverse will always keep a mysterious like portrayal. In the end, Godverse enjoys to constantly expand the Multiverse and play along with abnormal events throughout the Multiverse, even some of which, being done because of his doing.

Godverse Sans never elevated with playing God or forming some form of authority onto anyone else. If anything, he presented himself as another simple repressive of their verse. He would involve himself considerably in certain ways, Godverse Sans makes his decisions based off his idea on the Big Idea, and his prior understanding, and sense of proper judgement. Because Godverse Sans chooses to play along, and interfere in certain AUs, or events in different ways, he rather enjoys watching how things will play out after displaying slight influence, or revealing direct interference. Fortunately, all of Godverse's direct intervening, and influence are well thought out, and purposefully done. In fact, Godverse Sans learned a majority of back-hand knowledge through his time from The Chamber while performing "practices", and "rehearsals" in different replicated AUs, and verses, before he directly stepped into Universes and practically inserted himself as apart of that reality. Though, The Chamber's been used for Sans in a multitude of ways throughout his time within the Multiverse and beyond. The Chamber acts as a form of sandbox type of plain to the degree that there are practically endless ways it can be utilized. Despite its emerging properties, The Chamber normally takes form of a city.

Many events conspired throughout the stories Godverse lived throughout, and even forming his own type of story throughout the infinite possibilities.

Godverse Sans soon coursed something different. Something exponential compared to before, though this didn't derail Godverse's attention from rewriting what was in stone before hand.

Hell, even events that was pre-orchestrated for him to conduct the show with. Putting on the show for the bigger picture is something he was all too fond of anyway... even further more, since he was the Dealer. His decision never suggested he lost interest over his past attractions, he just had other concerns to deal with, such as the bigger picture. Even with this truth in mind amd moving onto said bigger projects, Godverse Sans can still be found enjoying the small aspects in life, such as staring out into the ocean, or standing up on tall buildings, peering out at what is below.

Altercations occurred throughout the main division of the events pre-determined, the bigger picture of things proved this contrast.

After all, what led to the depths below the surface was much more than what was keen to eye.

It's a game of choice. It always has been.

For you and the show.

More info to answer some potential questions on the The Godverse Wiki.

"All According To Plan."

“ The Liar, The Misjudgment, The Wronging, The Miscalculation. The Worn Shield From The Truth. You can't keep lying to yourself forever. "


More questions and info and such can be answered here!



Godverse Sans is an 5'8 skeleton with two intimidating glowing blue eyes, he has a long dark blue jacket that reaches down to a bit below his knees. Godverse Sans has many designs and details on his jacket, such as two bands, or, slashes type looking things on both sides of his arms with an X on them, and the same band around his rib cage area on his jacket. Below that, is a circle like design with spikey looking things poking out and a dot in the middle on both sides of his jacket, and two disconnected like X's with a dot in the middle on his jacket. Godverse Sans also has a shirt, that, is completely dark grey, and has a half purple half red X going across it. There is also a band / strap looking thing that half circles around Godverse's back and so.


Godverse Sans never enjoyed being portrayed, or depicted as a Godly figure, as he found the idea of infinite power to be unenjoyable. Godverse Sans intentionally bounds himself to certain characteristics, and emotions as a way to experience interest, and the feeling of being normal, and more mortal like.

Although, choosing to not consider himself as a Godly figure, Godverse Sans holds onto a certain degree of power to judge those who in his perspective, are unwarranted, and unjustified. In order to understand, and experience what others enjoy and like to do, Godverse Sans also bounds himself to specific dimensions.

Despite Godverse Sans` potential, and capabilities, he holds interest over the miniscule details of timelines, and occurences as they, at least to Godverse Sans, have the potential to become something greater than it has before. Godverse Sans is also known to enjoy the little things in life, as he can usually be found staring out into the ocean, time to time.

Godverse Sans' attention is rather easy to grab, as it is difficult to genuinely bore him. Godverse Sans furthermore is fascinated by the growth of his creations, and verses, and will also often tend to let things "play out" while playing along, and somewhat interfering, but not to a point where it would derail it from it's original goal. Godverse tends to say bud, buddy, or pal quite a lot, as well.

