"Greetings, Frisk. We finally meet each other."
– HATE when meeting Frisk.

H.A.T.E (as well known as HATE, or simply "Demon Child") is a demonic entity of origins unknown. They're known to visit some AUs and possees the closest creature in sight, but sometimes feel lazy and just give them a scare. They're souless and emotionless, therefore don't feel remorse or regret of their actions.


They have the shape of a normal child, but are entirely black, with red eyes and a white mouth. They seem to be perpetually smiling for some reason. They can change their shape and size at will. They can still show other facial expressions, which is rarely seen.


They can possees other people by installing theirselves into the host's body and SOUL. The "victim" will have amnesia afterwards.

They can disguise theirselves and create a fake SOUL (as well as using abilities related to it's trait).

As well, they can shape their hands and limbs into weapons and sharp objects, like a knife or a stinger. They can summon these as well.


  • H.A.T.E was first supposed to be the cause of the corruption in an AU, called originally "HATE.exe", formerly being a replacement for Chara. This idea was rejected by the creator, and became an OC instead.
  • They can interfere with signals and alter messages trasmitted by those, including a TV show or cartoon.
    • It is unknown how they manage to do that.
  • Despite their STATS and weaknesses unknown, they aren't immortal, but still can reincarnate if enough negative feelings are concentrated on the zone.


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