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Half Error Sans is a destroyer created by The Anqara. He's just as bad as sacrificing his life to attack.But he does so in order not to use his emotions and enjoys destroying, killing, and harming.and so he did a lot of training, and as a result he was Error Sans (old version) killed.


Error Sans cross fought a big battle with cross at first but error sans was not afraid at first but error sans nearly killed him. Cross is also a last resort to control someone with his sword, etc. instead he attacked it and split it in half then error destroyed the sans cross.In the following days he fought with x gaster, x chara and frisk were also there. He attacked them all with all his might x broke the gaster's overwriting x chara is dead x frisk is also dead.Then the things that x gaster created (X Undyne, etc.) released them on half error sans but error sans killed them and killed all x demand except x gaster.



It is exactly the same as half of the error sans except for the different error inscriptions and the yellow shoes and the blue leg, with the teeth that have given errors.


It is difficult to live halfway, not only his appearance, but everything is half, including his feelings and his good side is completely gone.


  • HALF ERROR BLASTER:This blaster is like an error blaster, but its size is half of 4 times the normal error blaster and can kill or injure in one shot, this is something left to half error.
  • HALF ERROR BONES:These bones are colorful, but they change color every 1 second, these bones do a lot of damage, but their main purpose is to blind the eye.
  • COLORFUL STRİNGS:These ropes can do anything to the victim.
  • TELEPORTATİON:He can teleport.