Godverse Sans is sensible, and at times, usually in combat, obnoxiously cocky in an attempt to set off an opponent. Though, normally, Godverse Sans will end up losing the fight after he explored majority of the possiblities and gauging his foe's reactions and such. In the end of the fight, Godverse Sans will purposefully have himself lose the fight but, it depends on who he is fighting, the context or situtation, morality, and what can further his idea of 'abonormal' event's, or lead to more interesting outcomes is the main factor on who will win in the end, though Godverse prefers to attack his foe on a meta level. Godverse Sans is especially vague about certain information and can often leave others questioning on what he meant.

Regardless of the fact that Godverse Sans is fairly kind to others, and in most cases, treats every individuals as equals, Godverse can become strikingly intimidating, causing even those who aren't bounded to emotion, feel a sense of unsettlement. Godverse Sans also likes to usually blame his formidable combat ability on luck.

Godverse is quite dramatic to those whom actions against him are unjustified to a massive degree. Godverse will tend to reveal to those who opose him that he was simply playing along, and found this as another abnormal event of HIS Multiverse, or just something that caught his interest, and wished to go along with it.

"Heheheh.. I wasn't lyin' when I said you had my interest, pal."


Before reading the content below, it is highly important to understand that Godverse Sans's genuine morality differs from what he wishes to portray to others publicly. This act can be viewed almost as if Godverse Sans and “Sans the Skeleton” are separate beings. (This does not imply that Godverse Sans and “Sans the Skeleton” are different beings or a case of multi personality disorder or of the such) As mentioned countless, and countless times before in this wiki, Godverse is no deity. In fact, in both his genuine, and portrayal side, he chooses not to portray himself as an authority abusing God, and he acts upon that statement by guiding others to that point of understanding.

Understanding Godverse when he represents his more.. public side, or what others see him as,(A.K.A Sans the Skeleton) he most of the time has some of his actions have proper justifications towards them. There are particular reasons Godverse Sans' portrayal side is deemed to be chaotic lawful. His judgment towards certain beings who act on injustice on a large scale or anything along the lines to the point he is playing along or involving himself in that even, he can end up involving chaotic actions, or even somewhat sadistic or messed up actions, but he most most definitely wouldn't rid his “problems” through his Godversal capabilities.

What Godverse chooses to state may not always end up being facts, as it is rather uncomplicated to tell when he is choosing to be blunt. Godverse has aided both sides of a conflict, and more or less, Godverse is more to create, rather than to destroy. If you choose to believe that Godverse prolongs suffering, and adversity for pure interest, and entertainment, your understanding contrasts from Godverse's true character.

Godverse himself can seen as the more, chaotic neutral being and isn’t that much of a moral based character. He of course as seen through his story has a reason to be chaotic neutral, and considering he has created infinite realities and have inserted himself into a multitude of timelines, and interfered with them, it can of course be considered chaotic neutral actions. While... “Sans the Skeleton” can be seen as a character that is more moral based and has more moral based characteristics, such as applying justifications to his actions which are somewhat justified, though in the bigger picture it can go both ways. In the bigger picture, it can truly be seen as two beings.. two, portrayals to his insertions. Sans the Skeleton... and Godverse Sans.

Almost all of his encounters are through the sort of "Sans the Skeleton" portrayal, Godverse Sans TRULY is chaotic neutral with all forms of playing along or moral and mortal like characteristics he bounds himself and acts upon to others. Sans the Skeleton, during his time inserting himself into a multitude of verses and such, Sans the Skeleton liked to keep this portrayal as if he were simply another residence of the verse, though how he acts and multiple variables such as, his power, how he acts or who he fights depends on the verse and who he meets. During the span of when Godverse Sans created and inserted himself into his Multiverse, he more or less attempts to "suppress" his genuine side to appear to others as if he were one of the many inhabitants of his Multiverse. Godverse Sans' portrayal side allows others to drift away from the idea that he quite literally created their existence, and the structure that they occupy.

Sans the Skeleton more or less acts sort of different to certain people and to certain beings who resident in certain verses. Though, despite occasionally being strikingly intimidating sometimes, Godverse Sans, nor his "Sans the Skeleton" portrayal will NEVER have a God Complex, and never will assert themselves as God or anything of the sorts, or anything necessarily evil or anything. He more or less is chaotic lawful for majority or all of his portrayals for mostly anyone, and he believes in and acts in expanding the Multiverse, through non direct interfering following the theory of Quantum Physics and the aspect of "every choice you make, there is an alternative". Now normally this wouldn't work, since Godverse Sans isn't bound by timelines... but his influence causes it to work and bypass that factor with keeping the fact he isn't bound by any sort of timelines, or can there be timelines of him.


