She was born into the royal family, she was treated poorly, She would ensure she became hier to the throne earlier. She is secretly a well trained knight, of witch her gender rolled mother would not approve of, she keeps this secret from her. She got armor from a friend in the royal guard. With the armor, she became a trusted trooper in the royal guard. She was an important trooper, in charge of the plant mages of the surface. She is passionate about gardening, plants the only life form She feels sympathy for. She uses plant life as weapons in battle, as described in the powers section.


She is a short, muscular, woman while still being feminine, beautiful and traditional. She wears green armor wrapped in vines, leaves and thorns.

The armor makes her seem taller than she does (6ft where as she is 5ft). The arms of the armor have the most thorns. Hanging from the arms is a morningstar resembeling, thorny balls of plant matter swinging from vines. Coming off the helmet of this armor is a venus fly trap pet.


In Armor

  • Morning star resembling plant
  • Nearly invincible
  • Can remove plant and throw it or parts of the armor
  • Can shoot out both hands using vines
  • Can add any plant to its armor army


  • Can charm plants
  • Can use plant magic
  • Can summon weapons
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