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Goseyya or as known as "The Unknown Person" is an out!code Chara who is a Creator and Observer. She came from Scrapyard Of Ideas And Concepts for guarding and observing Undertale/Deltarune Multiverse. After her experience with her squad she ran away and she started to observe Undertale&Deltarune Multiverse.When she observing timelines of Undertale she saw a Frisk in Genocide Timeline and she decided to made experiment with that Frisk. After experiment she created a protector who called Crisk.


Goseyya was came from Scrapyard of Ideas and Concepts as a observer and guardian. She were a member in a squad which was responsible to keep balance safe in Undertale/Deltarune Multiverse; but one day (mostly because of hate and hunger of power) they started to turn on each other. Goseyya tried to stop them but when she saw it is impossible she ran away and isolated herself in Void for a long time. Most members of that squad died, with few survivors. She observed The Multiverse, mainly timelines of Undertale/Deltarune Multiverse.

One day she saw a Genocide timeline, while Chara is going to kill Frisk when Frisk were use RESET but nothing happened. When Chara is going to give last hit to Frisk, Goseyya intervines and save Frisk from that timeline then she gave OmniStone for part of her experiment along with high determination for being able to use it. When returned to her timeline, Crisk used the stone to easily defeat the Genocider, yet she’s too late to save her world. To make matters worse, the stone has left her in an unstable state, as she’s on the verge of scattering within the consciences of multiple Frisks.Taking pity on her experiment, Goseyya took Crisk back in and created the OmniBook as a stabilizer to her entire being. After that Goseyya trained Crisk for using OmniBook better and be guardian for whole Undertale/Deltarune Multiverse.

Now Goseyya observe and guards Undertale/Deltarune Multiverse and observing her experiments's life period.



She usually wears black&green jacket with grey pants and brown boots, wearing black wristbands on her wrists. Underneath she wears blue shirt along with black stripes. Her hair is short black hair which has grey part and it has different coloured lines.On her left hand she has symbols of OmniStone.∃∀∄(there exist, for all, that don't exist).


Being a Creator, Goseyya is pretty caring, cheerful for her creations such as Crisk. Goseyya is extremely intelligent and she is calculative person.While events of UT Multiverse, she is pretty neutral. She usually observes UT Fandom and she likes fanbased-stories. She is highly likes to experimenting on characters as well.


  • Creating: As a Creator, Goseyya is able to create things at her will.She cannot create something bigger than a Mountain.She can create things smaller than a car with an instant with less energy but other than that it takes time and energy.For example she can create a book in an instant with less effort while she can create a truck in minutes with effort.She can create a Skyscraper in 3 hour after that she will be tired.She can create a Mountain in 48 hours after that she will be too tired.
  • AU-Hopping: Goseyya is able to hop between AUs.However when she uses this ability too much she will be exhausted.
  • Control Magic: Goseyya can control almost ALL magic in multiverse, she can also cast almost any form or type of magic.However She needs to learn more and also there are magic types that she don't know how to work like Primordial, Conceptual, Apocalyptic Magic etc.She can manipulate few magic types in limited degree like Holy,Void,Corruption Magic etc.She can use only one magic type per day.


  • Due to she held OmniStone sometimes her entire existence can begin to destabilize and scatter. This weakness can be slow down or be stopped but it is hard.



Her greatest creation and experiment because of it Goseyya sees her as her child.


  • Her birthday is 15 February.
  • Goseyya is one of the out-codes who learn that they're fictional characters in a fictional Multi/Multiverse.
  • Goseyya is immune to strings or cables because of she uses a magic barrier when she encounters beings with strings.
  • She is rarest seen Chara in the Multiverse.
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