  • Godversal Omnilock: Godversal Omnilock is a form of Omnilock that can solely only be used by Godverse Sans himself, as he can exist on a Godversal Reality. Godversal Omnilock also grants Godverse Sans the capability of being unbound to any reality, or dimension, as the term Omnilock, is the power to exist outside of everything, completely unbounded. Though, Godversal Omnilock scales much higher above true Omnilock capabilities, due to being able to access a Godversal Reality. This, meaning Godverse Sans is able to omnilock to a Godversal reality, or be boundless to the point he exists on a Godversal reality.
    • (Typical Omnilock cannot be classified, or compared to as Godversal Omnilock, for typical Omnilock cannot exist on a Godversal Reality, nor scale to it.)
  • Godversal Omnipotence: Godversal Omnipotence grants Godverse Sans unlimited power and authority. Similarly to typical Omnipotence, Godversal Omnipotence has no boundaries or limitation, as the literal term for omnipotence is the quality of having limitless power. Though, going by proper dimensionality scales and plain overall power scaling, seemingly scales much higher above it. Godversal Omnipotence can only be exclusively used by Godverse Sans himself, for he has the capability to exist on a Godversal Reality and effect a Godversal plain or be able to have any form of potency on a Godversal scale.
    • (Typical Omnipotence cannot be classified, or compared to as Godversal Omnipotence, for typical Omnipotence cannot exist on a Godversal Reality, nor scale to it due to the own research on the matter of multiple forms of power scaling. I would like to state that, I myself don't want to claim that Godverse Sans is 'above' Omnipotence or anything, it's just, through multiple proper forms of scaling I've conducted on about the matter, technically it's viable. Though, how you wish to view it is up to your interpterion, as I will not disagree nor agree, all I am stating is, that, sadly it is possible through power scaling, even going off of infinity and dimensionality scales for Godverse Sans to be, in all technically be above Omnipotence on a Godversal scale, or, having 'Godversal Omnipotence'. Wether you wish to view his Omnipotence as plain Omnipotence, True Omnipotence, or something that scales beyond that, or "Godversal Omnipotence", I am fine with either. It is up to your interpretation.)

"Sans the Skeleton"'s abilities

  • Aspriate Aura: This ability is a blue aura that surrounded Sans the Skeleton’s hands and heavily increases his striking attacks. This isn’t the only effect it can have though, it can also explode against the enemy on contact or create explosions on contact, or heavily power up and buff a certain item like a big rock to do more damage and even shoot beams and more. There are a variety of effects the aura can have. Sans the Skeleton can also use this as a sort of energy around him, or, use it as some form of barrier, or manipulate sheer energy. There are a variety of things it can do, but normally takes direct contact.
  • Nigh Precognition: Sans the Skeleton always seems like he's a step ahead, and even has "lucky guesses" about certain things that he ends up being correct upon. Sans the Skeleton tends to have a form of awareness of events to come, though will play it off as if it were a fluke or simply incorrect. Though, this only tends to occur with the smaller things, but sometimes can occur with larger stuff too, though the knowledge of it seems to be slightly more belittled. Though majority of the time, he just uses this ability to in-turn, filter it within his personality to gauge a slight reaction to whomever he is discussing or talking with, or to simply add a bit more to the mysterious side of things that applies to him.
  • F E A R: The F E A R ability enables Sans the Skeleton to afflict a sense of fear to anyone he chooses to give the impression upon. The specific type, or impact of fear can differ depending on how intense Sans the Skeleton wishes the level of fear to be. This ability is generally presented when Sans the Skeleton’s eyes glow a distinctive intensity of brightness, although however, the brightness of his eyes do not instantly signify the usage of this ability. The ability has been seen to haul capabilities to stretch even to those who are unbounded by emotions, temporarily binding them to certain emotion(s) that Sans the Skeleton wishes them to feel at the current moment, although this division of his ability is rarely used at all.
  • Spherical Defense ----This is an ability that Sans the Skeleton sometimes uses during certain fights. The ability acts as a orb or barrier of sorts that is completely blue that surrounds Sans. It can be destroyed, though if Sans so wished, he could caused the orb to explode into many smaller shards to shoot across the battle field. For the fun of it, he uses the bottom bit of the orb to fly around. Though, he can use the bottom bit of the orb as a sharp disk.
  • " Let the Universe write with your name misspelt. " ----This ability is a passive one. "Sans the Skeleton" cannot be sensed, nor detected about and any form of information about him is impossible to collect through any means. Checking, sensing, or any form detect anything about the skeleton. This even seemingly is able to bypass Omniscience due to influence, and to keep the mysterious aspects about "Sans the Skeleton" potent. Of all the things, this ability mainly applies to his name. Knowing "Sans the Skeleton's" TRUE name is impossible, no matter how one attempts to know of, or find out of it. Though, the only way to bypass this is if one INFORMS another of HIS name. Which, there are very few who DO know "Sans the Skeleton's" real name. The prosperity of this ability cannot be bypassed. Anything he is attempts to be 'sensed', or anything to know who HE truly is, two blue, HAUNTING eyes linger in one's vision and in the back of their head. With, the only information popping up, being: " Sans the Skeleton. "
  • Basic Immunity ----This ability plainly works like how immunity to haxs and abilities work through plain power scaling, though during fights, for the sake of things, they do tend to work on him, just depending on the ability, do not have the same effect. Just, a effect to a scale that can prove substantial to the fight and it's results, and to keep things interesting. As explained in his personality, it's a matter of the situation of the fight, context, etc. Adding to the mysterious aspects. As of course, he's never truly effected, but in the fight certain abilities can take a toll on "Sans the Skeleton" seemingly, during the fight. It just varies. It's rare he does decide to bypass / the ability to be bypassed, though if this does occur, this is likely to spice up things from his opposed. After all, being immune to all forms of ability would not prove an entertaining, interesting fight. At least, not all the time.



