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H Sans is a Sans out!code created by TOR Sans. H wanders the multiverse, looking for friends and people who experience pain, to give him more power.



H wears a leather jacket, without a hood, and a red shirt, with black and red socks. He wears monster slippers, but switches his slippers for shoes, normally. He also wears dark shorts as well as having black hair, with red eyes.


H is very sarcastic, and smarter than most people, often making fun of people, or pulling pranks on them. H is also very sensitive about himself and his life, which is why if anyone insults him, he will try to automatically kill them. H can come off as creepy to some people, due to his smile and eyes.


MoniTOR Sans (Friend)

H has a special relationship with MoniTOR Sans. MoniTOR Sans was once assigned to destroy H's universe, but he lost against H. MoniTOR Sans is not scared of H, but rather, a friend. After MoniTOR Sans apologized to H, they became friends.


  • No Pain No Gain: H can absorb pain, and grow in size, depending on the amount of pain absorbed.
  • Jaxxer Blasters: H's blasters are actually two different blasters combined into one so they cannot be separated/destroyed by a normal weapon.
  • Suffering Form: If H gathers enough pain, he can transcend into his Suffering form, which allows him to be at least 10 feet tall, with a triple-jaw blaster, that can shoot up to fifty beams at once.
  • Telekinesis: H can use telekinesis to make objects move easily, and float around, also using it as a form of flight.
  • The Eye of Torment: H can gain a purplish, glowing body, with a large purple knife, if he has gone through too much pain, which allows him to increase his speed and combat skills.