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HaCkEr is a character from HaCkErTaLe, HaCkEr was created and made by thesharkboy or TSBY. And HaCkEr is an Out!Code that uses portals to go to AUs.

  • HaCkEr abilities and himself was made by thesharkboy.
  • HaCkEr's Design made by GachaMirror _Verse.
  • Sprite made by Misty_of_Destiny
  • Old design made by TSBY1.

HaCkEr's Theme: HaCkOvAnIa


HaCkEr was alive and his name was Kris, Kris was an expert Hacker, then one day he was Hacking though a firewall, the firewall threatened to kill Kris and Trevor (TrEv.ExE real name), which both of them were in the same room, then when they didn't believed in the Firewall, Kris still trying to Hack it, then both Trevor then Kris got killed by the Firewall, To see the entire Backstory of how HaCkEr died, here is the Google Docs of the Backstory.



  • LV: 01001000 01100001 01000011 01101011 01000101 01100100 (HaCkEd)
  • HP: 01001000 01100001 01000011 01101011 01000101 01100100 (HaCkEd)
  • AT: UnKnOwN
  • DF: UnKnOwN
  • EXP on Kill: As MaNy As YoU WaNt (Is blank default being to 01001000 01100001 01000011 01101011 01000101 01100100 (HaCkEd) LV.)
  • Gold On Win: As MaNy As YoU WaNt (Blank default being 01001000 01100001 01000011 01101011 01000101 01100100 (HaCkEd) Gold)
  • ACTs: Check, Ask, Talk, Poke
  • Soul Trait: HaCkEd
  • Soul Color: Half-Black Half-White (And a bit glitchy)


His appearance is mostly Black and White everything is but his skin color, his skin color is tan like a normal human, but he is not an human nor a ghost nor a monster, he is an HaCkEd.


Sometime he is nice and sometimes he is not too nice.

Just do not kill his brother... Or... HE WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!


Can use any AU or canon characters Powers (Can use one at a time) (Can’t use the power if he is in that AU or if he is in Undertale), and when he uses the power he has the same clothes as the character, but the same clothes color as himself.

And the characters includes all Sanses, Papyruses, Charas, Frisks, Undynes, even many OCs.

And the characters excludes the Inks and Errors.

And cannot get his soul stolen from Error. Nor can be colored by Ink


Can’t use his abilities if he is in that AU or if he is in Undertale.


TrEv.ExE (Brother)

HaCkEr's Brother, HaCKEr loves his brother very much. And TrEv.ExE is a Demon.

Ink!Sans (Kinda Friends)

HaCkEr's Kinda Friends, Ink kinda likes HaCkEr and HaCkEr kinda likes Ink, as friends of course.

Error!Sans (Frenemy)

HaCkEr's Kinda Enemy, Error do not like HaCkEr that much, but HaCkEr don't have anything against Error through.


  • HaCkEr had a different design that I made, but I then discarded the idea completely.
  • HaCkEr real name was Kris and was an Hacker when he was alive.
  • HaCkEr is not a Ghost nor Monster nor Human.
  • HaCkEr's Conan species is HaCkEd.
  • HaCkEr's soul is Black and White and Soul Trait is "HaCkEd".
  • The colors for HaCkEr is because The Creator just likes the inverted colors of Black and White.
  • HaCkEr's text is mostly Black or White or sometimes both.
  • HaCkEr is not related to any Hacker characters you might have seen before.
  • HaCkEr's soul colors is black and white and Soul Trait is HaCkEd, which is an original Soul Trait made by the creator for this OC.
  • HaCkEr don't need to eat nor drink nor sleep.
  • HaCkEr is kinda like a Sans for the AU he is in, but, to clarify he is not a Sans btw.
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