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Grandma Saldina is a recurring character created by Ninadroid. She is a skeleton monster who lives in a retirement center in New Home. She is the Grandmother of the Skelebros and the wife of Semi.



She is an elderly skeleton woman with a slightly hunched back and long bony fingers. Her hands are shaped like Sans but her mouth is shaped like Papyrus. She wears a light pinkish red gown, with a small blue poncho with a skull pattern, some large earrings, a pair of glasses, a tall and puffy grey wig for hair and some black shoes.


She is kind and patient old woman. She cares deeply about other, especially her family members. Though she isn't the type of person to get angry at other, she does dislike naughty children who don't behave.


Although due to her old age she can't use bone magic anymore, she can use her telekinetic powers to attack. In fact her telekinetic powers are stronger than Sans, but she can get tired from using it to long.



Sans is Saldina's grandson. Sans is Saldina's favorite grandkid (but Papyrus was always the handsome one to her). Often letting him take some her cookies to see how well baked they are.


The Great Papyrus is the grandson of Saldina. He will always tell her stories about him and how his day went. Even telling her how lazy Sans has become. Saldina always found more him more handsome than Sans, but he was unfortunately not her favorite grandchild.


Semi is the husband of Saldina. She is the reason why Semi decided to join the Royal Guard.


Toriel was an old friend of Saldina before the war.


Undyne is a somewhat friend of Saldina.