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Hacker Frisk is an human Out!code created by Rodsee on February 21, 2016. They’re a Frisk that gain the ability to manipulate the code of the AUs. It was through this that they cause mischief across the Multiverse.



They wear a black, duo striped, turtleneck sweater with grey pants and shoes. their skin is light grey and their hair are white. Their eyes, hands, and stripes were filled with green Binary Codes.


They’re a mischievous yet curious human child who see the Multiverse as a game, unaware of the severity of their actions. They have no ill will to their victims, yet they don’t care about how their actions affects the lives of others. Despite their knowledge of the Codes itself, they have a limited knowledge of the Multiverse, especially when it comes to physical AUs (AUs without Codes)[1].

They’re wary of their own source code, even to the point that they rather not look up their own files[2].


Hacker!Frisk possess many Code base abilities[3], such as:

  • Code manipulation: They can use an internal text editor to edit either the file or a program of their choosing; they can even edit the AU itself.
  • Code Transfer: they transfer themselves across the AU by breaking themselves apart and sending their codes from one place to the next; there they can reassemble themselves into a tangible form.
  • Code Import: They can import Objects and Characters from one AU to another.[4]
  • Code Hop: They can hop from one AU through the next through a simple command line.



Since CORE’s files was broken and scattered across the multiverse (along with their spirit), it’s nearly impossible for them to manipulate their codes. However, they developed a crush on them overtime[5].


  • Hacker was inspired by the “Dirty little Hacker” ending that were unattainable through legit means.