Classic Sans

Godverse Sans and a different timeline if Classic Sans have been pals for a quite the while. Said Classic also has trained with Hunter, and is great friends with Hunter. Classic's and Godverse are on good terms, and view each other as somewhat friends. Though, Classic is well aware Godverse Sans is far more than he simply puts off after the extended amount of time he's spent with him with Hunter. Classic views the Multiverse as something to be afraid of and to avoid with slight exceptions, and wishes to just simply reside in his world alone. Little does he know... his world is apart of Godverse's Multiverse. Classic mostly gained his knowledge and front hand experience with beings across the Multiverse with his adventures with Mirage Sans, Hunter, and Godverse Sans.


A friend of Godverse Sans' that originated from a far out Multiverse.


Godverse serves as a mentor for Hunter, although keeping his respected distance away from Hunter, as well as constantly maintaining a mysterious figure around him. Hunter called Godverse "Super Sans" because he is "super cool and powerful".

Mastertale Sans

Godverse Sans’ apprentice, and good pal.

Hunter Black

A God Hunter has defeated, in a fit of rage, Hunter Black tried to find a way to swap his bodies with this being. When he escaped his Multiverse, he can into contact with Godverse. With Hunter Black having his interest, Godverse offered to help, as long as not too direct. With that, Godverse helped Hunter Black become... Hunter Black.

Mirage Gaster

Mirage Gaster and Godverse Sans are good pals, and Godverse loves to aid him in his experiments and such. The two had previous conflict for when Mirage Gaster was much more corrupt and much more sadistic, though Godverse Sans showed him a more justified and better path to go down. Mirage Gaster finds Godverse Sans a friend, though he does believe Godverse Sans is the one who plays the chess board and that they are simply pawns. ”I'm simply a pawn to his chess board. We all are. We are just chess pieces wrapped up in string woven around his fingers, he controls our movements, he controls the game. None of us can revolt against him either, he is too powerful, he is absolute. We are all just pawns, we are expendable, unneeded, fodder. But thank fuck he doesn’t have a god complex!” (fun fact this is actually a quote from the creator of mirage gaster, so i suppose its a take of how the character views Godverse Sans

Mirage Sans

Godverse and Mirage Sans are somewhat on neutral terms, not much to be said about the two.


Crimson FEARS Godverse Sans. Crimson knows Godverse Sans is more than he puts off, and he is the type of person to be smart enough to avoid trouble from those who're above him. However, he's treated like a normal pal by Godverse. Despite this, Crimson ALWAYS acts anxious around Godverse Sans, and to gauge further reaction, Godverse Sans acts somewhat mysterious around him.

Crimson views Godverse Sans as a secretive controlling puppet master that plays with their lives like pawns to a chess board.


Redacted and Godverse Sans have a rather neutral relationship, and the two are on decent terms. Not much of importance has conspired between the two, and they are somewhat acquaintances. They normally chat to each other about where they reside and the events that has happened where their residence currently is.

More to be added soon.